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Q: Who Invented the Office Cubicle?

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A: If you’ve been desperately search for the guy you ought to “thank” for creating your comfy work environment, you’ve come to the right question.

The story of the cubicle all starts with the Herman Miller Co. In 1964, the firm launched a new line of office furniture called the Herman Miller Action Office. Designed by Bob Propst, the Action Office was really just a euphemism for “world’s first cube farm.”

Believe it or not, Propst thought the cubicle would actually break down office hierarchies and create workspaces that fostered community without robbing workers of their privacy. Employees who currently occupy cubes might have a few choice words for Propst and his theory, but corporate America sure liked the idea. According to HR Magazine (we swear, it exists), some 70 percent of American office workers live in cubicles. Wait, no. Work! We meant work in cubicles.

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  • MAOZ

    Gosh, I coulda sworn the office cubicle was invented by Dilbert….

  • zingzing

    in the office, it’s a cubicle. at home, it’s a closet.

  • However, 97 percent of New York City office workers live and work in cubicles.