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Q: Are There People Buried in the Hoover Dam?

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A: You might have heard some of the workers who built the Hoover Dam lost their footing and plunged into the wet concrete, thus making the dam their permanent resting place.

Hey, we’re not gonna lie to you – working on the Hoover Dam was no cushy gig. Over the five years of its construction there were more than 100 fatalities. Men died from falls, rockslides, carbon monoxide poisoning (from the gasoline-powered dump trucks in the tunnels), and heat prostration (during the summer of 1931, the temperature routinely reached 140 degrees). But, oddly enough, the pouring of the 3,640,000 cubic meters of concrete went relatively smoothly. Nobody fell in. Well, nobody who wasn’t able to get themselves out at least.

So if you’re told there are human bodies fixed in that concrete, don’t believe it. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling you there are people buried in the Grand Coulee Dam as well – and that’s just one dam lie after another.

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  • Stephen

    Poor guys. I beleive you. Just a question, is there a bunch of gum on the HooverDam. You know if there was a leak they put there gum over it, or is that just on cartoons?

  • Brandon

    Stephen …yes I took the dam tour. When you go down the elevator you reach a hall way dug through the rock and there are leaks. Ever since the beginning the workers have beeen using their chewed gum to patch the small leaks. 🙂