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Q: How Many Licks Does It Take to Get to the Center of a Tootsie Pop?

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A: No thanks to that animated owl and his woeful lack of willpower, this question has plagued the American public ever since the commercial first aired in 1970. Fortunately, there have been plenty of noble efforts to get to the bottom (or center, as the case may be) of it all.

Unfortunately, the answer depends on who you ask. A group of students at Swarthmore Junior High conducted an extensive study on the subject and concluded that getting to the center of a Tootsie Pop took a statistical average of 144 licks. However, the more ambitious and distrusting engineering students at Purdue University chose instead to rely on a “licking machine” modeled after the human tongue for their results. The Boilermakers found it took an average of 364 licks. And while other studies have been done, all the results vary. So in the end, only one thing is certain: The world may never know.

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  • ok

    fuck this #h8slife

  • Matt Azvedo

    It took me 1,2092,102,3,1,123,495471 licks

  • Roxiee

    I tried it and i got to 174 my toungue got tired and it hurt so i gave up lol i was so close to i would hVe gotten around 300

  • david

    It took me 454

  • Erin

    Crazy I got 367

  • Syd

    I got 1225 licks. Doesn’t it depend on a few different variables? Size of tongue, size of licks, and each lollipop is a little different. The world may never know!!!

  • Serena

    i did it and got 365 that’s how many days there are in a year WEIRD

    • Manuel

      so your saying if you lick it every day you’d get to the center? Cool

  • David Colantuono

    A long time ago, I tried it with as many licks as I could do until I reached the center. I don’t remember the exact number I got, but I think it was between 1200 and 1300 licks. I guess I should try it again and record how many licks it takes to give an exact account. Until then, between 1200 and 1300 may be the answer to this question.

  • Wesley

    It took me 216

  • derpy

    I got like one thousand

    • samie

      i got 30,0021

      • freddie

        Use actual numbers

  • htrdzeyhx


  • pop

    You people who want to make these comments about tue oicking machine and shit.I would be willing to bet u guys are virgins and the only time uve been licked is by ur dogs when u spread peanut butter on ur balls.

  • -Connor

    everyone has different tongues, small/long. so it is different. so it is different. the world never will know. only yourselves.

  • Katie

    Chill out…just eat your lollipops.

  • Maraya

    I Never Really Thought about Doing This But when I Did This It Took 364 Licks To Get To The Center Of A Tootise Pop

  • Mr. Tootsie


  • Billy

    Meagan says hi

  • Billy

    Oh wait never mind, i was talking about an ice cream cone.

  • Justin Beiber

    Billy is one of my closest friends, you really should listen to him

  • Chuck Norris

    Dont make me come over there

  • The Tootsie Roll Owl

    I did it, you guys know nothin’ bought tootsie roll pops, you guys need to listen to billy and bob, it really is 1928

  • Bob

    I agree with billy, i tried it, and it really does take 1928

  • Biily

    It takes 1928 licks to get to the bottom of a tootsie roll pop you guys are idiots

  • Biily

    1928 licks

  • joshua herrington


  • Hack

    775,513,215 I counted

  • Happy man

    2 licks 1 lick and1 bit and your there

  • Karen Connelly

    My art teacher tried it once and it took her like 632 licks! lolz

  • taylor

    are u sure u got 874 licks because i was dared to see how many and i got a thousand………….. u should do it again to be sure k……………….

  • taylor

    a thousand

  • Joliet John

    I was curious and it was a borring day it took me 874 licks

  • ASshole

    Ittook me 13589076047 exactly!!!!1

  • jorge merida

    guys im gay:)

  • Cnt

    I herd on the dicorvery chanal that the there r about 3987 layers on one & each layers = to 1 lick

  • Breanna

    i tried this, after 20 licks i gave up. 😛

  • D. Howell

    I just finished eating a tootsie roll pop and I feel after all that sucking it was a real treat to get to the center. It was worth it.:)

  • me

    actually, i just ATE it. hold your applause.

  • pizza girl

    mr.vanskiver is proud of my hard work

  • pizza girl

    okay…. i counted and it took 2,259 licks to get to the center… i have several cuts on my tongue… but it was worth it!!!!

  • pizza girl

    im doin this for fun

  • jake

    4343 im not a lier i am a nerd about
    to go to harbor belive me

  • Sam

    I agree with aykay, I assume most of you who’ve mention girls and licking anything other then a Tootsie Pop (which IS the SUBJECT here, no one wants to know your sex-lives) are all possibly below the age of 15. Anyways, yeah, it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to know exactly “how many licks” it takes “to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop” because everyone’s different and no one really has the exact same mouth or touge. Lol yeah anonomous (the guy/girl before aykay) I have to do this for my AP Statistics class. I didnt actually do it though, I just went online and averaged the numbers I got to get 429…Fuuuck that =D

  • aykay

    Listen there. Is no exact answer because everyones tongue is different. texture and wetness come intto play then size and shape and let’s not forget every tootsie pop is different one crack can subtract ten licks so give it up lames … And if you have to talk about lickin your girl your not doin your job in bed get some. Legends are known for being in the game not talkin about it … Idiots

  • anonomous

    I had 2 do this 4 my science fair project =(

  • alexander wilkins

    it takes exactly 1279 licks till u hit the middle

  • Wow, some of these comments are kind of shocking to see on such an intelligent site. Notice the men who seem to lick the most are probably very shortchanged in the other department if you catch my drift. He who has a tootsie midget usually licks the most.

  • Brittnee Yutzy

    kevin trasp is so sexy bitch…..

  • nina

    It took like 591 licks and my tougn hurts

  • sierra seward

    i gave up and chewed it! Sorry to disipoint!

  • It takes a lot less time if u just put the fucker in your mouth and eat it. Took me one crunch. ;p

  • Holden Mcgroin

    I licked a tootsie pop 562 times to get to the center tootsie roll;) I practice licking my girlfriend and have very good technique….so i guess it might take the average joe a few more licks.

  • donte

    it takes 2073 to get to the center of a totsie pop

  • mongomery

    screw my tootis pop please be my ‘ LICKING MACHINE ‘

  • montgomery

    does it really take 364 licks

  • john

    christopher whiteside is cool

  • john

    i did it and it took one billion

  • Who even reads this dumb stuff

    this sucks

    I’m supposed to this dumb question for the science fair!!

    I did this last year and it took like 2,254 licks

  • Stephanie

    im bored

  • Ray

    Lmfao that’s great.

  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “a ‘licking machine’ “

    Did they wheel that thing over to the sorority when they were done?