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Punish Your Enemies

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When you see people as objects to be coddled or squashed on your own whims, this smacks of sadism since friends and enemies are completely interchangeable. Alternately, the friends are whipped and enemies coddled. So the obliteration of the Jersey Shore is celebrated as good and the Saudi female enslavers are lauded. Vladimir Putin is schmoozed and Aun Sung Su Ky flipped off. If it’s just about the exercise of power over someone; then it matters little who is being crushed, good or bad.

There is a soullessness about Barack Obama. Sometimes, he seems like a sadistic little boy squeezing the paw of a kitten named America until it yells. You can’t tell me someone who sows such bitter division really cares for this country. After all, what is the grand goal of Obama in a second term? There is none. What were all these vicious attacks for? Everybody I know, Democrat and Republican, are heartily sick of the negative attacks. I can’t see them being that effective going forward, but if Obama and his allies are political sadists, how could they change? Of course, Obama and the Liberal Media Complex are supremely confident they can use these sadistic tools and come away unscathed. I’m not so sure. Can a man swim in a sea of sadism and step out of it good?

On a larger scale, if all you want to do is punish your enemies on a national level, what does that produce in the nation as a whole? Stripping away the soul of a country and inserting a sadistic core can only lead to disaster. Remember that De Sade was a product of the French Revolution which led to a national bloodbath and then to Napoleon who set the the entire continent on fire for the next two decades. A soulless nation can collapse on itself, consume itself or it can fling itself like a plague on the rest of the world. Or, it could do both, like France. Time will tell which way this nation goes.

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  • El Bicho

    No surprise the author takes the name of a baseball player famous for taking LSD after reading this distorted view of reality. Have to go but the descriptions of what Fluke and Matthews said are both false

  • Glenn Contrarian

    From an undisclosed location deep within the conservative media bubble, Dock Ellis issues a missive that – if facts were calories – would be the perfect calorie-free diet! Yes, Fox News has become the Roach Motel of facts – facts go in, but they don’t come out! (and thanks for the idea of the metaphor to a Shark named Kevin).

    Um, Dock – dude, you really need to get out some and get your head out of the Limbaugh/O’Reilly/Hannity Axis of Conservative Pie-hole. A good start would be to hold your own people to the same level of criticism as you demand of us liberals – after all, how can you consider yourself a fair judge of others if you don’t hold your own people to the same standard?

  • Tommy Mack

    Your line, ” . . . like a sadistic little boy squeezing the paw of a kitten named America until it yells” is a good line. As to the rest of this audition script, your side lost. It must suck to hold such opinion as yours on so many levels.

    However, you have an opportunity to articulate a positive — right, white, conservatism is failed.

    What do you propose? Another four years of hating the president? That will really suck.


  • Glenn Contrarian

    And Dock –

    Looking at your tags above – Goebbels, Kesselring, Rommel, de Sade, Marxism, Putin – why don’t you say what you really think: the guy in the White House…could it be…Satan????

    And btw – if you’ll read some real history, you’ll find that Rommel was a very honorable man stuck in a bad situation. He, like Yamamoto and Robert E. Lee, chose to serve the wrong side to the utmost of his ability not because he believed in the goals of that side, but because he believed that it was his nation, his country that had called him to duty. Even the Brits who faced Rommel held him in high personal regard.

  • Dr Dreadful

    The best bit of these four pages of fantasy is the line on page 1 about the widespread “domestic distrust and loathing” of a president who just got re-elected.

    Even if 48% (or whatever) of the electorate didn’t vote for Obama, it doesn’t follow that all of them, to a man or woman, actually loathe him. A large slice of those folks most likely just mildly preferred the other guy.

    I think Dock is one of those people who gets so wrapped up in his own opinions that they get completely taken by surprise when it turns out that a majority don’t share them.

  • Igor

    @5-Dreadful: good points. I know two middleaged sisters who couldn’t decide who to vote for, so one voted Obama and the other voted Romney. And I think that’s an honest vote.

    The republicans have been following a very destructive plan the past few years, of characterizing every issue as Good vs. Evil, with no compromise possible. It’s a “rule or ruin” policy and IMO will end by destroying the republicans, not their opponents.

  • Dr Dreadful

    In other news, President Obama has appointed John Kerry to be his new Secretary of State to replace Hillary Clinton: the obvious and, in my opinion, an excellent choice.

    I wonder how many seconds it took after the announcement for Scott Brown to declare his intent to run for Kerry’s vacant Senate seat?