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Q: How Much Stronger Than Humans Are Chimpanzees?

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A: In 1924, the Bronx Zoo tested the relative strength of a 165-pound man against a 165-pound chimpanzee. Using a dynamometer, which measures strength by the force of a pull on a spring, the man was able to pull 210 pounds. The chimp, on the other hand, pulled almost 900.

The lesson: Don’t mess with the apes. Pound for pound, chimpanzees are about five times stronger than humans. In fact, a human is no match for a chimpanzee, regardless of age or sex. In the same Bronx experiment, a 135-pound female chimp pulled a whopping 1,260 pounds. Scientists also estimate that, by the tender age of five, young chimpanzees are already stronger than adult humans.

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  • Which is why God gave man the ability to dodge barrels.

  • Add to the equation that when excited chimpanzees are less inhibited about using their strength than most humans — and that they have formidable canine teeth.

  • Hi.
    I need some help

  • me

    nope, a chimp is stronger the average man, but not a man who weight trains an pushes himself to the limits, take this as an example, i started weight training i was able to curl 20 kg as a 1 rep max , now i have trained for 2 1/2 years and i cant curl 60 for a 1 rep max whick means that i am now 3 times stronger than i was…a chimp you say is five times stronger, so i will take about 2 years more to catch up.

    so yes, stronger than the average man but as strong if not weaker than some strong humans…

    ps:if a man spent his life doing semi-chinups and walking on knuckles he would also be strong as a chimp

  • anonymous

    That 1924 study was in validated by several other studies conducted later. He is the first one (The Bodily Strength of Chimpanzees Glen Finch Journal of Mammalogy, Vol. 24, No. 2 (May, 1943), pp. 224-228 JSTOR). Chimps werev9-20% stronger than the lab technicians by weight. But when I did similar exercise I was able to lift more than twice what the strongest participants in the study could lift using similar free wieght machines. Humans are stronger.

  • dude

    I don’t know if Chimps have adrenaline or not, but some humans have been able to lift tractors off they’re loved ones, TRACTORS. Now a Gorilla I can totally understand, but not a chimp. Though they’re not to be fucked with, I still think some one that is way past determination, and has pure adrenaline pumping through his veins, can take on a chimp.

  • realist

    Link to the study plz or its just bullshit.

  • jim

    me; you are probably anonymous but if not you have a brain the size of a peanut!

  • anonamouse

    @jim – completely agree, that guys a complete bonehead.

  • anononononono

    @jim- yeah he’s going to get raped by a chimp.

  • John

    ahahaha at that guy who thinks a man who trains will be as strong as a chimp.

    In case you can’t read the angry female chimp was able to generate a force .5/.6 of a ton. Just to put this in perspective this is enough to bend a frying pan and curl it up like paper and bend metal bars with ease.

    Now put that force and apply it to a chimp pulling someones arm, an angry chimp would be able to pull someones arm off if it wanted despite the gender or it. Factor that in and we must remember that male chimps are considerably stronger – it’s safe to say that a man, even with hard work and training would no doubt loose a fight without the aid of a weapon.

  • mj

    me is correct. perhaps they are five stronger than the average man. according to statistics the average man can bench 135 lbs. that is weak. if humans trained or had the lifestyle of a chimp, like climbing trees and things like that, we would be a lot stronger. sure chimps are quite strong, but it has been exaggerated. i am a pretty strong man. the five times stronger wouldn’t apply to me. maybe some of you weak assholes, but not me. do more research on it like i did, don’t just believe everything you hear.

  • Well, how about you lock yourself inside a room with an angry chimp and let us know how you get on.

  • John

    i quote
    ” to bend a frying pan and curl it up like paper and bend metal bars with ease ”

    come on man, they are kept in thin wirecages. same as i use for my rabbits. dont you think you are way over exaggerating everything?
    also, a chimpancee is not a predator, in natur almost all they eat is fruits? that is your dangerous animal? really?

  • kato

    chimps are naturally strong without any weight training. can you imagine if they knew and would weight train like humans do to become stronger. they would be pretty strong.

  • Will

    Even if a man bodybuilded to his death he would never be as strong as a chimp.

  • Will

    Anyone who says that they can beat up a chimp is plain moronic. They would tear off your moronic face in seconds.

    What a bunch of morons, thinking you can take on a chimp just because you hit the gym 4 days a week. XD

  • Cj

    There’s no question that chimps have great power in their blunt swings and crushing bites, but those are gross motor skills. People do have some gross motor skills but a lot of our body functions are focused on fine motor skills whereas chimps are focused almost entirely on gross motor skills. A plain chimp versus a plain man would hands down win, but humans, due to their body’s focus on fine motor skills, can craft weapons like knifes, spears or even guns.

  • Cobra

    Shit i wish i was as strong as a chimp to
    Kick anyones ass.

  • STM

    Cobra, it’s not the chimp strength you need but the chimp BRAIN power. Given the relative differences, this is what would truly set you apart … and of course all of us love a step up.

    Chimps are actually hugely intelligent relative to many humans.

  • Retards

    Why don’t you [gratuitous vulgarity deleted by comments editor] do some goddamn research before you start talking like you know everything.
    A chimp is, at least, only twice as strong as an average human male. Anyone who tells you otherwise is an idiot regurgitating facts they read off a Snaple cap.

  • Gecko

    There is no human that could outdo a chimp. Not only are they incredibly strong with muscles like steel, consider that their speed, agility and dexterity is like lightning. This tough guy reckons he can tackle a chimp, LOL. He would be very, very sorry and forever regretting he ever took the gamble. The chimp would bite his fingers off, ripped his arms and balls off and peel his face off- literally thats what they do. Given he has more intelligence than a chimp being human, we would hope, he would have more respect for them.

  • 1980s Tripper

    You’re right! All the information I have read shows chimps are at least 5 times stronger than an average man. And that there strength is almost incomprehensible to a human. I have also seen chimp tests with pro wrestlers. Also consider the psychological advantage of a chimp over a human-they are born fighters, wild animals. Not only do they win, they are unphased throughout the struggles and IMHO only put in as much effort as is required, with plenty in reserve. We want to design Robocop- we already have him in the Chimp- a smaller, more agile package that can climb and travel at immense speed.

  • Euro1

    Anyone seen planet of the apes, or even if you’re old enough Tarzan? I rest my case… Stay clear of chimps.

  • Gecko

    Yeah, its like that clown in the 50’s… A champion heavy weight boxer who thought he could win a fight with an Australian boxing kangaroo (A Big Red). In less than 15seconds in the first round it had kicked the sh1t out of him, hemeridging his balls and then dissembowled him. He died on the way to hospital. True story…

  • 1980s Tripper

    Chimps don’t just eat plants, like most apes they have K9 teeth and also eat meat. They are foragers, scavangers and at times when hungry due to drought, environment changes etc even hunters. They live by a violent pecking order and code both in their groups and with rival groups (like humans in a prison). They will even kill and eat each other. They are scared of humans in the wild, but in captivity they work out they are much stronger than us and captive ones are even unpredictable toward their owners; and especially hate strangers, so don’t expect to be made to feel welcome. As for the cage escape business, they are not THAT intelligent and they do not exert all their force unless they are threatened, like by Arny John here :0

  • Gecko

    If a Chimp is this strong, just imagine how strong a Gorilla really is, HS! It was’nt till I got older that I realised how strong, durable and dangerous animals actually are, especially a Crocadile!

  • Guest

    *ROFL to Matthew t sussman comment*