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Product Review: Throwboy Pillows

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Throwboy Pillows are a testament to how strong Apple's branding truly is. Roberto Hoyos, owner and founder of Throwboy Pillows, has turned Apple's OS X operating system into sets of comfy pillows.

Throwboy currently has three collections available: the Icon Pillow Collection, the Chat Pillows, and the RSS Pillow. Each is handmade in the United States by Roberto himself. The computer is more than a tool. Throwboy believes that you should snuggle with it at night. And his products speak for themselves. These pillows are soft, well stitched, and quite original.

Each of the eleven chat pillows are 11” x 9” and feature some of the most popular acronyms on the Internet such as OMG, LOL, O RLY, and WTF just to name a few. You can get each of these in six different colors as well. I’m quite impressed by the green LOL pillow that Roberto sent me. The stitching is fantastic, and the overall quality exceeds my expectations. The individual characters on the pillow are actually separate felt pieces that are stitched on top of the green fleece. The pillow is shaped like a chat bubble with the letters filling the middle. When I was showing my friend my LOL pillow, he said NO WAI!

Okay, so maybe you don’t like to use acronyms, or completely despise when people say BRB or TTYL outside of AOL Instant Messenger. Throwboy still has another option for you. Roberto has breathed the Mac dashboard into real life. Consisting of the Finder, Dashboard, iTunes, iPhoto, iChat, and Photobooth icons, the Icon Pillow Collection is perfect for lounging around while watching TV. Each of these pillows is an exact, full color replica of the icons that represent the various applications that come preloaded on an Apple computer.

I haven’t had any problems keeping them clean, but they are machine washable on the delicate setting. They’re 100% fleece and filled with polyester fibers. You can completely nerd up your house at $29 per pillow, or $149 for a set of six pillows. Although $29 for a pillow might be a little pricey, I’m willing to spend the extra buck to support handmade American products. I’m convinced that Throwboy has a much higher quality control than something made from that one country. I am excited to order more of the Throwboy Pillows in the very near future. You’d expect nothing less from an Apple fan boy.

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