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Product Review: Serenity Inara’s Shuttle Ornament

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Fans of Firefly are familiar with Inara Serra, a well-respected companion who rents from Serenity Captain Malcolm Reynolds a shuttle for her periods of separation and for entertaining clients. The shuttle also appears in the film Serenity, when Inara returns to the outlaws for help.

Dark Horse Deluxe has been releasing a line of products based on the Serenity properties including graphic novels, two variations of the Serenity ornament, a PVC set, and a Zippo lighter. In appreciation for the enthusiasm of Serenity fans, Dark Horse has now released Serenity Inara’s Shuttle Ornament as a companion piece to the Serenity and Reaver ornaments.

Just like the Serenity ornament before it, Inara’s Shuttle Ornament comes packaged in a box and fitted in Styrofoam for its protection. The ornament can be displayed two ways: it comes with a base, which means you place it on a stand, or there is a tiny gold screw in the top of the ornament that allows you to hang it from the hook on a shelf or on a tree at holiday time to simulate flying.

As with the previous ornaments, Inara’s Shuttle is a cold cast resin which is nicely detailed and is a very accurate depiction of the shuttle. The only thing I would have liked to have seen with the shuttle is to have the wings actually fold in just as they did in the show and movie. I’m also glad it’s not to scale with the Serenity ornament; otherwise the ornament would only be about a half-inch long.

However since this is a collector's piece, most of these purchased are being stored away for future sale, and since the ornament is limited to only 5,000 pieces it might be valuable in the future. If you haven’t gotten yours yet and intend to do so, better get moving before they’re all gone. Mine is proudly displayed on my desk at work and you’ll get Inara’s Shuttle when I’m dead and gorram buried. Needless to say I’m glad I’ve got my ornament and hope Dark Horse will produce other Serenity properties.

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