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Q: Why Hasn’t Blackbeard’s Buried Treasure Been Found?

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A: When the pirate icon Blackbeard met his Waterloo at Ocracoke (his pillaging hub off the coast of North Carolina), his enemies confiscated 25 hogshead of sugar, 145 bags of cocoa, a barrel of indigo, and a bale of cotton. Not exactly the sacks full of rubies and sapphires the British Royal Navy was hoping for. When asked where the real treasure was, it’s said he replied, “Only I and the devil know.”

Since that time, beachcombers have donned Hawaiian print shirts and scoured the Carolina coast with metal detectors – probably in vain. The fact is Blackbeard’s treasure is more likely legend than anything else. Pirates usually acquired their pieces of eight, doubloons, and jewelry from black market trade of the coffee, tea, slaves, textiles, and medicines they stole from ships.

For all the talk of buried treasure, pirates weren’t known for their retirement planning. They usually blew their money on women, booze, and gambling.

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  • quietmonkey

    Perhaps the treasure hasn’t been found in NC because, as local lore has it, it was found by the Creque family on Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands well over a century ago. The island lies in Blackbeard’s (Edward Teach, alias Edward Thatch, perhaps originally Edward Drummond) old stomping ground, the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Blackbeard, as is well known, was a notorious English pirate who had a short reign of terror in the Caribbean Sea between 1716 and 1718. The entire area of the US and British Virgin Islands was a haven for privateers, buccaneers and pirates because the archipelago afforded them not only the protection of hidden bays and inlets with ample lookout stations at the tops of the many high hills but also the protection of various crowns at war with the treasure bearing Spaniards. St. Thomas itself was virtually a free port with the Danish governors operating in collusion with the brigands. Norman Island lies across the SFD channel, a short distance from Dead Chest Cay, south of Tortola and was the inspiration that the Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson used when he penned Treasure Island and is only.

    So the local legend has it.

  • Pirate Steve

    “They usually blew their money on women, booze, and gambling.”

    The rest they just wasted.


  • josh

    so there isnt buired treasure in South Carolina 🙁

  • AJ

    Hello again!

    The Royal Navy was hoping for nothing other than Blackbeards capture/Death. Treasure was not a goal but surely it would of been welcomed. The reason this treasure has not been found yet is because everyone is looking in the obvious places. Blackbeard was not stupid and apparently was an educated man who could read and write.

    I have always said that if you cannot find something where it should be, or ought to be, it is time to look where it should’nt be. That is why it remains “lost”. Also, the best place to hide something is right in front of you (in plain sight).

    I will likely find it in a years time or so.
    stay tuned and please SPEAK YOUR MIND!

    AJ squared away
    Chew on that

  • GurGheten

    Dear AJ,

    unfortunately I let you only one month…


  • AJ

    Dear GG

    Why is that? Do U know something I do not?
    Doubtful, but good luck.

    A month’s time would be feasible with proper resources to utilize. Am on a shoestring budget as I jury-rig equipment and basically work alone.

    AJ squared away

  • AJ


    Just completed one pass through the search area. I established a search grid with my sonar and GPS tracking device purchased online from Bass pro shops thanks to unused Skymiles!

    I saw and found nothing whatsoever on sonar (except some fish) or MD. This is an isolated area with no trash or debri every five minutes to obscure and/or dampen my chances. (meaning… no people “residue” to indicate the treasure would of been found by now if it were there.) In theory… when and if I do find something, chances are good it will be Edward’s loot since nothing else seems to be out here. A pretty good place for a smart pirate to truly hide something would’nt you say?

    Having an unreal good time if nothing else.
    Stay tuned.

    AJ squared away

  • Bob

    Sounds like you are on to something. I like your logic if nothing else. Sounds like you could use some professional help. Let me know if you need a hand. It is out there… somewhere.

    Bob the treasure god.

  • hittingrabbit

    Indeed many shipmates were careless when it came to their own fortunes,but many Captains were not as they were well educated.
    Prirate occupation came about when they became unemployed by the British or other countries in which hired them to attack their enemies,when the wars were over they continued.
    Blackbeard had favorite locations,and yes one of them was in NS mainly for the area islands and harsh waters,which made a great area to hide until things cooled down.
    However while it may make sense for him to have hid some of his wealth in such an area,I would think that South Carolina was/is still the most logical place to have hidden a vast amount of his own wealth.
    Because of the ease of access,and his need to access such a wealth.The thing to remember about shipmates is that if they are not happy then a Captain will not be happy with a mutiny,so a Captain a smart one would need to keep his higher percentage in a close reserve to make the shipmates happy when things got tough,it makes no sense for a Captain to expect their crew to wait until they sailed all up the east coast before giving them a moral boost.
    Blackbeard wasn’t dumb at all and probably had several places,and one of the best places he often longboated was along the Cooper River.

  • AJ

    Dear hittingrabbit,



  • Mohamed Elemam

    AJ, If you are planning on really finding that treasure than welcome aboard the “Going Merry”(My Ships name) I am planning on finding it in 3 years after I finish College, So far I have a crew of 3, I need 5 more. You wanna come?

  • kola

    going merry? isn’t that from one piece??!?!

  • JesusRobbo

    Yeah it is! haha

    Tbh one day when i’m rich i intend to just all out hunt for the Treasure, big chances are it’s already been found and moved on on the quiet so as not to attract unwanted attention.

  • AJ


    consider me part of the crew, however it sounds like your search area may be different from mine unless you are willing to follow my current lead. Make no mistake about it i have amassed alot of information which is why i still search the same area.The area i have located is shallow and no large or motorized vehicles are allowed.
    I you respond to this posting once again perhaps we need to actually talk in a different forum. If you are just blowing smoke then forget about it.

    AJ squared away. Are you in NC by chance?

  • 1st matey

    blackbeards treasure is between geo.town and polleys prob around broken bridge.