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PS3 Review: Condemned 2: Bloodshot

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In this sequel, set 11 months after the first XBox360/PC installment, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Ethan Thomas, formerly of the Serial Crimes Unit (SCU), returns in this brutal first person action title full of scares and tension. Players are constantly open to attack within Metro City as game makers offer a loud, graphic and violent extravaganza.

The quality production does succeed greatly with the scares while including some cinematic elements like mirror shots in addition to lighting touches and shadows. All these elements create tense, “surprise at every corner” experience. The evidence mode adds some nice variety while the scare factor never lets up because you can still fall victim to attacks at any time. The audio guidance and control/combo icons are very helpful, though the text is a bit too small.

The controls and action timing take some adjustment while the raw violence and movements contain echoes of The Punisher and Doom 3. The fighting controls respond a bit slower when you deal with multiple baddies. Don’t expect any kiss kiss bang bang right away. Players have to kick (R3), elbow and punch their way up to progress from hand-to-hand weapons to firearms. Practice at the Bloodshot Fight Club mode comes as a requirement for most players, especially when learning to throw items and creating effective combos to give you the edge in extreme combat.

Thomas also has several environmental pieces to use as weapons at his disposal. These pieces (various metal pieces, bricks, buckets, wood, bowling balls and even gumball machines) eventually wear down and the firearms have limited ammunition, which adds to the scare factor and effective tension. The useful stun gun is great for establishing vicious finishing moves.

The very challenging 11-mission, single-player campaign has plenty of twists, among low lit (which of course, can be adjusted) and occasionally repetitive environments. Great listening skills give players an edge as a wide variety of distinctive noises provide helpful warnings for an imminent attack. These creepy sounds add to the equally morbid urban setting while the forensics elements add some good role-playing/storytelling elements. The developers continued to develop Thomas’ past relationships with his previous team. Thomas encompasses an almost consequence-free atmosphere in Metro City. For example, after Thomas beats someone to death, his only consequence is getting kicked out of his favorite bar by the bartender. Scene transitions also make some confusing connections as the tactless enemies usually have just one approach — all out attack. Players would be wise not to follow that approach in most situations until directly engaged with enemies.

Players looking for instant action can jump right into an online game or join/host an Internet or LAN game. These modes diminish the tact and, predictably, the effective, individualized emotion as players group together in big gang fight levels like “Circle of Death”. This survivor/horror title should please genre fans and is good for some scares for non-squeamish players.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot is rated M (Mature) by the ESRB for blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, use of drugs and alcohol. This game can also be found on the Xbox 360.

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  • lunar-k9

    dear makers of condemed 2. i am a playstaytion 3 user and i love this game, it was fun, scary, and amazing in all types of ways, with the different choices you can make for your detecting. i would like to make a suggestion for a new game. yes i am one of those zomie loving fanatics, and i beilieve that your types of games like condemed two are perfect for the making of the best next zombie game, witch you should try to make online aswell if possible. my reason to believe it would make alot of profit and happy customers is many people love zombie games, and at this moment there are not many to choose from especially for ps3, there is only resident evil 5 for ps3. but many people act like they are the best zombie slayers out there just because they have the best guns, but do they have the knowledge? with your multiple choice questions and objectives you could make it so people wear the right clothes and if not they will be not properly protected from scratches or bites, and if to much would get snagged and caught on objects, lock and unlock the right doors for proper escape if needed, or proper barricading for survival. if they chose the wrong way to lock or secure window and doors the consequences would speak for themselves. and if they locked or barricaded the doors to well at times they would not be able to unlock the entrance in time to escape the infected they find in the building or place of choice. aswell you should make it so the people need to eat and go to the bathroom so if people were not smart enough to check the bathrooms, would learn there lessons quickly. i believe they should be able to decide to use the bathroom outside anywhere if they just dont trust the perimeter. i also believe it would be a great idea if they had to choose the right foods incase of stomache poisoning or not noticing a blood spot or type of the infection was on the food. such things as checking back seats of cars, quieter ways of breaking into places, making sure the dead on the ground are dead, proper descisions of where to go to survive, proper cars, bad lighting and good lighting to see. your character should be able to catch the virus and should have ways of treating it to fight off the disease and rare items to heal it. aswell this would give the people freedom to make smart descision join up or go solo, the more people there are the more likely the infected will hear and smell you unless the people are clever enough to keep quiet. you could choose many ways to make this game and all are just suggestions but i wanted to send this company the idea first because i know in my heart the makers of condemed two are right people for the job. i believe it would be very succesful and ovcourse it is the ps3 players that would definatly buy this. there are many zombie loving fanatics such as myself i will not leave my full name or adress as your policy wishes. i would like to say my gammer name so you know this one person really really loves your games such as condemed two. sorry for all the typos and writing errors. for you consideration sencerely lunar-k9

  • Laura

    Lunar k9 This is a review of the game.What makes you think the condemned 2 makers will actually read your suggestions?