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Q: How Come No One Knows Where Genghis Khan is Buried?

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A: Well, for good reason! Apparently those in charge of the burial were ridiculously cautious about not letting word get out as to the location of the site.

It was on August 18, 1227 when Genghis, the most feared leader of the 13th century, was led to burial with a procession of 2,500 followers and a mounted bodyguard of 400 soldiers (kind of like a Macy’s parade minus the floats). Anyone unfortunate enough to happen upon the procession was immediately put to death by the soldiers.

When the procession arrived at a remote mountain location in Mongolia, 40 virgins were killed to provide dear Genghis with needed pleasures in the afterlife. At the end of the funeral ceremony, the soldiers killed all 2,500 members of the procession. When the 400 soldiers returned to the capital city, they were all immediately put to death by another group of soldiers.

Because Khan was considered a god, it was of utmost importance that his site not be plundered. What better way to ensure this than to make it so that those with knowledge would keep their mouths shut – permanently.

So, did anyone survive the expedition? Well, yes – a camel. The creature was spared so that she could find her way back to the site if Khan’s family needed to visit. Of course, the family had to be led blindfolded – if they knew the whereabouts, then they too would be put to death. It’s the kind of arrangement that would surely make you think twice about expressing your condolences.

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  • JC Mosquito

    I thought that’s what pirates did with their buried treasure. Is this maybe an urban myth?

  • Oh dear. Here we go.

  • RJ

    Mongolians are clearly savages. No wonder the Chinese built that “shitty” wall!