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Nestled between the Pacific Ocean, the Ameca River and the majestic Sierras is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This is an area with a rich history, including the dichotomy of being full of silver mines but lacking the salt necessary to mine the silver.

In the early 1900s the rush shifted from silver to bananas. This was the economic leader of the times until land ownership shifted land back from the largest fruit company in the area, essentially ending the agricultural phase of economic development in the area. The focus shifted to sharks and related byproducts.

Today the natural beauty and deep waters rich with bio-diversity make Puerto Vallarta a well sought destination. Puerto Vallarta fishing and sport fishing is extremely popular with vacationers and travelers. A safe, beautiful destination rich in animal and marine life with a low crime rate and a wide range of attractions and recreational areas, Puerto Vallarta is a popular holiday location. In terms of Mexico vacations, it is definitely one of the major hotspots!

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