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Product Review: Yoplait Go-GURT®

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With one school term ending and another looming after winter break, folks who pack lunches are beginning to run into a slump of repeated sandwiches. To shake things up, General Mills has launched a new idea-spreading campaign in their Back-to-School Spark: toss in some yogurt! To be more precise, some Yoplait Go-GURT®.

go-gurt-logoGo-GURT, also known as “Yoplait tubes” and “frubes,” is a simple yet charmingly clever idea. Rather than a plastic cup and spoon, the yogurt comes in a tube so that it may be squeezed into the mouth instead of scooped. This produces much less packaging waste or, if the containers are to be washed, eliminates the hassle of carrying them home without getting stickiness all over a lunchbox.

Yoplait has changed its Go-GURT recipe, cutting out high fructose corn syrup and replacing artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners with natural alternatives. Doing so has changed the flavor of the yogurt slightly, making it smoother and less tangy. Some might like the more potent pizzazz of the previous recipe, but it is unnerving to think of eating artificial concoctions. In addition, quite a few people seem to prefer the softer flavors of nature.

As part of the Back-to-School Spark campaign, it is suggested that Go-GURT should be packed into lunches frozen, thawing in time without turning too warm to spoil, as it does contain active cultures such as L. Acidophilus, which is believed to serve as a “prebiotic.” Good yogurt is certainly a good thing, but yogurt gone bad is a very bad thing.

Armed with a gift card and some coupons from General Mills, we took it upon ourselves to test the freezing recommendation. There are many different flavors such as Strawberry Splash, Berry Blue Blast, Mango Tango, and special seasonal flavors or ones created to go along with cartoon characters such as SpongeBob, Phineas, Ferb, and Scooby-Doo. Something about the cartoons seem to make them taste better, but that may be a psychological illusion.

The freezing experiments worked remarkably well. From morning packing to lunch-time, the yogurt inside the tubes had thawed from frozen rocks to tasty gels. One did have a bit of slush to it as it was packed next to an orange and a sandwich that had been refrigerated, but setting it out for only a few minutes made it just right.

Go-GURT is a tasty addition to a lunch or even as a snack. Each tube is listed as 60 calories, making it easy on the waistline, while including two grams of protein, which may reduce hunger later on, making it as suitable for adult lunchboxes as it is for school kids.

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