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Product Review: Sears Kenmore Elite Washer and Dryer

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In March of 2006 I decided to splurge on a top-of-the-line washer and dryer. I use Consumer Reports regularly and I research anything I’m about to buy months before purchase. When I researched the Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer and Dryer, I read nothing but fantastic reports.

When I got to Sears, I asked to see the washer and dryer I’d been salivating over for months. I saw the washer and dryer on a pedestal and I almost fainted. They were actually pretty in addition to being energy efficient! I was even more ecstatic when I saw the Canyon Capacity washer. You could fit an entire sleeping bag in that thing!

In my current washer, I was up to eight loads of laundry per week. My fantasy was that I could cut that down to four loads with this beautiful set. I spent more money than I should have on the washer and dryer. Final cost: $1500. I declined the extended service plan; after all, Consumer Reports says most extended warranties are for suckers. Plus, the Kenmore name was behind them, not to mention the Sears name.

Two months after I was in possession of my luxurious washer and dryer, the washer began beeping and emitting an error code. The code meant nothing to my owner’s manual or me. I called a technician. He repaired whatever problem it was and wished me well. Five months later, it began displaying a new error code. I called the technician who repaired it without speaking. I should have known something was amiss.

At the thirteen-month mark, one month outside of the manufacturer’s warranty, it began cycling randomly through its water temperature levels. It was like Russian roulette. I never knew which temperature I was going to get. In addition to having several laundry mishaps due to the variable water temperature, the washer began beeping incessantly. I had to add a second door to the laundry area so I could simultaneously sleep and wash a load of clothes.

I called Sears and received the proverbial runaround. I was encouraged to buy the $129 extended service plan. I refused on principle because I had purchased the top-of-the-line model and did not expect further problems. Sears said it couldn’t help me unless I paid the $95 service call. I told them to forget it; I’d live with the beeping and the crazy water temperature.

I did not know the beeping was about to herald a worse problem. The washer actually refused to wash my clothes. I looked on line and discovered thousands of people having the exact same problem with these washers. The FixYa guy indicated that we all needed a new Interface Relay and that a technician would have to come out.

I contacted Sears about the “known defect” since so many people were having the same problem. They reported that statistically it was not a “known defect” and they were therefore not responsible for the problem. I demanded a free technician. They refused.

I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint. Sears responded by sending out a technician for free. Sears called to set up the event – a five-hour window on one of my working days. I agreed to take the time off work and made sure they knew all symptoms pointed to a problem with the Interface Relay.

The technician showed up and diagnosed it with, “You need a new Interface Relay.” I said, “I know.” He said, “I have to order the part and you need to pay me before I can order the part.” I said, “What? I told them about this two weeks ago!” The poor technician just shrugged. I tried to contact the customer service representative, but surprisingly enough, I could not reach her. I ended up shelling out $170 for the part.

After I took another day off work for the five-hour window of repair service, the technician told me on the sly, “Buy the warranty. These things are going to go bad every year.” I was horrified that I’d have to pay the extortion fee of $129 a year on something I’d paid $800 for 15 months previously.

I did not buy the warranty. I am an idiot. I should know when to just take my tube of Vaseline and go home.

Today is the anniversary of my possession of the washer and dryer. The dryer has decided it won’t run unless I stand there and hold the “start” button. I went online, and guess what? Thousands of people are having the same trouble.

I called Sears and bought a three-year extended warranty for both. This made for an additional $600 price tag to insure I won’t have to pay the parts, labor, and service charge to have a technician come out to my home to repair my “luxury” items.

I will never buy another product from Sears again as long as I live. The entire customer service process is laughable. I will encourage all and sundry to stay away from any Kenmore product, and if they simply must buy that brand, they absolutely must pay the extortion fee – otherwise known as their Master Service Plan. That is the price you must pay for a Sears product in my humble and dissatisfied opinion.

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  • Cory

    I absolutely hate my $1400 Kenmore Elite Steam dryer. The chime at its loudest setting is barely audible; the design of the filter is horrible. I cannot put anything in it that has a drawstring because the filter edge grabs ahold of the string and keeps the item hooked onto it throughout the balance of the cycle. As this now attached clothing item twirls around with each revolution, other items get entangled. When I open the dryer, I have a bundle of stretched out, twisted up clothes all married together.

  • Mad

    We bought the Kenmore elite Oasis set –washer and dryer. Within 6 months we paid the labor for a new circuit board in the washer. Right after the warranty expired the whole “computer board went bad and we were told it would cost more than $700.00 to replace it. The tech said that even if we replaced it the board would probably fail again within a yer and we should buy a “protection plan”. We told him to forget it and junked the washer and bought another brand. Over
    $ 2,000.00 down the drain. The dryer has problems with sensing the dryness of the clothes and we have learned to use the time setting for the dryer time rather than use any of the automatic features. Recently we keep geting Error codes and the dryer stops. We reset the dryer code and start over. We also will never buy another appliance from Sears.

  • kat

    urg, I have both kenmore washer and dryer and urg!, My washer has broke and been repaired once already by sears and cost about $200 (the washer only cost $500!). When that happened they also tryed to push the protection/repair plan but we refussed. They are almost 3 years old and my washer has started to rust, there is a huge pile of rust under my washer and it sounds like I am trying to wash a car in there (the amount of noise and jumping its doing now). I will not make the same mistake! Not buying a kenmore or from Sears!

  • disgusted buyer

    I never thought it was possible to hate inanimate objects as much as I do the Kenmore Elite washer and drier I purchased 2 years ago at Sears for a cost of $1800. The drier had to be completely replaced while still under warranty, and I have had repairmen out 3 times to repair the washer for one problem or another (Sears won’t replace the washer until you’ve had 4 repairs and the washer is deemed “not repairable”). To add insult to injury, the washer does a TERRIBLE job of getting clothes clean, no matter what cycle I put it through. Plus, this “energy efficient” washing machine (read, no water in the normal cycle) takes 1 1/2 hours to run if you use fabric softener and want an extra rinse. My front-loading Maytag lasted for 15 years, and washed my clothes beautifully, but I that particular model was discontinued. If you want clean clothes and a reliable washer and drier, DO NOT buy a Kenmore. I am tempted to put mine out on the street and just bite the bullet and buy new products……this time from Maytag or Whirlpool.

    • pjb

      I looked at this too yesterday, 12/1/13. – Kenmore Elite top-load HE, 31523. What model is yours?

  • davenbill

    We bought a front loading Sears Elite washer and dryer($1800 each!) in 2010 based on having a 1990’s Kenmore that wouldn’t die. We bought the warranty(thank God) These machines are the worst. The washer floods the laundry room at least twice a month. We’ve been told it was our fault: too much detergent, don’t wash 3 beach towels, just 2, and we’ve had the door seal changed twice and the electronic control board changed twice on the washer and once on the dryer. This weekend we put a drain pan under the washer which prevents us from opening the drawer on the pedestal. As for the dryer: the lint filter deforms and snags straps and belt loops and has damaged some clothes. We’ve changed it 3 times in three years. The only fix that works is to duct tape over the filter.Since the 3 year service contract is up we’re looking for replacements. Its so bad I may take these out in the desert and shoot them.
    P.S. The service man said these units were made by LG for Sears and suggested we next time buy a Whirlpool product since they used to make Kenmore machines.

  • mwvddv

    My wife and I bought a Sears Kenmore Elite 2011 washer and dryer for our new home. In just over two years we have a lot of rust all around the bleach dispenser and the finish is coming off. Also rust all along the edge of the inner lip of the washer. It looks horrible and is obviously a defect in materials. After calling Sears warranty department and being transferred 4 times, I was told it was covered, then it wasn’t covered, then it was and finally that it wasn’t and that they wouldn’t do anything about it. For all the money we spent for the washer and dryer and extended warranty I will never buy anything from Sears again.

    • nomdeplume

      I have same issue. Have you found a solution to fixing this unsightly problem?

    • Sue

      I have the same problems. I hate Sears and Kenmore products now.
      We are going today to buy a Speed Queen. I’ve had the Kenmore Elite HE for a year and a half and it won’t clean our clothes. No hot water. Takes over an hour, sometimes two, to get through the cycle. Miserable machine. I’ve hated it since the month I brought it home. I wish I’d returned it right then, when I could have received a refund. Customer service was useless, helpless, and unconcerned.

  • sst

    I just purchased a Kenmore Elite dryer – two weeks ago. Today it quit on me. Called Sears and got the usual rigmarole and was duly disconnected. Called again and was told that the earliest a technician could come is Monday of next week! That’s six days from now. In the meantime, the dryer is full of damp clothes. Not impressed one bit by the Kenmore Elite Dryer, nor Sears customer service.

    • Pissed off at Sears/Kenmore

      I ‘m having an issue with my Kenmore Elite dryer. It will run any of the drying cycles if I disconnect the 6 pin ribbon cable behind the touch control board and then reconnect it.

  • Cindy

    Well my Kenmore Elite Washer was working perfectly when I received a notice to call a 1-800# to get a mandagtory upgrade. My best quess was that this was needed due to a poor design. Nervous that my house my catch on fire, if I did not allow them to upgrade, I scheduled the appt. The Sears repairman came and upgraded the software on my washer and guess what happened…yes, now I have all the issues mentioned above. I start the wash cycle and with every load I get the UE error. There is no way to fix the issue. I have called and they now are going to have to schedule anotherf appt to see what can be done. UNBELIEVABLE! You finally get something that works and Sears sends someone to your home to BREAK IT!

  • Ed

    Our 796.2927 washer literally blew up in our laundry room, putting a hole in the wall and destroying the laundry tub. 1 1/2 years old. Any bets on Sears standing by this destruction?

  • Sad in Jax

    Not alone we have the stinky problem since we bought the washer 2 yrs ago, now the problem is washer will not drain and we have to wait close to a month for them to fix the problem,its not fair since we have sears maintenace service, wake up sears we pay to have our products fix not to make our problems worse. we learned a hard lesson Never buy from sears again, products are not what we are told at the moment of purchase. DON’T BUY KENMORE PRODUCTS!!!!

