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PSP Review: Monster Hunter Freedom 2

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Monster Hunter, a series that’s all about killing monsters and crafting equipment for you character, arrives with its second installment on the Playstation Portable. At first, the game might overwhelm you with its massive areas, huge weapon trees, and the unique fighting controls.

About half the stuff in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is new in comparison to the previous installment, Monster Hunter Freedom. You will face many wyverns, dragons, and monsters (crabs, monkeys, etc.). With each new monster comes plenty of different weapons and armors for you to create in the game.

Unfortunately, the game is plagued without the inclusion of online multiplayer support. The game does in fact have ad-hoc capabilities. This is not bad if you have friends with this game, but what made the first game so engaging (Monster Hunter for the PS2) has been taken out of both PSP installments. Fortunately, using third-party hardware and software you can play Monster Hunter Freedom 2 online.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 lets you slightly customize your characters appearance in the beginning, but you can change it later. When you hunt monsters, you get the chance to acquire body parts from the creature. The body parts are then used to make weapons and armor. There is a huge selection of weapons and armor, ranging from katanas to bows. Some weapons have different elements that are added to the weapon’s raw damage. This game truly has a weapon for everyone.

To begin playing you ask the Village Chief or Guild Counter depending where you are, and select a quest out of all the quests you unlocked. Going through the quests you unlock different tiers of quests which become harder.  Most of the quests require you to hunt a specific type of monster or Wyvern and others require you to gather items.

Combat in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is totally unique. Depending on your weapon you use “R”, “Triangle”, “Circle”, or “Triangle + Circle” to attack. Each weapon type feels completely different than the other. In this game, you have to use strategy to overcome the harder foes, putting down traps to lure the monster in so you can get a few seconds of attacks without the foe attacking you. The combat is totally unique, and really helps in putting yourself in character.

The graphics in the game are quite stunning. The different areas are massive and beautiful to just sit back and to look at. The weapons are a different story in themselves. The detail in them is amazing, some unique weapons, even make different noises when you swing them. It’s always fun to track down the unique weapons and use them for a quick laugh.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is a must-buy for any PSP owner. It’s huge world and massive options for weapons and armor can consume anyone for months.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB for Use of Alcohol, Blood and Violence.

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About Matthew Valdez

  • wow i were full hermituar and i ha ve a khezu shock bale too scary

  • James

    how do you kill a congalala i got veloc prey armor and bone katana wolf . i use demon drugs

  • Matthew Valdez

    Wrap around Congalala so you facing his back. And Attack his behind. Through Flash Bombs also, they help a lot.

  • James

    Okay thanks does when he get pissed mean anything?

  • i have all kushala daora armor with the devil slicer , im hunter ranking 4 , i just have to beat the lao shoa lung to get to hr 5 and kill some khezu to get thunder sacs for my true devil slicer

  • chris

    man i wish i knew how to get online with this game it would totally be the best achievement ever.

  • Matthew Valdez

    You have to use a combination of Wifi-Max and XLinkKai to allow this game to play online. I personally think it’s worth it though 😀

  • joel

    matthew valdez , do you write these for fun. its a cool thing to do , i play 360 alot though dont go on my comp much

  • ammar

    please tell me how to play online 🙁
    Does it cost money? ore do i hawe to buy some thing to play online?

  • todd

    hr6, full white fatalis, ultimus heaven and earth, all quests completed, female, name drakina, anyone need help??? o ya wen facing lao shan lung ash or norm avoid its legs and wait until the opportune moment for the dragonator(the giant drills)

  • atticus

    i wear full rathalos soul mail and i always use swqord and shield i like the blue ogre sword and the gold n silver wyvern 1 i completed the whole game part from killing both the rajang the last mission any1 have any tactics for killing rajang?

  • black

    how to play online wiht friend if friend far from me

  • aaron

    how to change your name in monster hunter 2freedom

  • Lizardragon

    you can’t play online its only ad hawk
    I don’t know why but when you enter online
    its ad hawk I think that’s the only thing that
    sucks in monster hunter 4 Psp

  • lizadragon

    I wish they made it for ps3

  • Korebc

    i got full ceanataur armor S and i cant beat the 2 rajangs i realy need help