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Public relations (PR) is anything to do with your business reputation. It encompasses managing a crisis, organizing a speaking opportunity, or pitching a story to a local reporter. Public Relations professionals are responsible for more than 65% of all stories you see in the media.

Good public relations involves pitching the right reporter at the right time for the right story, monitoring the news for stories on about you, and forging strong media relationships. Anyone can do PR if they take the time to learn a few tricks, practice some writing, and familiarize themselves with basic industry rules.

Bill Gates once said that if he was down to one dollar he’d spend it on Public Relations.

Public relations can make or break your business, but good products and services can sometimes succeed without good PR, and bad products and services will often fail even with the best public relations.

The difference between marketing and public relations is simple: Marketing involves ongoing financial output with initial results, while PR involves an initial financial output, with ongoing results. With public relations, you’re usually paying for a person (or some tools). With marketing, you’re paying for actual collateral.

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