  • swm

    No sears Kenmore elite for us…..
    redid the kitchen w/all Kenmore top of the line appliances. Great sales people!!! dishwasher, washer and dryer/refriderator, cook top, oven, microwave….all crap…all!!!.some returned some repaired..some still broke…top of the line bull shit… horrible to get them fixed even w/service agreements… such a disappointment…never again Sears..all our friends and potential customers will know…

  • CB

    Bought a brand new Kenmore Elite washer and dryer front-loaders, biggest baddest bells and whistles I’ve ever seen on a contraption. I took off from work to wait for the delivery guy on the day they told me they would have it to my house, and he never showed. I called sears around 5:00 PM and the “kid” that answered the phone said “You mean, no one called you and told you we weren’t coming today?” … uh… duh?! He told me that it “had been hit by a forklift or something” and they had to order a new one. I asked to speak to a manager. Same story – sounded like a 15 year old who knew absolutely nothing – kept calling me “dude” and “man”. I asked if they could deliver on Saturday, since I wasn’t about to lessen my paycheck further by taking off another day of work (which could have been avoided had they let me know they weren’t delivering early in the day). He told me they would “try and work something out” and I corrected him “you will work something out” Got the machines in on Saturday. At first I was impressed with the performance – until the second load in the dryer. The guy who installed this steam-dryer decided it wasn’t important to correctly ground it, so it a burst of blue sparks and smoke (not a fire hazard at all in a house I moved into a few months ago) it was dead. They replaced the dryer and sent two guys out to put it in. They were both so slight in build, I had to help them lift and set the dryer in place (isn’t there a requirement that you have to be able to lift a certain amount to do this stuff?) Then they had to borrow my power drill because they “forgot to charge” theirs. They got it installed, and smooth sailing from there… for about 40 days. The dryer alarmed out and the drum wouldn’t turn and the machine would shut off. This morning I got ALL of my money returned for the dryer, and they are coming to pick it up Friday (I will probably have to help them load it again if they send the same two guys.) I understand faulty equipment – but when you destroy a dryer with a forklift, forget to ground the replacement, and then deliver a third lemon… as the saying goes, three strikes and you’re out. I will NEVER do business with Sears again. I’m going to pick up a non-matching dryer from a competitor. I’m a business man that is responsible for a quality product leaving my facility every time. If we mess up, I fix it. That’s business. That’s how you keep people coming back even if you make mistakes – FIX IT FAST AND FAIRLY, and people remember you. Companies like Sears are broken from the top level of management all the way down to the delivery guys. Every step of the way, I dealt with unprofessional, inexperienced, and ill-equipped people who were not qualified or motivated to do what they are supposed to do. If we ran our business that way, we wouldn’t deserve to stay open – neither should Sears. At least pretend to care… or find something else to do.

  • Sandy

    We also bought a Kenmore Elite washer and dryer and, except for the washer deposiiting rust on my favorite clothes on a random basis after 4 years, they have been OK. If you really want to experience lemons, try GE….our first GE refrigerator lasted over 25 years. The new one has had one problem after the other. We bought the extended warranty in self defense. As someone else mentioned, none of the appliances manufactured these days last like they used to …..they are almost all made in China and are junk.

  • Aytac Ercen

    Sears customer since 1974.
    Bought nothing but Sears Appliances.

    Kenmore ELite H3, and H4. Problems within days of warranty expiring.

    Washer needs a new logic board. $750 plus labor!!!
    Dryer throws error codes right and left.
    There are known problems with one, I am surprised no one took the initiative to file a class action suit.
    Sears no longer the Seas we knew. They stand behind nothing,

    Another American Icon on the way to self destruction.Like GM, Kodak, AIG, American Airlines, Pan Am etc.

    That is why you are seeing LG, Samsung appliances all over the place.

    They did it to themselves.

    Try calling Sears Corporate see if they care. Let me save you the trouble. Don’t even bother. Theyu will be of no help. They flat out don’t give a rat’s a$$ anymore. They know they are on the way out…and so it goes.

  • Thanks SH (post #14) for some good information. For the record, what manufacturer(s) do you recommend to your customers? which ones do you steer them away from?

  • Gary Manis

    People, Sears doesn’t manufacture anything. They don’t even design these appliances. They are designed by other companies and manufactured in the same plants that make the other brands. The old appliances that lasted for 50 years were designed and built in the US. The appliances we buy today are not. Most are designed to operate flawlessly for 8 to 10 years and then fail. Yes, that’s right, fail on schedule. It’s called Planned Obsolescence. Cheers!

  • Bonnie

    I’m so sorry to hear such horrible things. I was exactly like most here. In 2006, my washer and dyer were old (1967 &1971 repectfully). I wanted a new set. Did alot of research, and ended up buyer the Kenmore elite set.
    Still to this day I absolutely love them. They have been moved four times and I haven’t had one single problem with either of them.
    I would purchase again. Thanks Kenmore!

  • Patrick

    Called sears told them I wanted Kenmore washer and dryer out of my house or it would be in their parking lot …its 7 mo old paid 1700 for the set been serviced three times already…sears agreed to even exchange for different brand name….BE AGGRESSIVE! Good luck

  • Patrick

    Lets riot and burn every sears….

  • Glenn Contrarian

    I’ve owned a Kenmore HE4T washer and dryer for almost ten years. Being a foster parent for medically fragile children, we normally wash an average of at least two loads per day. Do the math – two loads per day for nearly ten years – that’s at least 7000 cycles. We’ve had to call in a repairman twice, both times for what turned out to be minor fixes. I’m still using them today as I type this.

    I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth!

  • Becky Ellis

    I have owned my Kenmore washer for 18 months and the BEARING IS ALREADY GOING OUT. They want to charge me $285 to fix it and cannot come out for 3 weeks. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING. I will not buy another Kenmore anything. They are not what they used to be.

  • Andrew

    I bought a Kennmore Elite Top loader model 796.2900 in Jan. of 2012 and started having problems with it in April. The bleach would not completly dispense. I called Sears out several times and they denied that there was any bleach left in the dispenser. I put a ruined shirt sleve in the bleach dispenser after a cycle had finished and the Service tech and I both watched as the sleve bleached out. He would not adimit that there was bleach.
    I finally had to contact Comsumer Affairs in the state of California since the machine was still under manufacture warranty. Sears refuses to admit that there is a problem with the machine but Consumer Affairs have contacted them and not until then was Sears willing to work with me. It takes more time to do a load than with my 20 year old machine that is still working perfectly. Sears sells JUNK in my opinion. Why they have decided to sell junk is beyond me. They were a top of the line appliance store and now they don’t even have a good customer service or honest tech’s.

  • Malcolm and Mary

    We bought a washer top of the line Elite four years ago in Kingsto, Ontario. It has been down 7, that’s right, seven times. Of course you wait ten to fourteen days for them to repair the machine.
    We finally went into Sears and complained and we were so pissed off we bought another waswher, “agitator type” We were given no break in price and they really were not too interested in helping me. They finally said they would give me a five year warrenty for free on the new washer and I agreed. Then they had the bloody gall to phone me this morning and offer to sell me insurance . I warn you all DO NOT BUY ANY OF SEARS PRODUCTS. THEY ARE SHEER JUNK! AND LIARS TO BOOT!

  • Trustme

    I had the same problem started 3 years . And the problem got worse recently, paid and replaced the control board today. Make: Kenmore Elite Oasis; Model: 110.27042603. That’s obviously due to the original problem from the manufactory, but I had to pay for it. This washer is the worst one that I have ever used.

    Suggestion: keep away form the products of Kenmore.

  • louisa

    My Kenmore is completely defunct after 15mo. I just had a technician come out and look at it. The mother board is bad. I have to pay $500.00 wait an extra week for the part and another day off work to get it fixed. I cannot believe that something that is that costly is completely defunct within 15 mo. I keep getting the same thing from the people at Sears….you should have bought the extended warranty. I am totally offended that this is their customer service. Seriously? Now I know that the extended service warranty means, our product sucks so youre going to pay more either now or later. I will NEVER EVER!!!!! shop at Sears again. I am contemplating not fixing my machine and taking a total loss on it and going somewhere else to purchase something that will actually work.
    Shame on Sears, shame on Kenmore.

  • Peggy

    We just purchased Kenmore Eite top-loading washer Model 796.2900. Everytime we put a load of clothes on to wash, we have to rebalance about 3 times during the cycle. This is very aggravating.

  • Lisa

    I just purchased the set Kenmore Elite with 3yr PA. Delivery date May 14, 2012. Now I am seriously considering canceling the delivery. I also have to wonder if it is just the Kenmore product or all products…and is this what we the consumers have to look forward to in the future.

  • Kim

    My husband & I made the mistake of purchasing the Kenmore Elite washer & dryer Feb 2006….We’ve replaced the mother board after much frustration trying to wash clothes & constantly getting error code f06. Inside the metal casing is a manual of code of errors for “technicians only”. Disconnect ALL POWER!! remove front bottom panel, it should be taped/enclosed in plastic envelope on side wall…Now we had to disassemble entire washer to find the bearing had blown out literally!!!! the SS tub was slapping around shredding the “front” piece of plastic tub-$135 to replace…Rear plastic tub piece which houses the bearings that blew out & its ALL ONE piece-$390-$435, depending upon which place we buy parts!!There’s much more but you get the point—DO NOT BUY KENMORE. Sears tried to tell me I couldn’t get parts unless I paid $319.99 & had their technician diagnose problem…SEARS really should recall these machines-THEY ARE LEMONS

  • Rachel

    Kenmore Elite Canyon Washer&Dryer (High Energy Efficient) …. DOES NOT CLEAN THE CLOTHES …. beeps all the time ….. hate hate hate this product ….. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT BUY ……. Water consumption has not gone down as claimed by “shower” effect instead of soaking clothes …. DO NOT BUY.

  • John

    Oops, first sentence above should have read: Wife and I bought a Kenmore top loader washing machine and matching dryer in 1988.

