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Q: Does Greasy Food Curb Depression?

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A: The short answer is yes! Picture the scenario: you just got dumped, and you want to eat a Triple Cheeseburger from Wendy’s (963 calories). And since what’s-her-name isn’t around to chastise you for being a fat bore, you eat two of them (50 grams of saturated fat, or 250% of your suggested daily allowance).

So, why are you so hungry for fatty food? Well, because it’s yummy. Also, it’s because given your depressed state, you need an influx of happy hormones, and in lieu of antidepressant medications, greasy grub will work in a pinch. The human body absorbs fatty foods more slowly than proteins or carbohydrates, which makes us feel full longer. And so long as the body feels full, it releases hormones communicating contentment.

Nicotine, incidentally, releases similar hormones, which is part of the reason it’s said to be an appetite suppressant. In short, you don’t need love so long as you have Triple Cheeseburgers. Or… cigarettes (not that we’re endorsing either!).

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  • joanna

    i think greasy foods are not good for you. unfortunately, at my school, they serve food high in fat everyday for lunch. i have been thinking about bringing my own lunch to school these days.