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Public Radio Fundraising Could Use an Update

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“If you’re tired of paying high gasoline prices, why don’t you donate your car to Kxxx” (fill in your local west coast public radio station here)? Really? On what planet does this make sense? Who would approve an announcement like this? I was quiet for twenty years of fund raising campaigns. I was quiet when they kept calling themselves non-commercial radio when their airtime was filled with ‘sponsored by’, ‘underwritten by’ and ‘made possible by’ disclaimers as if we should be grateful.

Put on a damn commercial already; just make sure it’s not obnoxious or for some toxic product or service. There are hundreds of potential sponsors: Clean energy companies, public and private recycling groups, natural food coops, health food and medicinal stores, dry cleaners that don’t use toxic chemicals, all the ‘green’ companies. The listeners would welcome advertisements for these businesses a lot more than the investment banks and oil companies that use public radio to distance them from negative reporting now.

Did you notice that these fundraisers used to be once a year, and then twice, now it seems monthly? And when they are over, some yahoo is telling you that if you didn’t get a chance to donate, it’s not too late to do so. Really? But the end is near for these clowns. Satellite radio will put them out of business. You can get it in your car.

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