  • John

    Wife and I bought a Kenmore top loader washing machine and matching dryer in 1998. Both were made by Whirlpool (model code 110). Washer stopped its high speed spin Jan 2010. Debated for a few days to fix or throw out. Wife gave me 7 days. Diagnosed as a failed transmission, I bought a rebuild for $125, installed and been running fine for 2 years. This is the first and only problem with our 23+ year old Whirlpool made Kenmore units. Even though the washer is a resource hog the clothes get clean. And from the other side I’ve kept a lot of material out of a landfill by fixing. Based on all the heartache I read here I’ll keep running and if need be fixing them as long as possible. I also encourage readers to visit Appliance Parts Pros or Repair Clinic, many times you can diagnose problems and fix yourself. Over the past two years I’ve repaired the washing machine, 7 year old Whirlpool refrigerator (circuit board caused frig lighting to all go out), ignitor in our 7 year old Maytag oven, and broken spring on the door of our 16 year old Maytag dishwasher.

  • cyndi

    i have a kenmore elite washer front loader it is a piece of crap it has had more service then my old washers combined

  • Shelby

    Bought Kenmore Elite Washer, Oasis HE. I’m 65 Yrs. old, so with four children plus, I’ve washed some clothes. Finally in 2007 we bought my FIRST brand new , we thought top of the line washer for $1,200.This is the worst excuse for quality there ever could be! The Day after the so called warrenty ran out, I had to push with all my mite to make each selection. It could take up to 10 min. just to make it start. Now I use handle of wooden spoon to press (touch) pads ! Heaven Forbid it does the self leveling trick. If I let it Go, it would seriously bust out my walls. It can take all day to wash a load of clothes. It is just two of us so it has Not been abused. It is A HUGE Piece of CRAP. Going to get my baseball Bat!!! I called Sears (finally) to see if they would take it back, and give me a deal for a refurbished or something, But your just out of luck. The people listen to complaints nicely, but THAT’S ALL You will get! OH, they will send service tech. etc. etc. which will cost about what a new machine would when they get though with you! $1,200.00 SHAME ON YOU SEARS!!!!! Things like this may be why Sears is Going Down!

  • vera

    Actually the top loaders are 10 years old.

  • vera

    just got the kenmore elite steam washer and dryer Feb 6th 2011 and delivered Feb 9th. This has been the most tramatic experience in my life. First the washer went. we was without one for 4 or 5 days. They delivered one that belonged to someone else 3.5 istead of 4.5 washer so nowwehave a loaner off the floor and the dryer has no heat now.
    They are up on pedastals cause of a back problem I have and going for surgery. Now we need both replaced. Sears knows how to make you feel better on the phone promising you they will take care of the problem. The real problem is the machines they are building now are crap from the manufacturer. why do we need to purchase extra coverage. I have used Kenmore for years and never had a problem. Still have old top loaders in my other house that are about 8 years old and they are still going. New is not always better. What to do ? You think LG is a better deal ?

  • frank

    i will never buy anything else from sears

  • Patti

    I do not trust Consumers Reports anymore after spending so much money on top of the line appliances reccomended by them and I also have had nothing but problems with Kenmore Elite appliances.

  • Linda

    Purchased my Kenmore Elite Top-Loading Washer 3 months ago and it DOES NOT get clothes clean! I would most definitely go back to an agitator when this one bites the dust, but at approx. $1000, I would hope to get my money’s worth. Never again!

  • valerei

    hi!! we bougth a kenmore elite front loader washer and dryer a year ago.it was probably the most expensive of all the washer and dryer that were there. sad to say i wish i can return it!!! very dissappointed!! the washer continuously puts stains on my clothes. there are blue slash like dots all over my shirts. i dont know how many i had to throw away. well now i’m keeping them for them to see. i’m putting up a fight now…i want a new washer!!! has anyone had this problem??? please let me know.

  • Mike Martin

    Just FYI, most all of the Kenmore washers are made by Whirlpool. We got one of their Cabrios 3 years back, and are now seeing bearing problems with it. I expect the control panel problems to follow.

    It kind of seems like the lesson to be learned here is to get the cheapest, simplest, largest washer you can find since the expensive ones are junk right out of the box.

  • Elisha B

    Sears will NEVER get another dime from myself, my friends, family, Facebook Friends, and Blog readers again. I purchased a refrigerator on November 28th 2011 and cancelled due to the fact I was gifted one by a friend. I cancelled my order on December 3rd 2011. I have called numerous times and have spoken to managers that have told me anything from “It has been sent out” to “It hasn’t even been cancelled.” The refrigerator was never delivered the money was taken from my account and I cant even get a clear answer as to where my refund is. BUYERS BEWARE AND SHOP ELSE WHERE PLEASE. It is the Holiday season and I am out of $500 dollars until SEARS can see it in there heart to Refund me.

  • Beth

    I have had it with Sears products and their so called service!! I brought 5 appliances 2 yrs. ago. Only 1 was not brought from Sears. I have had repairmen ( I have the maintenance agreements on most of the appliances) here 4x for the ice maker (he is coming this Weds.) and 3 times for my dishwasher, as I just made another appt. To add to the frustration, I have to wait an average of 4 weeks to get someone out here!!! This is ridiculous! I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS AGAIN AND I ADVISE YOU NOT TOO ALSO!!!!

  • cmjake

    Kenmore is not what it used to be. Be forewarned about appliances and service. Steer clear. A word to the wise…. I would only buy Kenmore but the latest crop has failed terribly. Needed to just replace a washing machine and dishwasher after less than 5 years. My brother had less than 2 years on his dishwasher and customer service was so useless he bought another dishwasher. Threw money down that drain! CAREFUL!

  • Gloria

    DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!! This washing machine is HORRIBLE problem after problem after problem. It just recently began making a sound like someone angrily banging on a door. It sounds like a helicopter in your house! I haven’t even finished paying it off, and Sears is of no help at all, they refuse to help me in any way.

    Awful waste of money, disgusted with Sears for even selling this garbage.

  • Jacksmom

    Late, but just reading this. I had same (almost exact except different appliance) experience with over range microwave that was very expensive to buy and install. Vowed never to shop at sears again! Good for you for posting.
    Only if consumers begin fighting back will these companies get the message.

  • Katy

    AND the clothes get tangled and shredded in this GREAT innovative machine

  • Katy

    SAME issues with this stin’k washer…….I too thought I was buying it for life..one year later the issues began…cracked tub…randon beeping….buttons work SOMETIMES if you are having a lucky day…get ONE wash setting, can not select anythimg else – piece of junk…only reason I replaced my 20 year old Kenmore was it was OLD and I wnted a newer looking machine – BIG MISTAKE…..oh it is also rusting

  • diane s

    Dont ever purchase the Kenmore Elite Dryer!
    WHAT A MISTAKE AND A VERY EXPENSIVE ONE! This thing has gotten louder and louder. It Shakes and Bangssss so much now; I feel it is a safety issue as this thing is gas! We wont use it anymore; we are afraid that the gas line with come lose or shake right off of the dryer!
    I am forced to purchase a new dryer again. What a waste of money on this thing. I will NEVER purchase Kenmore again! This dryer is so loud””’My neighbor can hear it.

  • Peggy

    Hello my fellow sears suckers! I too have bought top of line kenmore elite washer and dryer pair. MANY trips to laundry mat. Within the past 6 yrs of owning them i have had service 6 times on the washer and now the dryer is dead. Not only have I had routine service every other month in order to use my washer I have to give it the good ole FONZI slam on the right side to get it to lock in only for it to stop 1/2 way through the load with a lovely f11 code and i have to give it another FONZI slam, that is if I notice it otherwise I go to get the clothes out to put in the dryer (if IT works) to find that the clothes are not done washing. SO if you are debating whethor or not to buy from Sears DONT!

  • marisa

    Point is they just don’t make things like they used to. Everything is crap and we the consumer have no choice but to buy it. I agree warrantys are for suckers BUT these days with the way they make things….(overseas not in AMERICA) we have no choice. Either way it’s going to cost us you the consumer just have to decide which you would rather do spend your money up front with a warranty or wait and spend it with a technician. Sorry ya’ll just how it is these days.

  • lori

    I’ve had machine for four years and having same problems. I have already replaced the sensor board for four hundred dollars and it is gone again!!!! Never again!!!

  • Norwood

    I have never been so dissatisfied in a company in I couldn’t tell you when. I’ve had a technician to my home 4 times since I bought in a year ago. 2 times in a week. Same problem over and over again and of course they can’t find any problem with my Kenmore Elite Washer. Its flooded my utility room several times. So many I’ve lost count. Yet they still tell me nothing is wrong with it. We bought the extended warranty thank goodness. I read up on Consumer Report before purchasing this set. Saw no bad reports so I thought we had made a good choice. We were so wrong. Please check comments before you buy, it would have saved me a lot of trouble.

  • Penny

    Sound slike the same thing I am going though with Wjirlpool! I bought a washer from Menards a front loader whirlpool brand. Within one year of owningit it starting to be really loud when spinning so called they sent a repair man out to look at my washer, he says need an outer and inner tub kit so orders them and so a couple weeks later a new repair man shows up says we don’t need both tub kits so only puts an outer tub kit in and 5 months later I am back to the noisy washer call them agai itis out of warranty and we didn’t buy extended warranty so they just have been nothing but rude! I call my local reparman out he looks at it and tells me $700 to repair this! The washer cost $450!!!! He tells me because only one tub kit and not both being replaced threw the berrings out and to replace the berrings $700 so my washer is 1 1/2 hardly that and now looking for a new one! A extended warranty is totally ridiculous these appliance manufacturers need to have pride in what they build and quit soaking us out of money! I will never buy another Whirlpool product have been loyal to them for 37 yrs no more!!! They are the rudest most awful people! They just take you money and throw u under the bus!!!

