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PS2 Review: Buzz! The Mega Quiz

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Buzz! The Mega Quiz is one giant tease. It offers a giant red glowing button on the top of its unique controller, and then barely ever requires the player to press it. Sure it glows, blinks, and even makes a satisfying click when you press it, but if you don’t need it during the game, why even include it?

Aside from that frustration, Buzz! uses everything the PS2 offers to make itself stand out against other quiz titles it’s obviously emulating. The EyeToy can be used for mini-games, the Dual Shock is used for the poor sucker who chooses to be the host, the memory card remembers the questions asked, and the USB port houses the four-player controller included (and required) to play.

The game itself plays out as a typical TV game show, complete with annoying host and female helper that earns the game its “suggestive theme” ESRB descriptor for two obvious reasons. A full game is eight rounds, and can take some time to finish if you choose to play the entire thing. Quick play options exist for those in a hurry, or for those who can’t take the aggravating host anymore.

There’s no logical reason the standard PS2 controller wouldn’t work to control this game. The included controllers offer nothing the familiar layout of a Sony controller doesn’t, and given how ungainly the Buzz controllers are to deal with, it might have been more convenient. All four of the buzzers are hard wired to a USB connector, and trying to get four people together without strangling someone with the mass of wires is nearly impossible. Amazingly, the game supports up to eight players with an additional set of Buzz controllers. That doesn’t even seem feasible.

Buzz! is lacking any create-a-character, and instead you’ll be fed a wide array of various stereotypes and goofy knock-offs. Their repetitive voice samples are nearly as bad as the host, and the cheesy animations don’t help.

Questions come from a array of expected categories, and licensed instrumental music is used during a certain round. The movie category will make you wonder why you don’t just pick up a copy of Scene It, and the general trivia simply isn’t very exciting. And again, what the hell is purpose for the big red button on the top of the controller if you almost never need it (aside from skipping tutorials)? Nearly every screen is controlled by the bottom four colored buttons, leaving the big red one sitting there blinking at you (or even taunting you).

Aside from the clumsy EyeToy games, Buzz! doesn’t do anything even remotely different from a mass of trivia based titles already on the market. It’s included accessory is a clumsy mass of wires and don’t offer anything over the Dual Shock. Buzz! will last for a few rounds before growing tiresome and then all you’ll be left with is a cluster of wires even Rusty from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation would struggle to untie.

Buzz! The Mega Quiz is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Alcohol & Tobacco Reference, Comic Mischief, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Mild Violence.

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  • Paul

    Of course it offers something over a Dualshock – 4-player gaming out-of-the-box (no multitap or extra controllers required).

    Also this is meant to appeal to non-gamers and I don’t know about you but as soon as you put a 12xbutton, 2xstick and 1xD-Pad controller into my mum’s hands she is instantly discouraged from going any further.

    I agree that the game is by no means perfect but if you’re going to insult it at least get your facts straight. I’d be interested to hear what your favourite Eyetoy minigame is? You call them ‘clumsy’ but as far as I was aware THEY DON’T ACTUALLY EXIST!!! The Eyetoy support allows you to see yourselves in the game – nothing more.

    If you don’t like a game then by all means criticize it. But please, try to stick to actual facts rather than features you obviously haven’t even tested.