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Q: Did Walt Disney Really Arrange For His Body To Be Frozen After His Death?

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A: How many times have you heard this? Walt Disney’s body is currently frozen solid somewhere just waiting for the day when scientists have the ability to re-animate the animator.

The truth of the situation? Walt was not cryogenically frozen after his death. He wasn’t even placed near a fridge; nor were his buttocks or elbows packed away for safe keeping. According to his wishes, Walt Disney was cremated two days after his death on December 15, 1966.

There’s scant evidence, in fact, that Disney even knew that cryogenic freezing existed. (While we’re on the subject, most scientists don’t think it would ever be possible to resurrect a frozen body anyway.) But be sure to give us a call if you ever do open up a huge freezer, and find Uncle Walt just chilling out next to a barrel of Häagen-Dazs. Until then, consider this rumor of rumors officially dismissed.

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    You are wrong. Disney was frozen. I know where his body is. People think I’m CRAZY! But I’m not. The aliens know too. They are not happy about us freezing Walt Disney. Everyone is fucked, because they have super natural powers.

    • I need to know!

      Where is he??? I don’t think your crazy

      • Alien MAN

        I would also like to know where said “Disney” is. Because i am an alien……….. P.S. Youre not crazy.
        P.S.S. We are actually pissed.

  • Scotty

    Just did the same thing, watched the bucket list and looked it up lol

  • Melissa

    ^ LMFAO I just did the same thing! Watched Bucket List, he said it and i just looked it up, funny ;]

  • mary charles

    i was watching the movie buchet list and they daid that he was frozen then i searched and said he wasn’t frozen for his death

  • Professor

    This propaganda pops up everywhere. Disneys remains are currently frozen at Telemark Cryogenics, 52 Leveroni Ct Novato California.

  • sarah

    thanks ur info was great

  • ashley

    i like mickey mouse

  • Walt Disney

    i once was thinking of frozen things reborn and reanimated n good as new i’ll be back only time can tell (1966-?) believe in dreams!!

  • Kiyoko

    I heard that if he really is frozzen,he’s directaly under the “Pirates of the Carriben” ride.Its what i heard.And so is his son.I saw he’s death certificate and burrial plot.Its on this one site that i cant remember.Just google “frozen Walt Disney” and its the second one,read it all.Its weird.

  • He’s not frozen, they just stopped drawing him.

  • Oh! That makes me kind of sad that it isn’t true.