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Product Review: Smart Heel, A Smart Invention For Your Shoes

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The moment I saw Smart Heels, I was fascinated. I just had to try them. When I got them, they completely exceeded my expectations.

Smart Heels were born out of tragedy. Moments after stepping outside in brand new Choos, inventor Stacie Urbach's heel fell prey to a crack in the New York sidewalk. The kind of event that would make most women cry instead turned Stacie into a problem-solver. When she couldn't find a product to protect her beloved shoes, she invented her own, and thus Smart Heel was born.

Stacie thought of everything when creating Smart Heels. The protectors were designed to be worn to and from your destination. So what do you do with Smart Heels when you reach your destination? Stick them in your purse, where street grime can get all over your lipstick? Nope, Smart Heels come in their own tiny plastic zipper pouch. "How do I make sure that my heels will fit into Smart Heels – without damaging my shoes with the product that is meant to protect?" A harmless paper stencil has been included to ensure proper fit. Smart Heels are not quite as easy as "slip on and go" – they need to be properly fitted before you leave the house. But easy-to-follow instructions come with each pair.

Once the Smart Heel has been slid onto the heel, you have to "lock" it in place, and fit the piece to the shoe. This was a bit tough at first, and required a firm surface to be sure it was in place. After a couple of tries it eased up a bit.

Then there are "leaves" that need to be trimmed down depending on heel height. 

In total, it took about ten minutes from finding the right shoes to walking out the door. When my husband inquired as to why any fashionista would ruin the look of her shoes, I had to explain that Smart Heels were meant to be worn like a raincoat – it was protective, not part of the ensemble. But once the Smart Heels were in place, he admitted that he probably never would have noticed them had I not pointed them out (then again, he is a boy, and boys care not about shoes).

Admittedly, this product is probably not as useful in Los Angeles as it would be in New York. We don't have weather here to trudge through, and no one walks anywhere. However, I can recall many occasions where I have had to stand in grass while in heels (because a little grass isn't going to force me out of my heels!). In every case, all I could think about were my heels sinking into the dirt, and hoping that they weren't ruined. Smart Heels looks to be the solution.

Smart Heels currently come in black or clear, for 3" to 4" stiletto heels. Stacie decided that these heels were the most common – and the most prone to damage. Other models are in development to fit wider heels and shorter heels – they are even developing a model for kitten heels! At around $10 a pair, it is a small price to pay to protect your shoes. After all, if you have already dropped $600 on a new pair of Manolos, you can invest another $10 to protect them!

And she swears she hasn't damaged a single pair of shoes since.

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