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Psychology (psykhe+logia) is a discipline dedicated to the study of mental functions and behavior. While psychology is inherently more relative than for example physics, it aims for the scientific study of the human mind and its various distinct aspects, such as behavior, cognition, emotion, personality and perception.

While its primary focus is on the more intangible human mind, psychology also studies the corresponding neurological and physiological processes, incorporating research from other fields of study, such as natural and social sciences. Psychology has also contributed to our understanding of diverse beliefs, aiding us in recognizing patterns and psychological archetypes in religious traditions.

As the human mind is an integral part of our daily life, psychology has gained much popular interest beyond the academic world. Psychology has been the subject of many popular books, and subsequently discussed all over the blogosphere.

People the world over have explored their mental resources, discussed possible ways to happiness, and reviewed diverse self-help publications. Psychology is also at the heart of helping children with bipolar disorder and dealing with anxiety disorder. It is also psychology by which we understand a criminal mind or the strange neighbor we have.

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