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Professor Irwin Corey Backs Dennis!

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Is there a topic upon which Ed Asner, Danny Glover, Howard Zinn, Tom Hayden, Pete Seeger, Professor Irwin Corey, and the Roberts twins – Eric and Tanya – agree? Other than that Stalin was a more honorable and successful leader than George W. Bush, that is?

Why yes – they and an entire roster of acute political analysts agree that legislation against mind-control from outer space is a pressing need, that 19th century protectionism is an idea whose time has come, and that ANY military action by the United States (or Israel) other than plugging gun barrels with daisies is ALWAYS wrong, have endorsed Cleveland, Ohio’s own Dennis Kucinich for president.

I AM intrigued by his idea of creating a cabinet-level Department of Appeasement, though. Perhaps Mullah Omar will come out of retirement to accept a position of leadership.

With all these celebrity endorsements, maybe Kucinich should run for president of SAG.

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  • Hal Pawluk

    I guess if there were no choices other than Kucinich or Wolfowitz, it might make some kind of sense.