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Product Review: She Complete’s Silk Headbands

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Headbands seem to come and go through the fashion ages. I remember wearing wide, hideous lycra bands in a myriad of colors and patterns as a child. The chunky plastic headband had its revival and gave way to slender, delicate evening headbands. We won’t even discuss those braided faux-hair headbands (I cannot be the only one who was scared of these).

She Complete‘s line of headbands is anything but scary. She Complete is a new-ish accessories company started by designer Karen Cooper. Her goal was to create a line of well-made, luxurious accessories that blur the line between classic and modern, elegant and edgy.

I remember trying to use a scarf as a headband, – tied around my head with the tails peeking out from the ends of my hair. The problem was that the scarf would slip within five minutes of being tied, and I would usually give up and take the scarf out within an hour. The Kitty headband offers that same look without the struggle. The secret is the elastic band at the back of the headband. The elastic holds the headband in place snugly, but with surprising comfort.

The headband is made of lightweight silk in a brilliant array of colored stripes. The colors are intense, deeply saturated, and vividly true. The stripes seem to be the signature pattern of She Complete. You can find it on their headbands, scarves, wraps, and belts in an almost overwhelming selection of color combinations. If the striped headbands are too bold for you, there are many softer options, including florals and solids. Personally, I think the stripes add a great splash of color and texture to a simple jeans-and-tee combo.

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