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Product Review – Silk Pure Coconut

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We use coconut milk quite often in our cooking. Most Indian cooking consists of a variety of recipes for coconut milk ranging from desserts to savory main courses. We usually extract thick milk from the coconut by first grating it, grinding the grated coconut, and then filtering out the milk from the husk. This extracted coconut milk ranges from a thick extract known as the “first milk” to the thin dilution in the end known as “third milk”.

This coconut milk is used for dishes like appams (thick rice pancakes), idiappams (rice string hoppers) etc. where the coconut milk is poured over the dish to let it seep through and then served for breakfast. It is also used for spicy dishes like biryani, pulav, or kurma.

When I saw the new Silk Pure Coconut, I was intrigued and I bought a carton right away thinking of the various dishes I could try with it. I can tell I was not disappointed with this. Silk Pure Coconut is a little bit thicker, kind of like the second extraction of our homemade coconut milk. The taste was mild, not too sweet, and free of any preservatives-tastes. The serving suggestion in the carton was to drink it as it is served in a glass.

I have not yet tried drinking Silk Pure Coconut as a substitute for cow’s milk but I did try a few dishes and they turned out great. Getting married into a family of foodies has given me the opportunity to taste new cuisines, try out new dishes, and love cooking. Some of the recipe ideas for using coconut milk, which is presented here, is given my father-in-law who is a big foodie and loves to try out different cuisines.

We tried Silk Pure Coconut with toasted crumpets and it was delicious. The crumpets do soak up a lot of coconut milk but it tastes even better that way. I have added some crushed cardamom and sugar to the coconut milk here. This gives a nice aroma and flavor to the dish. For a different taste, you can also try adding brown sugar or jaggery (this is available in all Indian stores) instead of regular sugar. These crumpets reminded us of the appams we usually make for breakfast.

We also tried Silk Pure Coconut on plain bread. This is one of our favorite dishes. We love the sweet taste of the bread soaked up in coconut milk. I have toasted the bread here to give it a little color but plain bread or any crusty bread also tastes delicious here, just pour over the coconut milk on a slice of bread and enjoy! Again some sugar and cardamom powder can also be added to the milk for a unique taste.

I am also sharing the photographs of another of our family favorite dishes with coconut milk, this time tried with Silk Pure Coconut. Idli (steamed rice and lentil cakes) is one of our regular breakfast dishes and we sometimes add coconut milk along with the other seasonings to the idlis for a different and delicious dish. The seasonings include mustard seeds, urad dhal (lentils), curry leaves, and broken red chilies. This is a sweet and savory dish and the coconut milk is soaked up in the idlis at least for 10 minutes before serving.




Overall my family is impressed with the Silk Pure Coconut and we are planning to get another one soon.

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