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Profit at Any Cost

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In recent months I have argued that when America supports Libya, or maintains the Suez Canal, or defends the shipping and trade routes in Afghanistan, she is not doing so for the man in the street. The wealthy corporations; mineral, gas, oil companies, benefit from the billions spent and the lives lost. Oil companies, pipeline builders, drilling equipment manufacturers, and untold other agencies are assured of a continued share of a staggering profit. How cold hearted is a politician who would smile and free those who profit most while shifting the cost to the middle class American worker?

There are those among us who would restructure health care in America. Some Republicans say they can make cuts in the range of 716 billion dollars by installing a voucher system, and letting the infirm and the old make their own decisions and pay a far greater share of the cost of needed health care. If such a program came to fruition, just a few years down the road seniors would see their assets dwindle by thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, as they struggle to keep themselves and loved ones alive.

Since the Insurance companies would be privatized and available for investment under such a plan, the billions saved would go into the hands of the insurers and their investors. Yes, they are throwing grandmothers to the wolves; no they allow no criticism. The right wing plan for America’s future would reduce or eliminate the health care that people need and place the money saved in the hands of health care providers; hospitals, doctors, suppliers of tangibles and hospital products; all in the vast health care industry. The saddest part is that the greatest profits would go to the most unscrupulous among them. New systems of health care proposed by the right wing would enrich insurance providers, at the expense of the insured.

Do you find something objectionable in accusing the corporate zealots of placing the poor and uneducated back in chains? That’s exactly what the new economic proposals will do if allowed. Our American president has reminded us time and again of the importance of education. Money spent to educate tomorrow’s workers is a positive investment in the future. And, when we feed and educate the hungry and unschooled, who have in some cases been beaten down for generations by discrimination and injustice, we are promoting a better future for all of us. Yes, the Republican plan would place many back in chains!

By deregulating investment agencies, the middle class hard working investor might benefit, but the wealthy with a capacity to take advantage of new systems would see vastly increased profits. Many among us see as their primary source of income, capital gains. If politicians favoring the very rich succeed in eliminating capital gains taxes, the money goes into the pockets of the richest, and stays there.

When we look at overseas bank accounts, we notice that not only do investors not profit from interest money, in fact they pay for the privilege of unaccounted saving. An investor with many millions or billions of dollars in such accounts is losing a substantial amount of income, and paying for the privilege. It doesn’t take much imagination to suspect that office seekers who profit from wars and legislative decisions are not anxious to have their sources examined.

Modern politicians, like the Bonesmen of recent history, seem to pride themselves on their sadism. They see human suffering, and continue to deceive the public, as if they had the public interest at heart. Consider too, candidates who assail the current administration with accusations of leading from behind, while reminding the Israelis that the Israeli leaders have carte blanche; whatever course they take, the United States will follow.

Political parties come and go. What we take for granted today will be gone as our children grow. The extreme right-wing Tea Party agenda is no longer consistent with the constitution, even as the tools of corporations wave the flag and advance the new hypocrisy..

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  • Igor

    @4-John: the way to do that is to take the healthcare system out of the hands of the insurance companies and the providers.

  • John Lake

    What is needed is a system like the current one, with far more safeguards to prevent unnecessary expenses;unnecessary procedures, tests, referrals. Doctors can become millionaires in a few years, and in many cases have proven themselves unable to police themselves.

  • A voucher system of healthcare implies limits. The problem is that disease processes do not hit people equally. Some people can live into their nineties without ever going to a hospital while others are in and out of hospitals literally from cradle to grave. I don’t see how a voucher system covers the costs of health care equitably.

    I do see that an excess consumption tax on junk food would provide billions into the coffers of the health care system. Another worry is the health care savings. Where do these savings go? Do they go to investors or other areas of the federal budget like the Pentagon. I would like health care savings to get plowed right back into the health care system to develop reserves for recessions. Lastly, I would like Congress to cover Complementary or Alternative Medicine unilaterally because many of the protocols have substantiation in places like The Lancet.

  • Igor

    Any ‘voucher’ system is, of course, crooked. They propose to replace dollars with scrip, which has no intrinsic value and can be devalued at the pleasure of the people who issued the scrip.

    If scrip had any value then businesses would be clamouring to be paid in scrip and get their subsidies in scrip. But businesses are NOT clamouring to be paid in scrip.

    Politicians who propose scrip (vouchers) KNOW that it is worthless and that’s why they propose it. They can pay off debts they’ve run up with injudicious war spending and tax giveaways.

    Next time a politician wants to institute some ‘voucher’ system tell him he can lead the way by getting his salary in those same vouchers.

  • Earl Richards

    Big Oil, Wall Street and the GOP are a bunch of morally, bankrupt jerks. Romney is already oil-bought. Romney will be worse than Bush.