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Professor Randy Pausch (Oct 23, 1960 – July 25, 2008)

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Some things are just so hard for me to accept, but if Randy Pausch could, then I guess we all should. Randy was someone I discovered later in my life and immediately wished I'd had his influence as a younger woman. I related to him so easily and he could hold me rapt as he spoke about life in general, but also how to deal with it. Deal with the issues we're facing daily. I have applied so much of what he suggested to my life now and it all works perfectly. I wish I'd had the opportunity to tell him that.

I don't think he truly knew his greatness as a teacher and lecturer, but he captivated me on more than a few occasions. I related to him because, like him, I wanted nothing more than to grow up and go work for Disney. I was consumed by that dream as a kid. Neither of us achieved that dream, but I feel he ended up doing something so much better.

Randy's last lecture was at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. He knew it and approached it as he did everything else – with humor, grace, and a resignation that some things can't be changed so don't whine about it. Just accept it as part of the whole package called life. It is 76 minutes long, but please don't fear its length or worry about it being maudlin or sad. It is neither.

He talks about becoming an imagineer and learning electronic arts. He talks of his childhood, his parents, the people that influenced him both growing up and as an adult, and there is so much for us to learn today by just listening and watching as he relates all this to us. Please take this time to enrich your life a bit more by getting to know Randy, though now posthumously.

Rest in peace, Randy. I still have the aquarium screen saver and the kitties, and I am still enjoying it today.

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