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Product Review: Travel Stix

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Sometimes I love technology. Travel Stix flash drives are the latest toys I love. Actually, they are not toys but travel companions, and there’s a Travel Stix for nearly everyone. Travel Stix (from Forms4Travel.com) look like credit cards but have a small swing-out section that is actually a flash drive. Each one comes with a variety of forms that travelers in different situations may require.

I sampled two Travel Stix, the “Grandparent Package” and one for business travelers. The grandparents package includes forms for the “Authorization for Medical Emergency Care and Doctor Appointments,” “Family Rules,” and “Travel Authorization for Child Traveling with Relative or Family Friend (International Destination).”

Using Travel Stix is easy; plug it in, print out a form, fill it out, scan it back in. The user then has a credit-card-sized file of important information which is easily transportable. Although it’s for grandparents, anyone traveling (legally) with someone else’s child can use it. In addition to the forms, there are links to information about passports and healthcare for travelers. All of the files are PDF.

The only disadvantages I found with Travel Stix are that information can not be entered directly onto the provided forms, and access to a computer is required to produce the needed documents when traveling. However, the blank forms can be printed repeatedly, and the completed forms can be saved on the flash drive. I found the “Family Rules” form especially useful since it includes space for information on the child’s friends, doctors, and insurance coverage.

The user can scan additional documents and store them on the card (flash drive). The flash drive has 2GB of memory allowing users to carry birth certificates, immunization records, pictures of the children, and any other pertinent information without having to juggle hard copies.

The “Business Traveler Package” includes two forms: a travel health care proxy and a travel itinerary, as well as links to travel health sources and passport information. The health care proxy form is for recording information needed in a medical emergency, such as a person authorized to make medical decisions if you are unable to, emergency contacts, medical information such as allergies and current medications, and contact information for doctors, dentists, and specialists. The itinerary form allows the user to have flight and destination information; family, business, and travel agency contacts; and travel information at hand. I can see me scanning in my boarding passes “just in case.” Driver’s license and credit cards might also be good candidates for scanning, in the event one’s wallet is lost or stolen (just don’t keep the Travel Stix in your wallet!).

In addition to Grandparents’ and Business Travelers’ packages, there are Travel Stix packages for Children Traveling Alone (both in the U.S. and abroad), Babysitter/Childcare, Campers, Traveling Parents, Sports, College Students, Dog and Cat Pet Care and Travel, and many other applications. All Travel Stix include a link to download Adobe Reader (necessary to access PDF files) for those who don’t already have it.

Bottom Line: Would I buy Travel Stix? Yes. I’m already interested in the dog and cat packages.

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  • Reynaldo Rivas

    Great article. Thanks for the info, it’s
    easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a health care proxy form, I found a
    blank form here http://pdf.ac/2Jhijk. This site also has some tutorials on how to fill it out and a
    few related tax and insurance forms.

  • davewyman

    Forms can be filled in directly from a computer.