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Public enemy diss Bush

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via CMU

The war may be sort of over, but the anti-Bush momentum continues in the US music world – especially in the hip hop community. Following last weekend’s

Hip Hop summit where the great and good of the genre committed to persuading an extra 20 million people to vote in the next presidential elections so they could oppose the George W, Public Enemy next week release a track off last year’s ‘Revolverlution’ album specifically targeted at Bush. On the
track Chuck D, who had his phoned tapped by Dubya’s dad back in the early
nineties, raps: “Don’t look at me / I ain’t callin for no assassination / I’m just sayin, sayin / Who voted for that asshole of your nation? / DejaBush, crushed by the headrush, when I wrote the bumrush … Ain’t that a Bush / son of a Bush is here all up in yo zone … can’t truss em”. The single release will come out on both a CD and DVD format, and while we have no word yet of the DVD extras it is sure to feature extra anti-Bush material.

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  • Do they really think some barely intelligible hip hop anti-Bush idiocy will inspire 20 million more people to vote?

  • S.A. Smith

    I think it needs a monotonous ryhthm to make it really work. Chuck D would like people to think that Bush Sr. tapped his phone. Lefties in england probably believe it. And isn’t Chuck D the guy who called Elvis simple and plain? Simple maybe. But plain?