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Puretracks, one of the first Canadian online music services launched today:

Talks to get the service underway, however, came down to the wire. Although similar downloading services have already been around for months in the United States, such as Apple’s heralding iTunes, negotiations with various music copyright holders were only completed last week.

Yet again the mainstream music business kicks itself in the ass:

Thank you for visiting Puretracks.com.

Due to overwhelming publicity, our store is currently at full capacity.

Please return shortly.

Thanks again for visiting.



So you bunch have spent a year and half working out the accounting fraud details with publishers and labels, but you didn’t think to look at load balancing, scalable distribution or any of the other things which are required to run an online music service? Here’s a clue: it isn’t a success unless you actually sell something.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, the problem with the music business is that the people running it don’t know how to successfully run a business. In yesterday’s G&M the head of CRIA was whining that only 7 per cent of Canadian acts signed made a profit. That’s called massive failure. Don’t blame the public if you can’t make a product or service they want to buy.

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    This blog is extremely funny and definitely true. I agree 1000%.