  • Joe

    When our electric dryer died, we decided we’d replace it with a new gas dryer. After ordering the dryer plus installation, we found out at delivery that the installation quoted was just to hook up the dryer (plug it in, attach the gas line and vent). Based on the price, we assumed it was to run the gas line (the three feet required). They never asked us about the gas line, and when the delivery men came, they said they couldn’t run it and we needed to pay an additional $385 or call a plumber to do it. My plumber ran the line for $225 and when I called back to try to get them to deliver again and waive their “installation fee” I went through their phone maze seven times. Each time at the end of the maze when I finally got a live person, when they transferred me to the department to handle the issue, it was a dead line. On the eighth call, I told them that I was cancelling the order and asked for a refund. It’s interesting that the charge for the dryer was done immediately and the credit for the return was to take 2-3 weeks (it was actually 22 days). It was also $200 short!

  • Alexanddria Jackson

    Well, I bought another extortion plan. The Lear Jet sound was a bad ball bearing. Had to order (and wait for) three new washer drums because the bearing is part of it due to some design flaw. Why 3? because the first two arrived cracked. That’s right, water everywhere.

  • Thomas

    Alexandra, Melinda, Sugar, and the rest of you folks,

    Thanks for this blog Alexandra I am right there with you, and I to will never buy anything from Sears again.

    Melinda – Just now a few months after my “extortion plan” expired my balancing act is driving me crazy also. I too will be as you husband and will go inside for a look @ $95 a call, I am sure that I can find what is broken. Did he find the problem?

    Sugar- Costco has the best warranties available at no extra cost. Whirlpool is one brand they sell (not that I am endorsing Whirlpool). I am looking at the cheaper model without all the electronics’ as Lucky is suggesting.

    Back to basic is my new motto from this point onward.

  • Sugar

    *sorry, I meant h.e. TOP loaders, not front loaders

  • Sugar

    Oh… And actually gets clothes clean without ripping them to shreds like some of the he front loaders do…

  • Sugar

    Ok so in all reality….nowadays, what washer and dryer set should be the best bang for the buck? Least problems, highest durability, longest lasting…etc

  • R. Lawrence

    I am looking for a good front loading large capacity washer an dryer. It sure looks like Kenmore is OUT! I am considering Bosch or LG, but anyone have any suggestions? Any one have a simple, non-digital large capacity front loader? Would appreciate input.

  • melinda jewell

    So, just to humor me…does anyone know what part is needed for the Spin Cycle sounding like a Lear Jet….and going Unlevel constantly??? With mine it doesn’t matter if there is 1 towel, 2 towels, or 6. It doesn’t matter if I’m only washing socks and undies, or blue jeans….and Sears told me it would wash a King Sized Comforter….IT WON’T!! I was pleased the first 6 months….then it went to pot!! Before my first year was up, Sears had to replace a part in the washer…it really really sucks!!

  • melinda jewell

    HHHUUUMMMM….I’ve had many of the same problems. Note to those willing or able to work on things yourself. My husband ordered a motherboard for my dryer off of ebay…cost him $50. and he installed it himself. Sears tried to convince him only they could fix it, with their own part….a cost of over $300. He asked, Is my Dryer under warranty?? They said, NO….he said, don’t tell me I can’t work on my own dryer!!

  • Alexandria Jackson

    no one cares.
    oh, and my washer spin cycle now sounds like a lear jet. woo hoo. Go Sears!

  • Lucky Enough

    I’ve had three sets of Kenmore washers & dryers with the first two sets lasting over 20 years each (and still going fine when i replaced them) and then the third set (oasis) at a vacation home now going on eight years with no problems. I have now had new Elite HE’s and will be buying the Service Agreement just because I don’t think any appliance is built to last anymore. The nicest thing that was ever said to me by an appliance service technician was to stay away from anything that wasn’t mechanical (like with knobs) and stay completely away from anything with a circuit board as those are the appliances with all the problems. It makes sense because electical boards don’t mix very well with the heat and water environment that washers & dryers exist in. Hard to find those “low” end appliances these adys but it’s probably a good piece of advice. Unfortuantely, we all love those bells and whistles so much that we don’t heed this man’s good advice, including me. So just let the buyer beware, I think all the new manufacturers have the same issues so I’m not necessarily thinking this is a problem with Sears. I have a two year old top of the line Frigidaire refrigerator that I’d like to shoot for all the problems that I’ve had with it.

  • Barry

    Wow. 8 loads per week. We don’t do 8 loads in a month. Maybe you are wearing the machines out. Do you run a Hotel?

  • brampteeboy in brampton,ontario

    Hey Alexandia. Im sorry, but that was so, so funny! I just read your original review from 2008! I just came in from Sears with the literature the sales guy gave me on this washer! I definitely will re-think this now! Thank you!

    As a sidenote, we had an independent repair guy come to our house a while ago to diagnose our problem washer. He told us a couple of things to remember when buying our new one and many others have said it here: 1/ buy a ‘cheapo’ and no fancy shmancy top loaders with all kinds of nautical illuminated programs. He gets called to fix those all the time he said! The top loaders, not nearly as often. 2/ buy ‘direct drive’ — no belt. That is our current problem. We are washing right now on borrowed time. Every load we do sounds like Cape Canaveral, so it’s only a matter of time! Thanks again for the informative and very well written review on the Sears Can’t-more washer!

  • Criss Wahl

    I really do not recommend buying Sears appliances. They preach that they are about customer service, but I have found that not to be totally accurate. We have a large family and bought the Kenmore Elite Oasis HT from our local Sears store. In two years we have owned it, we’ve had mulitple problems with our machine. We’ve had a leaky hose, two water pumps replaced, and now waiting on a new drum and a couple of other parts that I don’t even know what they are.

    This last go around started Jan 3rd. We were told that the repair man would be here on the 27th. Until then we could take our close to the laundromat and they would reimburse us $25 a week. We easily spent more than that each week at our overpriced laundromat. Repairman arrived on the 27th and had to order mulitple parts that were back ordered at the warehouse. It was unknown when they would be available. Sears then gave us an option to rent a washer till repairs could be made. As we picked out our rental, it came to our attention that Sears would only give us $100 max on the laundromat reimbursment. Plus, if we rented a washer now, they would not reimburse for the landromat for the previous weeks. We had to pay almost $90 for a minimum of a month rental. If our washer is fixed before the month is up we are on the hook for the remaining time on the month contract.

    We have been around and around with Sears on the phone. Over $200 has been spent up front out of our pockets and not to forget our time wasted at a laundromat. We are tired of the inconvenience and spending money we can’t afford. Sears just passes us off on the phone to different people hoping we just give up. I spent over an hour the last time I called. When they get tired of you bothering them they put you on hold till finally you hang up. We also have a Kenmore microwave in the shop and a Kenmore dishwasher that has been a nightmare with problems that is again waiting for a repairman. We are now looking into a new stove and it will not be a Sears product.

  • Geri

    Wow. In 40 years I’ve owned 2 Kenmores. Worked wonderfully, little repairs. So I was going to buy an Elite because then I could wash a king sized bedspread. Since the last 2 were so good, Kenmore again. But now I’m having second thoughts. Keep my old running Kenmore when they were built to last and just wait for this one to die. My mother’s lasted 25 years at least.

  • hc0672

    I do not have the Oasis but I do own a Kenmore HE washer and dryer, frontload. I have had my set for about 3 years. I have not been impressed at all, more aggravated. I don’t know if it is just Kenmore, or if it is all HE types. They advertise that the products will pay for themselves in time, blah, blah, blah. This set cost 3 times as much as the normal top load washer/dryer, it costs more in utilities (water/electric), lifespan is a SMALL fraction of the lifespan of older models, detergent costs more, it takes 2-3 cycles to dry a small load of clothes. How is this more energy efficient? No company makes things they way they used to and as a consumer it is frustrating. You pay more for something that is “top of the line” for it to last 1/8 of the average life span. I understand the economy needs a boost, but good grief, I am ready to wash the clothes in the bath tub and hand them out to dry. They would probably dry much faster than they have been in the “HE” dryer. Then I know I would be saving money and the environment.

  • Sabrina

    I’ll say it also DON’T BUY KENMORE PRODUCTS!! I am furious!! If my grandmother decides to sell her Whirlpool washer that she’s had for 27 years with only having to replace a knob on it, I’m going to buy it! And I’m going to take this piece of crap Kenmore Elite front-load washer and use it for target practice!!!

  • William Barnes

    Well lets face it folks. Sears is making their appliances cheaper. But they are doubling their prices. It is all about the money. My mother just brought an Elete washer and it does not dry on regular spend. It also vibrates on spend at the high speed. Also on regular it takes 55 minutes to wash and dry clothes. Junk. We will not be buying any more appliances from Sears. I have a simple washer from GE and works great.

  • deda

    bought a top loader kenmore washer had an amana top loader loved it it lasted me 15 yrs have had my kenmore for about 3 mths hate it it makes so much noise when it runs spin cycle squeaks when it stops it bangs real loud water level on max only gets half full need a dryer but am not going to get a kenmore called sears they told me thats not their fault it just the way the product runs would not reccomend a kenmore to anyone would like to get rid of the one i have need new fridge and dishwasher but not a kenmore

  • Will

    Don’t get a Kenmore!!!!!! Junk Junk Junk!

  • Doug

    Oh please, SEARS doesn’t make anything! the product is made by others and the name is stuck on the face.
    You all bitch and complain!
    What kind of warranty do you put on your work? Do you do reo the faults in your work for free?
    Appliances have a limited warranty! That’s it! Want a longer warranty, PAY for it!

  • eric n. dan.

    I was a Sears Service Tech in Canada for 30 years, contracted to them for another 5 years, then will not do warranty repairs for ANY company. I have had enough.The problem is that all consumers want to pay the least possible for the best possible product.We now get what we wanted.CHEAPLY MADE PRODUCTS.As the north American and Canadian factories closed down. we cannot get the business back. People on wallmart wages will not buy sturdy well built products, they settle for cheap throw-aways now. BUT, when we do pay premium price for supposed top stuff,it is usually the cheap crap in a fancy package. Example is Electrolux Front load washers, candy apple red and the same machine as its basic $600 econobox model at $1999.00. oh yes, does it come with a 5 years complet drivetrain garantee ? no, that also will cost you extra, The manufactures are all in this together, 1 year warranty because the junk is not made to last longer. Anyway, I retired. Only buy appliances that you can afford to throw away if the repair is over $150. Make sure they have coil cooktops not glass, top mount freezers, no ice makers or filters, top load washers, do not let your ego get in the way here, go on a nice vacation with your kids with the money you save. I have had my rant. GOOD LUCK

  • Larry

    I’ve had a Kenmore Elite washer for 7 years. It is a simple machine, with no microprocessorss and no displays. It is used twice a day and has performed flawlessly. I am very lucky, I think, after rading the above.

