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Product Review: Zensation New Ultra Silky Rose Exfoliating Cream

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Zensation Ultra Silky Rose Exfoliating Cream feels as if you have treated yourself to a very expensive facial.

When I first received this product, my intent was to use it on only one side of my face for two weeks and then report back results. I could not carry through with my objective. The first night, I followed the directions on exfoliating. I cleaned the left side of my face with my usual product and the right side of my face with Zensation Ultra Silky Rose Exfoliating Cream. When I rinsed both sides of my face, I immediately felt the difference.

The right side of my face felt like I had just had an expensive facial. The side on which I had used Zensation felt as soft as a rose petal. I kid you not. I do not have the words to describe how clean and silky my face felt. In comparison to the left side of my face, the right side felt softer than a newborn baby’s skin. I went on to bed.

The next morning I slathered the Zensation cream on the right side, waited five minutes, and stepped into the shower where I rinsed my face. Once again, I could not believe how soft and smooth the right side of my face felt. I couldn’t resist foregoing my objective. I had to use it on my entire face. The silky feeling was addictive. During my commute to work, I kept stroking my face. The sensation lasted all day. I could not wait to come home and take off my makeup and exfoliate! I have never been so excited about a facial cleanser before.

There are no harsh abrasive granules in the Zensation exfoliate. It feels like fine sand. My usual product feels like I’m washing with sandpaper and that gives me the impression that it is working. However, with Zensation, I can tell that it works just as well as the sandpaper exfoliate but without the need to slather on a heavy night cream. The sandpaper exfoliate left my face feeling dry and chapped so I would use a heavier cream on my face on the nights I used it. Zensation has a built-in emollient that “soothes dryness and revitalizes skin.” I have been using it every morning and night for five days and my face has not felt this healthy in years.

The key ingredients are sunflower seed oil, lavender, shea butter, rose flower extract, and soybean oil. I am sensitive to products with heavy perfumes but this has a light fragrance and I have not had any reaction to it. Zensation Exfoliating Cream retails for $50 for 1.70 oz. I believe this product is well worth the money because I no longer have to use a base cream under my makeup. With Zensation, you can step right out of the shower, pat your face dry, and start putting on your makeup. Now that I’m not using a hydrating cream on my face, my pores stay cleaner and my acne seems to be clearing up.

Do yourelf a favor and try this product.  It really feels luxurious.

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