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Pure Contour 200i Air Review: Dock For iOS Devices With AirPlay

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The Pure Contour 200i Air audio system offers users portable, wireless audio streaming through Apple’s AirPlay. Apple originally developed AirPlay, but the technnology normally has only been available on more expensive brands such as Bose, Klipsch, and other top brands.

The Pure Contour 200i offers users a free app for streaming thousands of music tracks and radio stations wirelessly with iOS devices and Android. The built-in dock supports the 30 point pin connection on the iPad, iPod, and iPhone for charging and sound. However, it also supports AUX in on the back for other devices which need other connection types. This makes the Pure Contour 200i Air an extremely versatile dock for many different devices and sound.

Design & Quality

The Contour 200i has two full range 3.5” drive units with twin ports positioned downward for the most bass sound quality. This device does a fantastic job filling the room with clear sound quality for the many different music genre types I played through it. However, the low bass genres such as rap did prove to show great distortion at more than three-fourth volume. Most other music genres played beautifully through this sound system.

Users should be aware that distortion is pertinent at higher volume levels. For the most part sound quality is mediocre. If users are looking for a device to play at comfortable levels, the Contour 200i Air does an adequate job. However, if users are wanting a sound system to use at parties or for large audiences it doesn’t meet those standards in my opinion. Rating the sound quality on a scale from 1 to 10 I would give it between a six or seven. The reason for the lower rating was due to the distortion at higher levels. Users should note, if they aren’t going to play above 3/4 volume, this will not be a factor.

Setup & Use

Users shouldn’t be intimidated by the included manual which resembles a catalog. The Contour 200i has a half-moon shape design and fabric grille covering the front with a band of silver trim running along its edge. The back side of the device is covered with a rubberized texture for great protection. The power button is positioned on the top of the devices along with volume up/down and mute buttons. The Pure Contour 200i Air includes a wireless remote for controlling tunes across the room with ease. The remote includes buttons for power, volume, track change, menu, and more.

The backside of the devices has AUX in, coaxial, power supply, and wi-fi set up button for initial set up. Needless to say, the Contour 200i Air is definitely the simplest Airplay system I have set up to say the least. Simply hold the wi-fi set up button until the light slashes blue. After the light has flashed blue, the Contour 200i should be listed in the wi-fi device list under settings menu. Select the Contour 200i from the list and you are ready to stream wirelessly using AirPlay.

Overall, the Pure Contour 200i offers satisfactory sound quality in a dock for iOS devices. Users may choose to use the free application for added music tracks and radio stations free. However, they do offer a subscription for music lovers who wish to have millions of tracks, podcasts, listen again shows,radio, and more at their fingertips at all times. This subscription service called Pure Music wil be available early 2013.  Although, at this time pricing for the US has not been determined while UK users may currently purchase this service now. 

For the most part the 200i does as it’s advertised to do.The system currently retails for around $269 on www.pure.com. The Pure Contour 200i Air will be available during the month of December 2012 for $199 at all locations.    

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