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Q & A with Amy Bruni and Adam Berry from Syfy’s Ghost Hunters

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Cue the confetti, fireworks and music ‘cause the party is underway.  Hanging out with the effervescent Amy Bruni  and entertaining Adam Berry is best associated with a never-ending New Year’s eve celebration without the hangover – unless you count the sheer heady intoxication from their jubilant and magical presence.

I am still laughing and smiling from the rollicking good time I was blessed to experience on Monday, August 15, 2011 from the exhilarating media press conference Syfy held with seasoned TAPS investigator Amy Bruni and newly crowned Ghost Hunters Academy winner, Adam Berry, who now sports an official TAPS title.  I can start off by saying that my home growing up on Long Island was haunted, but I won’t. I can also add that when I was eight-years-old, my grandmother passed away and I was the last person to talk to her after she was dead – I kid you not.  In a nutshell, it was November, there was a torrential down pour and I was talking about school, dolls, cartoons and Santa on the hospital’s lobby phone – thing is, she was already declared dead minutes before and my family was trying to convince the doctor’s that wasn’t possible since I was on the phone talking to her. My aunt’s husband, a police officer, even got in on the confusion because he was the one that dialed and handed me the phone.  Hmmm… perhaps that is where my connection with the all things celestial began, but I know my love for a ghost is pivotal in my essence – got to love Casper!  

As for my love for Ghost Hunters, I blame it on an old friend from Maryland and his mom and dad.  I was heading out when I received a call from him telling me that the Syfy channel was reairing an episode from when the Ghost Hunters team was in his hometown.  Instantly my eyebrow arched and my interest was piqued, after all, I wanted to know what was so eerie, ooky and spooky in lil’ ole Waldorf, Maryland.  The TAPS team’s unearthly investigation was the historic Samuel Mudd House (Waldorf, Maryland).  Turns out the ‘ole Mudd residence is famous – dare I say, infamous – for being a pit stop for John Wilkes Booth as he bolted following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Seems as though spirits allegedly haunt the home, which is currently operating as a museum. Now, you know how my addiction with Syfy’s Ghost Hunters began and it’s a healthy obsession even if I often play a Diva version of it around my home… ah, did I say that of my own volition or is one of the ghostly vampire chipmunks up to some mischievous antics… Never mind, I’ll inquire with the ingenious leaders of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) at a later date.

Paranormal investigator, Amy Bruni, is no stranger to incorporeal beings since she grew up in a home that was haunted, and add to the chilling merriment in the Bruni abode, pops was an amateur paranormal investigator, in a word sweet! Father and daughter would hit the road on mystical excursions and investigate haunted locations.  Bruni honed her craft by cutting her teeth and consuming  everything on the supernatural she could get her mitts on. As a kid Bruni was a sponge when it came to the unearthly, and as an adult all things metaphysical are absorbed via osmosis.  Bruni helped form the first ever TAPS satellite team, TAPS West, is part of the TAPS East Coast family and also lectures on ghosts and the supernatural.

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  • Pj Schott

    Terrific review.

  • Diane Morasco

    Thank you, Pj! You are so empowering! xoxoxo

  • Suzanne Ross

    hey ghost hunters i like your tv sties me and boyfriend did some ghost hunting on are own time in Burlington wi we got pics of ghost on are camra we got a name for us its call bmx

  • carrie

    i love your show. you debunk and don’t automatically say “haunted”. you are very professional. miss seeing kris but enjoy her on ghi

  • bill

    Sorry but adam berry does not fit in

  • Bev

    Welcome back guys, you have been missed

  • Diane

    Thank you, PJ!

  • Diane

    Thank you for all of your comments!