  • josette audoire

    5 years ago I splurged and bought a Kenmore Elite washer: not only it performs poorly (the laundry is not well washed), is cheaply built but breaks down.
    The first repair cost over $300.00 for a burnt pump clogged with lint because the machine has no filter; the same problem arose 1 month after the repair. I am not looking forward for another bill.
    I have mainly expensive Kenmore appliances in my house and I would say: DO NOT BUY KENMORE APPLIANCES. Their good name is gone.
    Josette Audoire, Jasper AR

  • MN

    My wife and I bought a new house with a basement suite. My wife`s mom would live in the basement suite, and therefore we bought 2 full houses worth of brand new Sears Kenmore and Sears Maytag appliances for our house and the suite. The Sears salesman was very happy indeed. We got the HE4t washer and dryer set for ourselves, and a top load washer and base dryer for the suite (my wife`s mom preferred the older style machines). Two new bottom freezer Kenmore fridges, a new very expensive Maytag `double oven` stove etc… There were many more things too, dishwashers, built in microwaves etc… Long story short, a Kenmore fridge failed within a month of purchase (compressor fail) and was replaced under warranty. The Maytag stove kept throwing error codes for door lock failure, was fixed initially under warranty, but then the computer board failed, just out of warranty. It cost more to repair the stove than it was worth, so we gave it to a local repairman. It`s funny how with the error codes, the Sears phone number also was displayed on the stove digital screen. Like an advertisement to call only Sears to book the repair. The next fridge compressor failed next, it was fixed under warranty, (just before the warranty ended) but within 6 months the new compressor has begun to make the same clunking sounds that foretold the failure of the first compressor. Now, the bearings in the HE4t washer have begun to spew grease stains onto our clothes, and a replacement bearing set is $550.00. (You cannot buy the bearings without buying the whole rear portion of the wash tub). I will buy a new washer and dryer elsewhere… never again will I buy anything at Sears! I can`t imagine anyone buying any major appliance at Sears! Why can`t they understand that the customers they lose now will not return!

  • linda

    I too have been burned by Sears. My product was a projection screen TV.I had the warranty on the product. The warranty stipulated that if they could not repair the TV then they would replace the TV.The technician did not have the proper training to repair the TV. So he filed the claim for a new TV. The replacement TV was less quality than the one we had. I spent over a
    year and many Sears “Customer Service” representives and still did not get a comparable TV. I sent two certified letters to their legal departments and to this day they still have not responded. DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCTS FROM SEARS!

  • Alexandria Jackson

    Mr. Epps,
    Thank you so much. Glad to help.


    This is more of a request than a comment. If you would please pass this on the the writer of the article. ” I am very impressed with your review the Elite Washer, although comical I fully understand the message your are giving us. I was searching for a used washer for my dad and found this very washer for only $275 which i thought was a great deal. Thanks to your article and Blogcritics I know not go near this product. Believe me when I say that If I had the money you deserve to have the washer of your choice paid for by the people your article has helped. Thanks again for taking the time to help out fellow consumers.”

    Norman Epps
    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Alexandria Jackson

    156 – BATMAN
    Your math, IQ and vocabulary all need to be cleaned. Might I recommend the Kenmore Elite?

  • Gary

    I would stay away from their kitchen appliances as well. Seven years ago when I bought my house I bought a fridge, stove, and dishwasher from Sears, all Kenmore. The dishwasher broke down 2 years ago, and the fridge died a month ago. Had a Sears repair guy come out and replace a part, $300 parts and labor. A week later the fridge died again, another repairman came out, this time the control board was fried. Ordered the new part, wait 5 days, when part comes in I install and 2 seconds later it fries in exactly the same place. Call Sears and they have to send it to their “disputes” department. 6 days later they call me back and want to send another repairman out, I told them the fridge is gone, bought a new one (not a Kenmore). I still had both my old control board and the new one, but they said because the fridge was no longer there they could not refund anything back to me. So I was supposed to go more than a month without a fridge to get this resolved.

    I am NEVER buying ANYTHING from Sears again in my life.

  • sonflower5

    If that Kenmore HE3 was the best machine out there I would hate to have seen the worst!
    What are we consumers to do?
    Machine purchased 10/04, acted up shortly thereafter to have something repaired on the drum. Began griping Feb/07 – $1100 each unit. The stackable machines look good and save space, however I am unsure of the actual quality of job the washer machine ever did. I liked that the idea that the washer uses much less water this day and age at the advertisers beckoning, however, upon closer inspection of the laundry – the clothes are not really that clean. I had never in all my previous years of laundry doing, had armpit stains on the husband’s and teenage sons T-shirts. My Mom noticed when she was visiting. The stains just kind of crept up. The machine pours in the same amount of water, from what I have been able to observe, whether it is a full load, or a partial emergency load. Forget the initial advertisement of cleaning 16 (or was it 22?) pairs of jeans. No way! I would not buy this product again. The service man said it was performing as intended – well it does not perform very well! It is tiresome adding in my own extra water, which is what must be done if you don’t want the clothes to come out stiff, (and yes that is using the recommended amount of HE laundry soap product, and no fabric softener in the washer) as I am unwilling to purchase another machine at this time. Who can afford to keep replacing at the price I paid on this luxury item.
    I have also noticed the mold problem on the door of the washer. Pretty nasty unless you keep it cleaned off with a Lysol cleaning wipe, or something of that sort. How convenient is that?
    UPDATE 7/9/08: The clothes are absolutely not clean!
    My husband & 3 of the sons just got back from a scout hiking expedition. Now, I knew the clothes were going to be dirty, so, I sent everything through, rather small loads, unsorted in a cold wash just to get out the worst of the dirt. Then I sorted as a good folk should into the dark and light clothing items and proceeded to wash again. I even added more water by hand so that the items could soak, paused the machine to aid the soak process, agitated the things a bit and paused the machine again, then let it proceed.
    I repeat: the clothes are not clean! I was sorting the supposed clean clothes to put them away, and noticed some spots, had a little time on my hands today, so I said OK, maybe I should run ’em through again. Made a small collection of light /white items, in the clothes went with the high efficiency detergent. I would like to send a jar of the wash water collected today to the person who engineered this terrible machine. One (if they did not know any better) would never suspect that the water was from clothes that had already been through the machines cycles, let alone 2 (or even 3 times in some cases) already. If that is what is in the jar, what is on the clothes? I am so frustrated and disgusted with the performance of this machine. Would have been better off using a rock in a stream to get the clothes clean.
    Update 10/10 – If I thought I could afford it I would replace the piece of junk this moment! I am at my wits end with that awful thing. It has been coming up with the dreaded F11 for some months now, started out occasionally, now it is most every time I run a load. Can’t leave the machine alone and presume it will do it’s job. I have to babysit it, or should I say machine sit it, so that I can coax it back into operation when it squawks and stops! Forget about auto programming! Could not do much else productive today, took 5 hours to run 2 simple loads of laundry so here I am looking to see if there is any class action suit against those misrepresented machines while I wait for it to act up again. Don’t want to pay the hefty sum to fix the apparently dysfunctional circuit board. I am not alone. Why on earth would I want to pay Sears one more dime for this piece of junk. I am so upset & disgusted. Consumer convenience, I think not!
    10/18 – believe the piece of junk refuses to do anything at all, now what? Would the CEO want his wife or mother use this machine?


    wow!!!! [personal attack deleted] to quote you ” I declined the extended service plan; after all, Consumer Reports says most extended warranties are for suckers.” now you stated you took a couple days off from work.. now i don’t know how much you make an hour so lets just say its minimum wage. where im from and say its $8/hr and the shifts you work are standard eight hour shifts.. so before taxes you would have made $128 for the two days you took off.. now on top of that you paid $170 for a part.. that means in the end of this you roughly lost $298 and have to go buy a new washer/dryer seeing the ones you have now still are not working. with that $298 you could have used it to buy the extended services plan (going off of the $129 you stated) for two years and still have $40 left over. [personal attack deleted].. .. and to blame sears just fortifies [personal attack deleted]. i feel sorry for the customer service people that had to deal with you cause just going off of your story it must have been hell for them.. dealing with someone [personal attack deleted] and not going on a killing spree just proves the customer care and mind set sears has.. god bless their souls!!!

  • Candace

    I agree with Alexandria. I too splurged on a front load washer because the salesman said it cleans better, no wrinkles, yadayadayada. Well guess what. Nothing worked. I have to put everything through 2 cycles to get the clothes to dry. I had the tech out and he said the dryer tested fine. So I asked why it doesn’t dry the clothes? No answer. Everything comes out of the washer horribly wrinkled. Nothing the salesman said about this product is true. I could have saved a lot of money a top loader that has always worked. I will never buy anything from Sears again.

  • Jeff G

    What ever happened to just making a quality product, no matter the number of gizmos or buttons?

    I just don’t understand the reasoning behind “Here, buy this one it’s the best we’ve got” only to be followed up by “you’re going to need a warranty”! I thought being considered the “best” of anything meant quality and dependability.

  • julie

    I am most likely going to sue Sears Canada for the junk washer they advertised as top of the line, and the nightmare they have put us through, rip clothes, clothes that overloads all the time for no reasons, stinky/stains not coming out clothes after washing them and for the stained clothes I had after a technician put lubricant in my washer. I am thinking of pursing a class action lawsuit for all of our nightmares of any one is interested.

  • George

    Any company that won’t provide a product that is supposed to last for 10 or 20 years with more than a one year warranty is no longer going to get my business. AJ’s comments are indicative of a world where people EXPECT to pay an ongoing fee for something to work. I bought my unit from Sears expecting it to work like my parents’ washers always did – Shame on me! My 18 month old washer (HE3) has had two problems already. Never again!

