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Product Review: Tea4Life Apple Cinnamon Cleansing Tea

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For the past week I have been doing a cleanse to rid my body of impurities. After years of eating unhealthy food which I now call garbage, I thought my body might appreciate some detoxification from the ‘garbage’ I had been eating before I decided to go Vegan.

I had a negative experience with the very first cleanse I purchased from GNC. Not only did it taste horrible and leave an aftertaste (like I had eaten an entire clove of garlic) that would not go away no matter what I did, it also did the exact opposite of cleanse my body. In fact, it made it impossible for me to defecate.

Needless to say, after that experience, I desperately needed a cleansing more than ever and I was quite nervous to test out “Tea4Life” for cleansing and digestion. I figured it was tea and I enjoyed tea so maybe it would not be such a scary experience.

“Tea4Life” cleansing tea has a blend of herbs such as echinacea, astragalus, buckthorn, and ginger and does not contain artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. “Tea4Life” is said to be a gentle alternative for healthy digestive cleansing and healthy digestive system function. The cleansing action usually takes place anywhere from 4-6 hours after consumption. You can purchase this tea at this website, which also has extensive information on the product as well as serving size recommendations. You can also find it at Amazon.com.

I had a cup of tea before bed the first day I started the cleanse and the next day I had a lot of flatulence. After that, I did not have as much. I have to be honest: the apple & cinnamon flavor is delicious! The tea did exactly what is was intended to do without my having to run to the restroom too often.

Keep in mind that any cleanse will affect everyone differently. So I suggest if you are going to try “Tea4Life” or any cleanse, start when you do not have to work or be in a group setting. This way, if you have to visit the restroom too often or have any other issues, you will be in the comfort of your own home to deal with them properly and prevent embarrassment.

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  • Dim khai

    I just want to know… Is anybody can help me… If d person was pregnant can take 4life tea? D person is just 1 month plus only. I really happy to meet this 4life. Because is really work out for me. But I really wanted to know for pregnant ppl is dat good or can problem.? Pls

  • Severin

    I’ve been using this tea on and off for years.. Caution, it works too good ;p

  • Suuuuny 1

    Precious, Thanks for weeding out the “garbage” when it comes to all of these different detox products. I must say that I have read a few of your articles and no matter what the subject is I am overcome by an outburst of laughter due to your honest opinions. You are appreciated!

  • Xian Knight

    I did not know about the cleansing properties of Apple Cinnamon Tea. Thanks very much for this vital information. If you have other great insights to keeping healthy, please pass it on.
    Fan for life.
    Xian Knight

  • frank

    Wow! it is so great to be able to get some legitimate information about a cleansing product without having to read through the non-sense before you finally hear about the product, I found this article refreshing and I will definitely be trying this product in the future.