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Q & A with Allison Scagliotti of Syfy’s Warehouse 13 (Part 1)

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My first thought upon meeting Allison Scagliotti on Thursday, August 11, 2011, was, “Allison Scagliotti is a refreshing, energetic and authentic blazing star on the rise…definitely the real deal.”

Allison is absolutely charming, naturally hilarious and richly soulful and isn’t walking around with a sense of entitlement like so many in Hollywood today.  In fact, she takes the time to reflect and savor on the many questions volleyed her way. Scagliotti is as down to earth as one can get in the world of glitz, glamour, tinsel and plastic.

Scagliotti is one of the major player’s on the popular Syfy series Warehouse 13, where she plays the adventurous Claudia Donovan who is slowly emerging with each episode from the cocoon she has been encased in to become the butterfly she is destined to be. What sets Scagliotti apart from other characters on the screen – big and small – with how they learn to become comfortable in their skin, is the way she brings the character of Claudia Donovan to life. As Claudia, Scagliotti is bubbling over with effortless grace, agitated turmoil and a bit of frustration while keeping her feet – red shoes and all – firmly planted on the ground after slipping and sliding for so long she finally has a place to call home and family to come home to.

Allison recently sat down to talk to the media in a press conference about her alter ego, co-stars, storyline and her life outside of playing the whimsical Claudia.

Question: What’s it been like to work with work with Neil again on Warehouse 13 and what can you tell us about the episode? I hear it’s set in a video game?

Allison Scagliotti: So it’s always a pleasure to work with Neil. I’ve said in the past, Neil is one of my best friends, and so having the opportunity to work with him on set is just a joy. It’s like summer camp but we’re getting paid to run around in crazy costumes. He’s an incredibly professional, hilarious comedic as well as dramatic actor and is never afraid to have fun. I think I speak for the entire cast and crew of Warehouse when I say that being able to bring Neil Grayson onto the show is nothing but fun. And, in terms of this episode, this is probably our biggest concept episode that we’ve ever done. There was a lot of green screen, a lot of special effects. It’s airing sixth in our season but we shot it third in terms of shooting order because there were so many elements to capture and it took a lot of prep and we were directed by the incredibly gifted Chris Fisher, who’s also our supervising producer. And I can honestly say it’s my favorite episode this season so far anyway.

Question: Do you think Claudia is going to be, you know, going out in the field a lot more then kind of that second string team on the show?

Allison Scagliotti: Yes, I think so. You’ll see in plenty of episodes that the episode between Claudia and Steve becomes very pivotal emotionally as well as professionally, you know, in terms of the Warehouse teams. Claudia’s at this point in her life where she wants to prove herself as an adult and she’s sort of like all 20 year olds, figuring out who she is and what she wants to be. And that’s been really, really great for me to be able to bring that sort of part of my life and me discovering who I am to the character. So in terms of Claudia’s destiny, I know last season we sort of touched on her becoming and (ex-friend) with Frederick, and what happens to her at the end of this season is really emotional and intense. I think the world is sort of Claudia’s oyster. We can see her go in a couple different directions, so I’m really excited to explore that going forward.

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