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Product Review: Trip Glasses by Cornfield Electronics

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Cornfield Electronics brings us a nifty invention called Trip Glasses. As the name implies, these glasses will take you on an LSD trip without your having to ingest a psychotropic drug. Well, not really, but by following the instructions which come with the glasses, you will experience some of the effects of an acid trip. The glasses are essentially a tool to assist in meditation and sensory stimulation.

Trip Glasses are a simple gadget consisting of a pair of almost solid plastic glasses that block your vision, and a pair of headphones which send a signal of alternating current “hum” of various frequencies into your ears. There are two small slots on the inside of the glasses, which are solid plastic otherwise. From these two small slots are broadcast bright lights which can be seen through the eyelids of your closed eyes. The slots pulse a blinking red light of varying frequency into each eye, alternating with various colored lights in varying degrees of brightness and intensity, and also of varying frequencies. You won’t hear much of anything from the glasses until you put the headphones very near your ears, or onto your head. Then what you hear is the AC hum, which also broadcasts in widely varying frequencies.

Once you’ve put the glasses on and mounted the earphones, the instructions tell you to close your eyes before hitting the "on" switch. If you leave your eyes open, the light can be very annoying, and maybe a little painful, so do heed the instructions. Also, if you’re susceptible to seizures, or if you’re epileptic, do not use them at all. There are several other warnings, so be sure to read the instructions thoroughly and completely.

Depending on the person using them, adjustment may be almost instantaneous, or it might take a few seconds. What you’ll see through your eyelids is a steady stream of colors and patterns. From the earphones, you’ll hear low frequency hum of varying frequencies. Together, the lights and sounds comprise a 14-minute stream of light and sound effects at brainwave frequencies. Your brain will get in sync with these stimuli, and you should be able to meditate.

The battery is projected to last for about a hundred 14-minute sessions before replacement is necessary. The instruction booklet also contains a "Tips for Meditating" page and a FAQ page.

You can obtain further details from the Trip Glasses website, or order your own Trip Glasses.  Or click here to learn more about the company.

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  • Forcemaster2000

    This is not a review. All you’re doing is telling ppl what the product is, which you can pretty much get from a FAQ sheet. A review infers that you have used the product, and tell us what you thought of it and whether or not it works.