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Product Review: Sennheiser PX 210 BT

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Are headphones just headphones or is there really a difference?

Some people can hear the ever-slight differences between headphones. To me, I think they are all good. However, I found the new Sennheiser PX 210 BT headphones to be exceptional.

What did I like about them?

For starters, the headphones work off of Bluetooth 2.0 technology and are completely wireless. So it you’re cleaning the house or just relaxing in the living room while the kids are running around screaming, you can put on your Sennheiser PX 210 BT and everything but the music disappears.

Next, the PX 210 BT folds up nicely into a compact portable case and are convenient while traveling on an airplane. Although they are not “noise canceling” headphones, they do block out the external noise. I received a loaner review copy of the headphones and brought them with me on a recent trip to Ft. Lauderdale. Although I couldn’t use the Bluetooth, they come with a wire that you can plug into any airplane — including Jet Blue — to watch television or listen to Sirius XM.

The other good thing about traveling, especially if you travel to Europe, the headphones come with a series of international plugs so that you can charge them any where.

In addition, I liked the fit of the PX 210 BT. They fit snugly over my head and over my ears. I found the soft cushion to be particularly comfortable.

The sound was extraordinary. I felt as though the band could have been right in front of me. I could hear every note and every instrument clearly.

What didn’t I like?

For starters, I didn’t know when I would use them besides being at home or on the plane. I typically use my headphones for exercise and I certainly couldn’t see myself at the gym or running with the PX 210 BT on.

Although they fit into a small pouch, the pouch was way bigger than my ear bud headphones, which I could slip into my jean pocket. These are bigger and bulkier.

I liked that they also had a volume control on the headphones and you could also advance tracks for your music. However, this only seems to work when they are wireless.

In addition, any device you decide to use with the PX 210 BT needs to be compatible with the Bluetooth 2.0 technology. If they aren’t, you will not be able to use the Bluetooth.

They weren’t cheap. When I did a Bing and Amazon search, I found that the cost of the headphones were $150 – $160. For the average consumer using headphones with their iPods or MP3 players, I wasn’t really sure if they were worth the cost unless you really had an ear for music.

All in all, I enjoyed listening to my music through the Sennheiser PX 210 BTs. I particularly enjoyed the freedom to listen without cords handing around my neck. I loved that feature and wonder why more headphones aren’t like that. The worst part, I have to return them. So it’s back to the dangling wires and such for me.

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  • I Just started using these headphones. I read your review before buying them. Great review. My only problem is that for 200 dollars, they are made really cheap. Maybe they aren’t but they sure do feel that way