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Punk Politician Jack Grisham for Governor

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An actor can do it. A porn star can do it. Why not a punk for governor of this godfersakin state, this place that’s so way out west, we all have tumbleweed in our teeth? In my homeland “California” (uber alles, yeah right), our next governor could be Jack Grisham.

The name Jack Grisham has a Capra-esque quality to it like Robert Montgomery or James Cotton. This seems like a right fit, if you think about the high/low moral terrain of films like “Sullivan’s Travel.” You have the same pleas for humaneness, simple human decency, in both the themes of Capra’s films and Grisham’s platform.

“Abolish the government,” so says the song by veteran punk group TSOL (true sounds of liberty) with frontman Grisham screaming it in the clubs of LA. Now, of his change of mind, Grisham says:

“For years I was always, ‘F— the government. F— the government. F— the
government.’ I was always bitching and not doing a thing about it… And the
other day I said, ‘Now I am.’ I just got tired of seeing people hurt, that was
the biggest thing. I got three sisters who are teachers, two brothers who are
police officers, a bunch of friends who are labor workers, dock workers. I work
with undocumented alien immigrants all the time and I got tired seeing what
they go through and no one caring. And they put this new budget out and the
first thing they slash is health care and the first thing they start screwing
is the people.”

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