  • Laura

    I bought this washer and dryer 3 years ago for the same reason. I now have a “possessed” machine. It can’t find a water temp and beeps constantly and it turns on by itself. I too did not buy the warranty – mine came with my house and that really wasn’t an option since the builder installed them. Anyway, technician was supposed to come Thurs AM with the part – I told them to have the part on the truck because I am not waiting for weeks for one to come in and then sit around again for someone to show up. Well, They called on Thurs and said they werent coming. One was sick and the other one’s truck broke down. 1/2 day wasted. Now I am stuck waiting on Monday. We will see if they show up and if they have the part. I did however get the warranty when I called. Didn’t know about this problem but now that i have read about it, I am glad I did it. My neighbor has had different problems with her machine so I did it because of that. We will see what happens. I don’t know about all of you, but I don’t have days to wait around for repair men to make several visits or not show.

  • JOHN of AZ

    HEY – DO NOT BUY Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis top load washer. It has problems and it to be countine… I have filed class action suit. I am piss off at Sears for selling POS washer. Next time buy cheapo manual washer then you will be fine for next 20 years.

  • lester

    thanks i need to replace all my apliance ie washer drier fridge tv they wont be purchased at sears or be kenmore after reading your article

  • Kimbot

    I purchased the Kenmore Elite Oasis washer and dryer 4.5 years ago. Initially I had issues with error codes on the washer as well, but after Sears updated the circuit board (for free without an extended warranty) I’ve had absolutely no more problems. I now have to sell my beloved set because we’re moving to a place without hookups…..so sad! Just my 2 cents.

  • Dr. John

    We bought a Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis (electric) Dryer on the recommendation of two sales/management people – and it has been the biggest waste of money and the aggravating thing.

    The Timer/electronic panel has all kinds of problems and there are other problems – we finally threw in the towel even though it was only 15 months old and it cost around $800.00

    I really don’t understand the Sears appliance thing – I asked a friend if he knew of a reliable dryer – reliability being the only issue now since this machine and model is such a lemon, and he told me that he didn’t know, but stay away from Kenmore or Kenmore elite. He had problems with his Kenmore dryer and they accepted they had to buy one in the next 6-8 months.

    Stay away from Kenmore/ Kenmore Elite if you know what’s good for you.

  • pts

    Sears absolutely sucks

  • sue king

    I bought that fancy dancy washer in 2007, not knowing it would be in storage until now..8-2-2010..it has never worked properly. i must constantly stand by it and reset..and pray..and sometimes cuss..and i have no faith is a company that i always trusted.I would have tpo pay 135- for a tech to come to me, in the woods…then pay for a part that as i now understand, will not last.It doesn’t even have enough good usable metal to scrap it! I’m a senior citizen on a small retirement and ss..what a mess..i no longer want fancy or big or new, just an old used machine that will adjust water levels and wash my clothes..be ashamed,Sears..this was a mistake and you need to help us out with it.

  • Molly

    I’ve been having problems with my kenmore elite washer, the unbalanced load light would come on in the spin cycle, then the washer would cut off.
    The repair man fixed the problem by changing the shocks. It was a 60.00 fix and the washer is working fine now.
    Hope this helps,

  • Rebecca Thompson

    I also have the Kenmore Elite Oasis washer. About the 3 year mark of ownership (I bought it in May 2007)it started flashing the F-1 code and the problems began. I too think that you should not need to buy an extended warrenty on a top-of-the-line product. I have search the web for answers. This problem HAS BEEN RECALLED for this machine. However, my machine fell one number shy of the recall codes. That means I have the same problem as the recall but cannot participate in the recal sue to my machine’s serial number. Thousands of people are in my boat. There is even a class action law-suit pending. So all of us who have these problems have a right to be upset – and should not have to have the extended insurance. We have temporarol;y found that if we add a gallon of water to the empty washer, then put the clothes and soap in and run it. Then change the temperature setting at the 38 minute mark. Then put another gallon of water in with the clothes at the 23 minute mark, we can get one load of clothes done. I have though of asking the CEO of Sears to come do a day of my laundry and see what he thinks of my exclusion from the recall. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER APPLIANCE FROM SEARS!!!!

  • Sarah

    Sears did not make the product – Whirlpool did. I understand that you are upset with Sears (I have a service call set up for next Saturday myself), but I think your anger and frustration are misdirected. I *HATE* having service calls, but I see them as a necessary evil. I spent a lot of money on my appliances. I bought the 5-Year PA on each and every one. Why? Because I can almost guarantee that in 5 years time I will need a technician to come out and fix something AT LEAST once, and the Service Agreements do actually save you money in the long run. It sucks. It’s a shame. It’s unfortunate. I AGREE. But if you want to know, with absolute certainty, that your top-of-the-line machine that you paid $XXXX for is going to be working in 5 years, buy the service policy. Yes – you can buy cheap appliances and replace them every 2-4 years, but do you really think that is going to save you money? Do you really want to go appliance shopping every three years? Do you want to have to dispose of your old one? Are you going to like, and be happy with the appliances in your home? NO. Sears has as good, if not better, appliances that every other appliance retailer out there, and better service, most of the time. If you want to buy your appliances somewhere else than fine, but don’t expect the experience to be any better.

  • Commonsense

    I work for sears and really never buy from sears but one thing people have to understand about Kenmore is all different companies make the Kenmore product. So to just say don’t buy Kenmore your missing the point. Some Kenmore products are made by whirpool, some by LG and so on. Older Kenmore washers were made by Whirpool newer ones are being made by LG. I an no fan of Sears though I work for them but its hard to blame Sears who just sells the product and doesn’t make the product. They do offer the Master Protection agreements which is one the few places that offer to replace your product if breaks down 4 or more times. Most places just offer extended warranties which does not cover much more then the original warranty did. The most important thing to do is to do your research before buying a major appliance. Just like buying a car your going to need to service it at one point or another.

  • Ken

    Well the real question here is who actually made the products. All Kenmores are made by other companies for year most Kenmores were made by Whirlpool but now it is anybodies guess who made them. As far as I am concerned 90% of all this new stuff has a computer control board and sensors. Bigger and better is more expensive, more complicated and less dependable.(This applies to all brands)
    Simple knobs and timers have been around for decades and even though they had flaws they were easier to fix and more reliable.

  • Honey

    The only thing I would have done differently is to file a formal complaint with my states attorney generals office.

    With widespread complaints about the same issue and those problems occurring during the first few months this machine is a piece of junk that should be recalled and Sears knows it.

    A warranty should be for replacing things that have worn out through the course of the items intended use. ON rarer occasions in case of a defective part, in which case the customer should not be held accountable, warranty or not, but your description does not fit either. Their is either a design or manufacturing flaw related to this relay and Sears is benefiting financially from it.

    To say that it is not Sear’s fault because they offered some costly warranty is like saying, the machine is a piece of junk, but if you pay extra for it we’ll fix it for you for a while. The fact is the warranty does not zero the cost to the consumer when the consumer is required to take days off of work to accommodate the repairman’s schedule.

    I was ready to purchase a Kenmore washer and dryer today. I have decided to pass on anything from Sears. My experience with my Kenmore dishwasher wasn’t much better, this article cinches it for me on Kenmore and Sears poor designs and even poorer customer servicde. I’ll buy a product from a company that isn’t afraid to stand behind their goods without a warranty if if something goes wrong with it it’s going back.

  • Sam

    I bought a kenmore washer from Sears. A little less than five years it started putting rust in with the clothes. Then it stop spinning. It never did ring out the clothers as it should requireing more drying time.

  • rarelyrants

    I am having code errors with my Elite Het2 after 6 years of ownership and am experiencing all the same problems that others have experienced with the Elite washer and with Sears; I just spent $320 on 1 year of service and am still waiting for it to be fixed. I too bought the Elite Washer because of Consumer Reports’s 2004 recommendations which do not seem to address long term reliability. Now I am thinking that I should go to the My3cents.com website and buy the brand that has the least amount of complaints for future purchases. Almost all manufacturers have consumer complaints posted on the internet. I was shocked that Sears had “low” complaints just like KitchenAid and Bosch posted on the My3cents.com website. It makes one dispair at the thought that one can get a lemon at any time and feel ripped off by just about any of the manufacturers. I have noticed on this website that Sears is hiring people to criticize people that complain about Kenmore products and Sears in general – that is pretty low – so that says something about Sears as a company. I want to replace my Kenmore washer but I am having a hard time figuring out what brand to replace it with because no manufacturer escapes horrendous complaints. Does anyone have an opinion about which company provides the best customer service? Lowes seems to have a lot of compliments on my3cents.com in addition to some complaints – maybe they provide repair services if you buy an appliance from them. Anyone have an opinion as to which washer manufacturer provides the best customer service. I can’t buy from Sears since they seem to be having their employees blogging that consumer’s complaints are illegitimate – so I am looking for another recommendation.

  • carol

    I’m looking on craiglist to replace my 35 year old Kenmore washer and dryer because I want a second rinse cycle and a dryer with a sensor. But the more I read about new machines, the happier I am with my noisy old beasts. Am I really going to save that much on electricity to make it worth replacing them? Will a newer washer clean my clothes better? I can put about 8 pairs of my husband’s jeans in the one I have, and wonder if the capacity of the newer ones is as good. Comments, anyone?

  • Mary

    Count me in as one more person swearing off of Sears products! I have the Kenmore Elite, which I bought in 2007. I now have a pile of laundry and waiting for another repair man! Why did I buy this piece of expensive junk?? Never again!!

  • Corrine

    Looking for the rear plastic tub for a kenmore elite HE3T. How do they replace the bearings when you can’t buy the seal separately??????

  • ashleyk26

    The commercials for this thing made me want it, but thank god I read this! No way, I’m staying far away from Kenmore. They’ve really seemed to have declined. I’m thinking maybe Whirlpool, but they’ve gone downhill too. No one bothers to make quality products because they reap all this money from defects.

