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Q: What’s the Most Expensive Book at Amazon.com?

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A: There are only three things you need to be a true Muhammad Ali superfan: an Amazon.com account, an exceptionally sturdy coffee table, and $3,000 in cash – minimum. That can get you a Collector’s Edition copy of GOAT (short for Greatest of All Time), a book that packs six decades of the boxer’s life into 800 pages and 75 pounds. (Talk about making a mountain of Muhammad!)

But true fanatics will surely spring for the $10,000 Champion’s Edition, the most expensive book for sale on Amazon.com. It comes tricked out with a silk cover, four autographed photos of Ali, and an original piece of modern art by Jeff Koons made from two inflatable pool toys and a stool. When it was released in 2004, GOAT was the biggest, most-costly book ever made.

Unfortunately, this heavyweight title quickly lost its crown to a new contender. Only weeks after GOAT’s publication, it was knocked out by a five-foot-wide tome on the landscapes of Brunei.

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