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prom hairstyles

The prom is an event that occurs once a year and every year girls search for their ideal prom hairstyles. Prom hairstyles are simply hairstyles that are worn to the prom and can come be in numerous styles and colors to match the wearer’s personality but are generally formal. Some of the main prom hairstyles include updos, downdos, and half-updos but these are mainly for those with longer hair. Updos are hairstyles where the hair is bundled at or around the crown in some fashion. Downdos are formal looks where the hair is worn straight down without any pin-ups. Half-updos are a combination where the hair is pinned up and also flowing down as well.

Girls with short or medium hair may not be able to accomplish many prom hairstyles without the use of extensions. For short and medium hair, there are still ways to style the hair to create elegant looks for the prom. This includes using curls, waves, and layering along with hair accessories. Styling up bobs to look shiny and sleek is enough to create a prom hairstyle. Texturing short hair to make it clean and sharp is another example. Again prom hairstyles do not necessarily have to be formal but should match the wearer’s personality towards a formal event.

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