  • anonymous

    hate kenmore .. they have lost quality

  • tina wagner

    I have had my Kenmore Elite Washer and Dryer for about 3 years and I HATE IT! I spent over
    2,000 for the set. I also bought the warranty. The first month the circuit board went out and had to be replaced.I could not open the lid because it locks. I had to find another place to wash my clothing. Then a few months later I was washing my colored clothes and they come out with bleach stains
    all over them. I called and they sent out a technician (two weeks later)he replaced the bleach dispencer, he said nothing was wrong with it. I have had nothing but PROBLEMS with my washer. It does not get your clothes clean. I have to wash them in a basin tub and then put them in the washer, they still do not come out clean. It’s funny because the Sears techinician come out for the fourth time within a year and told me the washer needed to be replaced. I called Sears and they told me as long as it was working they could not replace it. Please don’t waste your money on this machine. I will not buy another thing from Sears.

  • Melissa

    I’m done with my Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer and Dyer! I’ve had them 3 1/2 years and have spent a small fortune on repairs! Yes, I did have the one year warranty, everything happened after that! Now the washer is acting up again after I spent $250.00 on it 6 weeks ago. I hate wasting money and I hate shopping for appliances. I was hopeful that this purchase would remedy that. I’m off to Lowe’s or Home Depot, not getting another Kenmore product ever!!!!

  • Jessica

    I bought the Kenmore Elite Oasis washer and dryer 2/09. So far the washer is fine. The dryer I believe was created by satan. In 1 year and 4 months I have had 3 dryers replaced by Sears. I kept getting the F-1 code and the dryer would reset itself to 99 mins and stay there. I just received the last one 3 days ago. I was able to “upgrade” and get the Oasis ST gas dryer. If I put in on the normal setting, when it counts down to 1 min it resets itself to 99 mins and gets stuck. I have only had it for 3 days!!!! I want to cry. If I had the money I would put both washer and dryer on the curb and start all over again.

  • Art from Tennessee

    I’ve been looking at washers lately. Tempted by the high tech ones.

    So, I stopped by the Sears outlet locally here in Nashville. Acres of gleaming returned “refurbished” high tech front loaders with buttons and lights and other things to break.

    This sight drove home to me the commmon sense KISS “rule”. That rule in this case is complex means easier to break and more expensive to fix, assuming the part is even locally available.

    And let’s remember why these “new” front loaders are being pushed…more profit margin over the old style traditional machines. It’s not for you because the savings to you is negative or minimal.

    Oh, they have their place. These front loaders make economic sense in a commercial laundry running 20 hours a day and also in Europe where power and water is expensive,

    But here in my house? Please…

    I looked closer at the yellow “what this product saves me” tag on an new “high efficiency” washer and it saves me 40 bucks a year over a tradidional and simplier top loader…wooo hooo, I said to myself, 40 buck versus the 500 bucks more it costs for a regular size front loader even if you don’t get he “master coverage plan”.

    You do the math and then add in the fixit costs and the time at the laundry and …

    Excuse me for a second..

    …Mr. Salesman, do you have one of these nice top loaders in stock, you know, the ones that just simply “get it done” and are much cheaper to fix. What? Yes, I know they are noiser but then I won’t need fancey chime signal to let me know the washer is finished or even running and I don’t need a glass led to comfort me that the thing is even working right…yes…I know about the “option moderators” and the waterleve sensing thingie, but trust me, I now how much water it needs…btw, how do I now how much soap to add before those things figure out how much water it will let me use? Pleaseeeee…

    Remember this always, KISS.

  • Brad Walker

    I would like to say I cannot believe what you guys say about SEARS and KENMORE I bought the the KEMORE ELITE top of the line Refrigerator,Convection oven,dishwasher with stailess steel inside, and micowave with pizza oven (yeah they make one of those)My dishwasher has buttons falling offand I have been in a dispute with kenmore over the oven I bought because the range quit after one year. I have been totally been ripped off . If you will want to price out a name brand(SEARS) that use to mean somthing then take the price of the appliance and add the price of a warenty for the next 10 years and then you can compare their products to any other products you want to buy. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM SEARS!!!!!!!!

  • Charley L

    Don’t buy any appliances from Sears – they are complete crap. I bought a top of the line kenmore Refrigerator and medium price water heater. Both broke within five years and the service offered by sears was so terrible I would have prefered to pay someone else double.

  • Joanne

    Wow, My machine has been doing the same thing this F1 as Courtney’s found out that my serial # is not one of those included in the recall. Was basically told to bad. Will have my husband order the part and replace it himself. Then call in a repair person if it still doesn’t work. I won’t be using Sears.

  • Van Wing

    Kenmore Elite Dryer timer stopped after two months the dryer will just run and run.Washer circuit board went bad after three weeks. Fine expensive equipment we have here

  • Digger

    Well, I have read everything here and come to the conclusion that Sears is quite happy to take your $1500 for a washer and dryer but will not stand behind their product when it is lemonade. No one should have to pay a couple of hundred dollars more for “extended warranties.” These things are money grabs or Sears would not even be in the business of offering them. Do the math folks. You sell 1000 units with extended warranties and 10% of them are lemons. At $200 a pop Sears can be magnanomous and fix the lemons over and over again and still make a huge chunk of change. I personally would not buy from Sears again because they arbitraily reduced our credit on our Sears card without even telling us. We found out when we went in to purchase a new lawnmower and found out that we did not have enough credit with them to buy the machine we needed. We went to customer service and were told that nothing could be done about it because Sears was not responsible for the change. Apparently, they had recently hired a new firm to look after their credit cards. We cut the sucker up right on the spot in front of the sales manager. We also wrote Sears Canada and sent them the receipts for the purchases we had made from them over the past fifteen years. Total (no extended warranties) was $86,000.00. We also included the cut up card and our written promise never to buy anything from Sears again.

  • Courtney

    I also have to add to my statment above, I did get on the KENMORE Troubleshooting site, and they nickel and dime you too. They want 12.99 just to give you an answer to your problem, HAAAAA!!! What is this world coming to. I paid so much money for my washer and dryer now the company that made it wants more, just to tell me what my F1 code means and what it will take to fix it. WOW!!! That is really all I can say, it’s sad. I don’t recommend KENMORE to anyone.

  • Courtney

    I have to say I am very disturbed about all the problems with the Kenmore Canyon Capacity HE Washer and Dryer. I too bought one of these so called “TOP OF THE LINE” sets about 2 years ago, I am now having problems with my washer. It keeps giving me an F1 code and I have to stand and wait for approx. 5 min. before I can get my wash cycle to start, then half way thru the cylcle it starts beeping with the code again, so I have to stop what I’m doing and go down to the basement and fiddle with it again. I’ve already had it fixed once, and now my warranty is no good. I did not buy the 5 year warranty, and I will honestly say that paying what I paid you shouldn’t have to it should be an automatic. I’m very disappointed in those of you that are attacking us the consumers saying we didn’t buy the warranty so whatever we shell out oh well it’s our fault. Well then I guess you haven’t bought these machines and had these problems. I paid good money for these products and was told by SEARS that it would last forever, BOLOGNA!!!!! I too need a new control panel which is ridiculous, now I have to shell out more money to have it fixed and Sears wants 100.00 to just stop and look at it. I will call a private appliance company, they seem to be more honest in their business practices than SEARS. All SEARS does is nickel and dime it’s customers to death, I should’ve been told about this recall but I wasn’t now I have to pay for it. I should send SEARS the bill for all the money I have to pay to have my appliances serviced. There will be no next time with SEARS, no wonder you’re company has had problems, you’re a RIP OFF when it comes to service. KENMORE is also to blame for this mishap, I will not recommend their products to anyone either. These are tough economical times, I bought something thinking it was going to save me money in the long run, boy was I mislead. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! Not unless you have deep pockets.

  • Harold T. Holmes

    I also wanted the public to know a few things, I forgot to mention…The three repairman we had at our home in 10 weeks and 7 repairs, and we were trying to evoke the lemon law….and “stac” refused and wanted it repaired…I asked the repairmen what type of washer they owned..?.. and two of the three said: we have a top load whirlpool and the third said he had an HE5 front loader from Sears and loves it…. and had no problem with it….Are the Oasis units top loaders.??? Also, the ONE repairman told me that the LG and Samsung Front Loaders had worked out all the PROBLEMS OF THE FRONT LOADERS, THEY WERE GOOD MACHINES>>>>so you judge for yourself, I really think in this disposable world today, you are on your own for the quality issue and research regarding repairs before purchase….believe no one, read these blogs….Harold in Wheeling…

