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Q: How Many Licks Does It Take to Get to the Center of a Tootsie Pop?

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A: No thanks to that animated owl and his woeful lack of willpower, this question has plagued the American public ever since the commercial first aired in 1970. Fortunately, there have been plenty of noble efforts to get to the bottom (or center, as the case may be) of it all.

Unfortunately, the answer depends on who you ask. A group of students at Swarthmore Junior High conducted an extensive study on the subject and concluded that getting to the center of a Tootsie Pop took a statistical average of 144 licks. However, the more ambitious and distrusting engineering students at Purdue University chose instead to rely on a “licking machine” modeled after the human tongue for their results. The Boilermakers found it took an average of 364 licks. And while other studies have been done, all the results vary. So in the end, only one thing is certain: The world may never know.

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  • htrdzeyhx


  • derpy

    I got like one thousand

    • samie

      i got 30,0021

      • freddie

        Use actual numbers

  • Wesley

    It took me 216

  • David Colantuono

    A long time ago, I tried it with as many licks as I could do until I reached the center. I don’t remember the exact number I got, but I think it was between 1200 and 1300 licks. I guess I should try it again and record how many licks it takes to give an exact account. Until then, between 1200 and 1300 may be the answer to this question.

  • Serena

    i did it and got 365 that’s how many days there are in a year WEIRD

    • Manuel

      so your saying if you lick it every day you’d get to the center? Cool

  • Syd

    I got 1225 licks. Doesn’t it depend on a few different variables? Size of tongue, size of licks, and each lollipop is a little different. The world may never know!!!

  • Erin

    Crazy I got 367

  • david

    It took me 454

  • Roxiee

    I tried it and i got to 174 my toungue got tired and it hurt so i gave up lol i was so close to i would hVe gotten around 300

  • Matt Azvedo

    It took me 1,2092,102,3,1,123,495471 licks

  • ok

    fuck this #h8slife