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Professional Wrestling: Quite A Corrupt Business

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The sport known as professional wrestling used to be the most popular sport in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Lately, however, it has gone rather downhill. The story lines are bland, and the wrestling action is quite stale.

On top of all of that, there is far too much drama going on behind the scenes, the type of drama only fitting for a soap opera. And since professional wrestling has been compared to soap operas, it is quite appropriate.

professional wrestling is a corrupt businessDrug use is an ongoing occurrence in a wrestler’s life. The use of performance-enhancing drugs in particular has become familiar with the public at home, and now kids are being educated on the wear and tear the drugs do to an athlete’s body.

Mainly used as a way to heal the body faster, wrestlers and other athletes use the healing argument as an excuse to use the drugs. But in actuality, the drugs are illegal and should not be used at all. Our children should not be subjected to illegal activity; there are already enough murders and robberies happening in the world. Plus, what children see in mediums such as television everyday, the athletes themselves should not add to the wrongdoing.

The things you read about professional wrestlers are not pleasant. The same sport we have known to adore and love due to the action packed matches and the storytelling extravagance has all fallen by the waist side simply because of what happens behind the scenes. Not only drug use, but having affairs with other wrestlers’ wives and the committing of adultery is just too shady to even be uttered in a sentence. It is all very heavy to handle and disturbing to read about.

With promoters not giving their working wrestlers health insurance and other benefits, that just adds to the negative vibe. Hopefully it changes and the next generation can learn to love the sport again.

Hopefully things get cleaned up and employers like Vince McMahon get their act together and start showing love for their workers. If they had health insurance, they wouldn’t be likely to purchase drugs to heal their bodies, because they would be in a hospital bed recuperating with doctors and nurses beside them.

It is all a corrupt system and it needs to go back to being the adoring sport it used to be when we were all children instead of a business of corruption.

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