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PSN Review: Worms Crazy Golf

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When you first hear about Worms and golf it may not sound like a union that could play out perfectly. However, that is not the case. The developers of Worms Crazy Golf knew exactly what they were doing when they developed this game. It feels like a golf game with a Worms flare, and it is very good.

Worms Crazy Golf plays exceedingly well and just as a Worms golf game should — aim in the direction that you want the ball to go, set the level of power that the shot will take, and then hit the ball. Every hole has a set par that must be met in order to progress and if that par is not met, the hole must be replayed over again.

The game gets interesting, Worms-style, through the use of other worms, sheep, land mines, bats, and water. If another worm is hit, said worm blows up taking the ball with it and moving the ball to a different location. Sheep will eat balls if they land close to them, and land mines will blow up the land if the ball touches it. Adding to the crazy is the use of special abilities — slow time, blast shot, parachute, reverse gravity, and heavy ball. Using these abilities at the perfect time is required for some levels.

In addition to standard gameplay, there are other modes that can be played which offer an difficulty. These are split into five different groups and 18 different challenges including skill shot, time attack, chip-in, target, and keep ups. In these challenges goals vary from finishing a hole in a time limit to destroying targets to trying to get the ball on the green. There are some challenges in the main gameplay mode as well. These include the aforementioned getting par on the courses as well as finding different crates, getting a high score, and collecting coins.

Worms Crazy Golf offers a lot of personalization when it comes to changing the worm golfer. There are different hats, golf balls, and voice samples to unlock and purchase.  Crates, which once gathered unlock items, are not always easy to get to as they can require replaying the hole over again.

Personalization is perfect for multiplayer because players are able to tell the worms apart. Multiplayer mode supports play for up to four people and allows the ability to choose which holes to play. There are no set order in which they need to be done.

Worms Crazy Golf Worms Crazy Golf is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence. This game can also be found on PC and IOS.

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  • Rebelwerewolf

    Has anyone else encountered problems with crates not unlocking items? On a couple of levels, I pressed “x” for “skip” after completing the level but before it showed what I got from the crate, and there would be no additional unlocked items in the character customization screen.