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Proper Writing Skills Are Required By Employers Too

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So here I am chilling out doing my daily task of looking though the jobs on LinkedIn, applying for everything within my skill set (and beyond) while continuing to not receive call backs or e-mails—which has me panicking (hourly) about my current employment status—in addition to spending hours doing resume tweaking & keyword updating…and then I see this listing.

Screen capture of Latina.com LinkedIn Job Post

Okay, see here is what I am talking about folks. I don’t quite understand how this passed through the company’s human resources department but to me it screams “improve me!”

Alright let me make this post brief. Here is a simple step by step (with free tools) that took just mere minutes to do; which shows you how to fix embarrassing things like this:

“Oversee all digital initiatives for Latina.com. Oversee day to dayeditorial, including assigning, editing and writing. Develop andimplement content strategy; oversee mix of content appearing on thesite. Create original, engaging, web-friendly content for the site;adapt existing content in ways that make it fresh and new for theaudience in a timely manner. Create new features that enhance thecontent presentation and provide real value for the audience. Track andevaluate appropriate metrics to assess success of site; ie traffic.Create editorial calendar. Work with editorial and business teams toexpand the site as well as ehlp manage cross-platform projectsincluding researching and implementing online partnerships. Oversee andmanage staff. Create and execute on social networks and linkingstrategies to increase brand awareness and site visits. Work closelywith Digital Operaitons Manager to evaluate and implement SEM and SEOstrategies.”

Words pushed together? No spaces after punctuation? The word “help” spelled “ehlp”? Considering this is for a latino magazine, this doesn’t instill hope with my fellow latino people. I know we’re better than this so it is time to solve the problem. Here’s what I did.

  1. I read the entire job description a few times and made notes of what I thought the company needs. [5 Minutes]
  2. I got rid of all the stuff which shows that the person who wrote this job description isn’t familiar with what the company may need or what they are saying about the position. [30 seconds]
  3. With the notes and snips of copy I thought useful, I re-envision what it would be to be a “Director of Digital” then re-wrote & re-ordered the tasks needed for the position. [10 minutes]
  4. I went through with a fine-toothed comb and organized the job description using language (and jargon) that a Director of Digital A.K.A. Digital Community Manager candidate would understand. [12 minutes]

Here is what I came up with and then ran through http://www.spellchecker.net/grammar/ in about 25 minutes.

The Director of Digital Initiatives for Latina.com will oversee:

  • The creation of an editorial calendar to help better organize the assigning, editing and writing of Latina.com content.
  • Development of a strategy, with Digital Operations Manager, to existing content on Latina.com using SEO tools, techniques and methods.
  • Utilizing social platforms such as Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook & Twitter to help create new, engaging, timely & web-friendly content to increase brand awareness, sales, customer support & drive traffic to our primary website, Latina.com.
  • Tracking & reporting digital campaign metrics to assess brand reach and campaign effectiveness.

What do you think, did I make an improvement? See how much cleaner this is? See how I sprinkled the brand’s name around? See how the goals are clearer?

Do you see Pinterest there in the description? What’s Pinterest? It is a new (& hot) startup company which brands like Latina.com could TOTALLY use and could add a whole new dimension to how people use their (and their advertisers) content.

Do you see Google Plus listed in the new description? You want a SEO expert for your business? Try going to Google and searching for something these days on Google you might see one of your friends “plus one’n” the thing you’re searching or that they’ve shared it on their Google+ account (as seen in the top left corner). Have you heard of “Search Plus Your World? Google is (and always has been) a major player in search. To not have a G+ page, means you are losing valuable exposure, hits, click-throughs & social proof of your brand (through G+1’s & shares) and its content.

Screen Capture of Google with TWIT "Search Plus Your World" Data

Here are some suggestions on familiarizing yourself with the social media space so you can better target the individual you want for your “Director of Digital” position. First, it is important to do some research and learn what the landscape of the social / digital media space is, learning the trends and the lingo at least just a little. Another idea is to look for job postings similar to what you’re posting and as the great Pablo Picasso said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Once you’ve hunted down info on even a basic level (from tech sites like Mashable and Techcrunch) then borrowed some of the industry vernacular to suit your needs, spend a little time and write a job description that grabs people who are passionate about social media—like I have been since the early to mid 2000’s when people were teasing me for “playing” on Friendster, Myspace, Twitter and Facebook.

Look, this is a playground for us so make us StumbleUpon [;-)] ourselves to get to your social media “fertile” company. The right person can take you where you’ve never been before. I would argue that even a not-so-seasoned social media enthusiast could elevate your business to new heights. The difference is they may not be able to handle the potential dark sides of a bad marketing campaign, but that’s entirely a whole different article.

Ok, in total I’ve spent an hour on this (the corrections and post). I could go on longer but you know what, I need a job. Anyone hiring?

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