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Slimmer stuff than Boogie Nights, lots less crying than Magnolia, and really strangely intoxicating. Sandler obliterates all you knew about him. Uncomfortable and beautiful too.

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  • Almost picked this DVD up the other day and still haven’t seen. Would like to say the two sentence review helped make my decision but the truth is, well, not really.

    I like the in-depth reviews that critics write and share here (for the most part) and while your twenty-five word reviews aren’t bad, I wonder if more in this case would be much better.

    But don’t listen to me, you might be onto something clever. Keep writing 🙂

  • I heard throught the grapevine that this movie was really a sci-fi movie about aliens. No, really, I am not kidding. I thought this movie was beautifully shot and wonderful, but I don’t get the sci-fi/aliens angle. You really should check it out.

    As for the review, I would prefer stuff in depth, but too many reviewers spoil movies nowadays, so for that at least, I am grateful.

  • The movie is so light on plot, too much of a longer review threatens to say too much. It was an enjoyable movie about an emotionally stunted man with some obnoxious older sisters. He meets a girl, has problems with a phone-sex line, and recreates the real-life stunt of buying pudding cups to rack of frequent flyer miles.

    It’s not funny. At times it is uncomfortable. And it is exactly like those time when I’ve had a really really bad day and nothing has gone right and I’m very frustrated, only in this case the bad day seems to have lasted his entire life.


  • I thought it was more surreal than that, and I found Sandler’s character’s weakness to be strangely comforting and enjoyable. I am not sure exactly why, but I have also decided that 2/3 of the reason that any of us ever like or dislike movies has to do with the mood we are in and not the movie itself. There are exceptions that are either so good or so bad it doesn’t matter what mood you are in, but for the most part, it is based on your mood I think.

  • Oh yes, I liked the movie. I watched it somewhat late at night recently on DVD, and I really dug it. I’m sorry if my mini-review left that out. I’d have made sure that was clear where I writing a real review. 😉

  • Thanks for the comments folks. I didn’t actually write this one, my brother did; this and many more 25 Word Reviews are available at Tagline.

    Sometimes we do longer, more in-depth reviews and arguably Punch Drunk Love deserves one, but as you’ll see if you visit the site, our style is a little more combative and opinion led than most, so we don’t always indulge each movie we see with a full review.

    Besides, as we originally posited, if you can’t get everything you need to say about a movie into 25 words (like a standard movie pitch) then what is there left to say? 🙂

    Look out for a longer post from us on here later today – or visit Tagline to see it now. 😉