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Put your money where your rhetoric is

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The way I see it, those of us who supported the liberation of Iraq have an obligation to do something besides just spout rhetoric to help the Iraqi people. We should be giving money or volunteering for relief missions, or something other than just blowing hot air. We owe it to the Iraqi people to help them rebuild their country, especially if we believe, as I do, that a successful Iraq will be an Iraq that helps to liberalize and civilize the entire region.

And the way I see it, those who opposed the war owe it to the Iraqi people to do something to help them. If the anti-war types really opposed the war because they feared what would happen to innocent Iraqis, then they really need to reach out now and do something positive and constructive to help.

And here’s where you can help: Rescue Task Force

RTF is run by Gary Becks and Wendell Cutting. Becks used to work for Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-El Cajon) and Cutting is Hunter’s chief of staff. The main reason I’m promoting this charity over others is that I know Wendell. There isn’t a more honest or caring person in politics. If you give your money to RTF, it will be spent in a charitable cause, not to buy some director a new Porsche.

Gary and Wendell just returned from a mission to Iraq. Next they fly to Honduras, then to Afghanistan, and though they will be returning to Iraq, the date of that mission hasn’t been set yet. The primary goal of RTF is to help with medical needs in distressed regions of the world, but they also deliver food, clothing and other humanitarian aid. Both Gary and Wendell are Christians, but these are not proselytizing missions they undertake. They go abroad and put their own lives at risk to do good and give help.

Besides giving money to help, you can also volunteer to join them on a mission.

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