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Q: How Much Damage Can a Stinging Tree Do?

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A: If you think plants are only meant for greetings and warm wishes, you might want to wrap your head around the plight of the stinging tree, easily one of the most nefarious plants in existence. For low-lying species in the rain forest, it can be a pretty hard-knock life.

Being the farthest thing from the sun’s rays and the closest thing to hungry, hungry herbivores, ground-dwellers like the stinging trees of Australia have learned a special way to hog any light they can get. In order to seize their brief moments in the sun, the plants are equipped with leaves covered in tiny, glass-shard-like hairs just nasty enough to irritate the crap out of any human or plant that dares invade its personal space. So, how nasty is “nasty”?

Well, Australian legend holds that some stinging tree victims have killed themselves rather than endure the pain!

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