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Product Review: The Maxi Kick Scooter from Kickboard USA

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Children love scooters – plain and simple. The Maxi Kick from Kickboard USA is the latest in this fabulous line of Swiss-designed products. This award-winning three-wheel scooter is designed for children ages 6-11. The design allows for young children to ride with stability and control that transitions to a skateboard feel for older children. While the recommended age range begins at six, we have two of them that our four- and seven-year-old both use without any issues.

One major bonus of the Kickboard USA Maxi Kick Scooter is the assembly. Parents will most likely wonder how easy it is to assemble. No screwing on wheels or assembling the wheel casings to the footboard with this amazing scooter; two simple pieces put together with the provided tool and your Maxi Kick is ready for use.

The Maxi Kick Scooter is incredibly quiet and smooth to ride because of the well-designed wheels. We actually keep one in our home for the kids to ride, and the low noise level that comes from a “toy” that provides constant entertainment never goes unnoticed by friends and family.

The Maxi Kick Scooter from Kickboard USA allows two steering options: a t-bar or pilot stick. Our children prefer the t-bar because of how stable it makes them feel but I could see purchasing a pilot stick for our oldest in a few months. When using the pilot stick, riders are forced to ride in a different way, using their center of gravity to turn and peel around corners. Thus, the surfing or skiing sensation the pilot stick offers appeals to older riders. The great news is that the steering mechanisms are interchangeable, which allows parents to use one scooter with multiple children. Additionally, the steering bar can extend from 24 to 36 inches making it a cost-effective means of entertainment and transportation.

Parents appreciate any product that can save them money and the Maxi Kick Scooter is no exception. The Maxi Kick, as well as all scooters and kickboards from this company, are built via modular construction. What does that mean for parents? All parts are replaceable on an individual basis. Instead of buying a new scooter when the wheels are worn out, two new wheels for $20 will solve the problem.

Our children use their Maxi Kick scooters every day and we have found them to be reliable well-built products that our children enjoy. The Maxi Kick Scooter is available in a variety of fun colors that are sure to please boys or girls. The convenience of the lightweight five-pound scooter makes it easy for children to carry wherever they need. We toss ours in our van every week and take to our older son’s baseball practice so our youngest can ride around the park while he plays.

Convenient, engaging fun for your children that is also cost-effective—what more can a parent ask for?

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