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Q: Did a Man Once Eat an Airplane?

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A: Yes, but let’s not sell him short; he hasn’t just limited himself to airplanes. The man in question – a French fellow named Michel Lotito – has also devoured 18 bicycles, a few TVs, a wooden coffin, and several supermarket shopping carts! And of course, let’s not forget all the light bulbs, razor blades, and other knickknacks he’s downed on variety shows over the years.

You see, Lotito’s got an iron stomach – actually, he’s just got iron in his stomach, but his actual stomach lining is twice as thick as a normal person’s. This at least explains how he can eat metal; but you still may be left wondering why he does eat metal.

We can’t really help you with that one, but we can tell you that Lotito, who goes by the name Monsieur Mangetout (French for “Mr. Eats Everything”) decided one day to graduate up to airplanes – a Cessna 150 plane to be exact – in order to earn a place in Guinness World Records.

His actual record is for Most Unusual Diet: two pounds of metal per day. In the end, it’s impossible to tell just how crazy Monsieur Mangetout is. After all, if he had any screws loose he’d have eaten them.

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