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Product Review: The Parker Premier Pen Collection

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Some gifts are useful, some are ornamental, some evoke memories, and some are timelessly stylish. A gift from the Parker Premier Pen Collection is all of these things. I recently received the Parker Premier Black Lacquer GT Fountain Pen; I haven’t used a fountain pen in years.

As a child attending private grammar school many years ago, I had no choice; we were to use fountain pens. Period. Forget the ballpoint pen, it was simply unacceptable. My schoolmates and I envied the public school students who were taught subjects that we barely broached, such as algebra and science, and who didn’t sport telltale ink stains on their fingers left by leaky fountain pens.

The pens I used were quite nice, but required the user to carry a bottle of ink to refill them. In my little leather satchel, I carried two pens and a bottle of blue-black ink (when I discovered that one could get peacock blue ink I was beside myself with joy, anticipating the use of such a novelty), along with workbooks and papers. The blue-black ink always seemed to find its way out of the bottle and onto places it didn’t belong. I believed my right middle finger (where my pen rested when I wrote) was stained for life. Some of my friends had more forward-thinking parents, and they had cartridge pens. Oh, how lucky they were! Those pens also stained the fingers, but were somewhat kinder to their surroundings.

I must have been indoctrinated well because I’ve always found fountain pens to produce a more elegant hand. Being lazy and inelegant, though, I generally rely on those stick pens that come ten to a pack for 88 cents.

When I received my new fountain pen, I didn’t want to take it out of the box (which, by the way is an impressively handsome presentation box). The first thing I noticed, even before I looked over the pen itself, was its weight. Far heavier than pens most of us use, this pen’s weight and balance influence me to add import to the documents I produce.

There are four styles in the Parker Premier collection: Chiseled Silver (featuring a “sparkling silver plated finish”); Deluxe Black ST (“a contrasting duo of deep black glossy lacquer and silver plated neo-tartan chiseling”); Black Lacquer GT (“a glossy black lacquer and 23 ct gold plated trim”); and Black Lacquer ST (“a glossy black lacquered finish with silver plated trim”). Each style is available in ballpoint, roller ball, and fountain (which features solid 18ct gold nibs). The fountain pen has a refillable cartridge, but can also use disposable cartridges (both are included with the pen).

These are elegant pens on par with a gift of jewelry. I may not produce documents of significance with mine, but they would add import to gift-giving occasions. Worthy recipients of such an exquisitely stylish gift would be graduates, moms for Mother’s Day, dads for Father’s Day, and any genteel or refined acquaintances who would appreciate being so highly regarded, on their birthdays. You will be remembered every time they use theirs.

Perhaps everyone should have these classic writing instruments. They may inspire profound thoughts, or—at least—printable ones.

Bottom Line: Would I buy a pen from The Parker Premier Pen Collection? Yes, using mine lends an air of sophistication I don’t actually deserve. It is a delightful gift that makes a tasteful statement about the giver and the receiver.

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  • John Pitzel

    Makes me want to go out and get one!

  • I love fountain pens. Parker pens are particularly smooth to write with, and they have the most awesome designs, too. This review is great and discourages me, since now I have the urge to buy myself yet another fountain pen 😛 Ha ha ha