  • Harold T. Holmes

    Growing up with Kenmore appliances…Mostly top of the LINE, Lady Kenmore, and for the past 5 decades or more, we have always had superior performances with this Known for Quality, Appliance…Consumer reports still backs them, the Elite line….Well, here is the story of the 21st century, so far, about Kenmore today…My 2001 HE3t Front loader, ordered in Oct. 2001 and was built in Germany…first prototype on the market waited 6 weeks for delivery…that was fine…The first 5 Years I had not one problem with this GREAT WASHER..was installed and hooked up with drain pan below, in an old closet and it fit rathertight, 1/2 inch clearance on each side….no problem. (This was an old townhouse, in downtown Wheeling, WV 1859 and this was the main closet, clothes storage room for the entire household, in those days. The doors had been removed from two closets, and were used for the washer&dryer=laundry room…PERFECT on the second floor,back stairs to the kitchen, directly below…The first 5 Years I had no problems with this unit, nothing….We moved after 8 years there, to Maple Ave…Started having issues with an F 11 code, kept stalling machine and beeping..Had three in house service calls over 2 months…We had taken the extended $500.00 warranty for five years and we have done this twice…The machine cost in 2001 $1680.00 and with the two full warranties the past almost 9 years…we have in total $2680.00 ($1000. in 2 warr.)>>Also this unit is accompanied by a 1966 Lady Kenmore DRYER in Turquoise, runs perfectly and the deck is lit, top area and in drum, tons of chrome and real metal, mint condition, and is flanked at our present home on Springhaven Drive by a 1973 Maytag top loader …never has had one thing repaired or fixed…knock on A big woody….Just recently, WE HAVE HAD 7 IN HOME REPAIRS IN TEN WEEKS ON THE HE3T, BECAUSE OF THE F 11. EVERY ELECTRICAL BOARD, THE MAIN REAR AND FRONT PANEL BOARD, ALL THE DOOR SWITCHES AND FINALLY AFTER MANY FRUSTRATED TECH’S AND ME, BLUE FACE YELLING, AT ONE IN PARTICULAR, IT SEEMS TO BE REPAIRED AND RUNNING OK, SO FAR…MIKE SAVED THE DAY, AFTER HIS 5TH CALL HERE AND BEFORE HIM WERE TWO TECH’S WHO TOLD ME HORRIBLE STORIES ABOUT REPAIR OF THESE MACHINES…He finally spent two hours with it and replaced a motor main module. I HAVE BEEN VERY LUCKY AND WE WERE FORTUNATE WITH THE OTHER TWO WASHERS FLANKING HER, THAT WE WERE NOT WITHOUT A WASHER….DURING THIS CALLING AND CALLING FOR SERVICE, AND ON LINE COMMUNICADO, AND BEING CUT OFF ON LINE…I was told to evoke the lemon law, BUT STAC refused to back this….Stac is the department that has to approve of the replacement and they will be determined to fix it, FIRST>>>>Believe me…I almost took legal action against them….almost ten weeks without this unit running and 7 In house repairs with parts arriving weekly….I was simply over this mess, and wanted it replaced….I was told by the one tech., to hang on to this unit…it was made in Germany and is an exception to what is on the market today…Love the way this machine works,,,,huge loads of towels and jeans, but it sits next to a huge double stationary sink, cast cement….dryer and washer on the other side…never had a problem with unbalanced issues, it has to be perfectly LEVEL and SECURE….So far so Good, Great machine for all the bedding and comforters today….will not buy the dryer to match…the Whirlpool dryer, drop down door, is $420.00, the perfect match for the drying component, at Lowe’s or Sears…We have always had great service at Sears and many appliances over the years…lady kenmore dishwashers and washers, of the QUALITY ERA of yesteryear, past. My Mothers’ furnace is a Kenmore, so very efficient and everyone says: they don’t make furnaces like this today…1969 unit….simply remarkable unit…!!!!! Sears has always been good to our family for the ultimate service….This is typical of today’s times and customer service…In this world today. When you purchase today, check with friends, interior designers with kitchens and laundry rooms….and with repairmen, a close friend, J>L> said the combination units..W&D are the hardest to repair because of everything inside that unit is just jammed tight, without an inch of space to work on it, very time consuming repairs….Take out the warranties, always….protects yourself against todays products, for repair Back UP……. they work great…(warranties)…>>>>.Harold In Wheeling….

  • Barb

    I’m with you!! At the 13 month mark, my kenmore refrigerator started defrosting and refreezing. Not good when you have a freezer full of fish and blueberries!!! What’s worse, the only reason I purchased a new refrigerator was because my old one was 30 years old and ugly, it just refused to die. I spent hours on the telephone with customer service representatives and store managers whose only concerns were “Who told you to call me?” The first service technician came to the house and spent 45 minutes on the phone because he had no idea what was the problem and told my husband, we’ll order a new motor–I don’t think this will fix it, but we’ll try it. Bad mistake, because my husband is a mechanic and knows how general machinery works. The second service technician came with the part and my husband voiced his concerns and the service technician agreed with him. My husband suggested the way the freezer keeps defrosting and refreezing sounds more like a computer problem. The service technician agreed with him and ordered the new part my husband suggested and “voila” the problem was corrected! Of course, I had to shell out over $500, but I wrote to the CEO of Sears and after several more hours on the phone, I was compensated. Now my dishwasher is acting up (Kenmore too). Where can I buy one of those T-shirts!

  • holly

    Kenmore Elite purchased new in 2003 for a small family of 3 lasted 7 years only before a bearing went. Paid about a grand for the washer. Imagine if I had been washing for a larger family, this machine would have failed after 3 years. Planned obsolesence?
    Thanks for this forum, will go to Home Depot. Repairman says Elites are now being made by LG.

  • Anita

    I also purchsed a Kenmore Elitie Oasis washer thinking I was getting a high quality machine that would last me several years. When the machine works it does make laundry easy. The key there is when it works. I am waiting on a service tech to come to fix my machine, this will be visit #5 in the past 3 weeks. They are doing nothing more than trouble shooting, they don’t have direction or training from Sears on how to fix these machines. The machine stops during the cycle, continues to drain even though theres no water in it and won’t shut off. The error codes that come up are always different if a code appears. The machine also wonSears did have great product and service, that’s in the past, I don’t think they know the meaning of service or qaulity now. I did but the extend warranty when I purchased this machine 3 years ago. Since that time the warranty has expired and I had to purchase another warranty for 1 year for $214. Knowing now what I know the dollars would have been better spent simply cutting my losses and buying a new machine.

  • Anita

    I also purchsed a Kenmore Elitie Oasis washer thinking I was getting a high quality machine that would last me several years. When the machine works it does make laundry easy. The key there is when it works. I am waiting on a service tech to come to fix my machine, this will be visit #5 in the past 3 weeks. They are doing nothing more than trouble shooting, they don’t have direction or training from Sears on how to fix these machines. The machine stops during the cycle, continues to drain even though theres no water in it and won’t shut off. The error codes that come up are always different if a code appears. The machine also wonSears did have great product and service, that’s in the past, I don’t think they know the meaning of service or qaulity now. I did but the extend warranty when I purchased this machine 3 years ago. Since that time the warranty has expired and I had to purchase another warranty for 1 year for $214. Knowing now what I know the dollars would have been better spent simply cutting my losses and buying a new machine.

  • Stephen Grant

    Like others the elite lasted a little over warranty. Reading where it cost about over 500 to fix so using the old kind that works. Will not buy another sears machine. Does anybody need parts off this junker. It goes off balance and will not spin dry.

  • Bev.

    This washer is a lemon and should be recalled, it never fails to go off balance
    regardless of what you do.
    I have never seen an appliance dance until

  • Nancy

    I’m glad I’m not the only person out there that feels betrayed by Sears. I bought the 5 year extended agreement in 2005. The agreement ended January 3rd 2010. Luckily I had a service call in for a service techinician to check my washer out befor the warrenty ended. The washer was making beeping noises and would stick on 13 minutes for up to half an hour at a time. I was assured the washer was repaired. They installed a new control board on Jan uary 14th. Three weeks ago the washer started having similar problems again and this time it would turn itself on as well. I called Sears customer repair and was told if it was the same problem there was a 90 day warrenty on the part. Another technican finally made it out today February 16th and told me another control board had went out, not the one they had just repaired. I had to pay for the part before they would order it. I was almost $200.00. The service technician suggested I call Sears customer service and see it they would work with me because it was another control board and it was just out of warrenty. Guess what they told me no in no uncertain terms. They also suggested I buy another extended warrenty on the washer. I feel extremely burned. The servic technician also admitted that the model I had from 2005 did have a lot of problems but they were all worked out now. Lot of good that did me to hear. Then when I started reading everyone elses comments it dosen’t sound like all the problems have been resolved. For a company who built a repuation on good appliciances and backing them up with A-1 service they are now at the bottom of my list for reliability. in Count me in if there is a class action suit against Sears for dupeing its customers.

  • dj

    “A brand name doesn’t protect you, a service plan does.”

  • Evelyn

    Kenmore Elite—- AHHHHHHHHHH.
    I have had a front load washer and dryer for six years now and had problems with both every year. I keep making the repairs hoping that will be the last for some time. I must say, when I made my purchased, my sears sales person did steered me away from the electronic panel to a simpler control system. (Thank you)… I don’t know if my husband could have taken it if I had decided to have all the bells and whistles.
    Yesterday I told him the main bearing was gone on the washer and we had all kinds of grease on the clothing. The work junk came out of his mouth several times. I bought Kenmore Elite because consumers report rated it high. I feel cheated. But the question is what do I buy next? It will not be Sears

  • vlad

    never bay kenmoore produkt, no parts fast broken

  • Brent

    All I can say is don’t waste your hard earned money by spending it at Sears on anything that offers a warranty. The biggest money maker scam from any retailer out there. Keep on shopping but not at Sears

  • Mike Luna

    If China were building the better reliable washer/dryer…. whose washer/dryer would you buy? American car manufacturers let go of detail manufacturing quality back in the 70’s and 80’s. Most people figured it out. Sears should learn from previous American manufacturers and step it up and refuse to be 2nd to anyone. That’s having a competitive spirit. Maybe sears should get former athletes like Larry Bird and Michael Jordan to run sears. They would not accept being 2nd or in this case, last to anyone.

  • Mike Luna

    In ’07 I bought the Oasis Kemore washer/dryer by sears. Paid a lot for it with the insurance that consumer reports rated it well. Well, clothes have stained, it stops and buzzes forever and through the night if you don’t monitor it and shut if off by pressing the off button. After the 4th visit by a sears technician, it seems to be working better and quieter. I paid an extra 250.00 dollars for the added insurance because the initial insurance was good for only 1 year. If you have an oasis kenmore, be sure to get the technician in before the 1st year is up to give it a good look over. If you haven’t bought a washer, don’t buy oasis by sears or better stay away from sears entirely for a few years. Sears should have had a recall for these washers. The customer shouldn’t have to pay 250.00 after 2 1/2 years.

  • cheryl

    VERY angry, purchased kenmore elite front load washer and matching dryer, paid $2,600 for the pair, when purchased I was excited at the thought of all the options and promises> I often found that the clothes had a musty smell, spoke to the sales rep. to be told that I need to buy pucks to clean the machine once a mth. A few days ago the machine stopped and out of the hose poured out a substance that looked like heavy sand-like stones the tub snapped off-the tech came over to say we need a new machine He said that the debris was the corrosion from the parts-unbelievabe This machine was 5yrs and 3 days old when the problem happened if I had bought the warranty for 5yrs guess what out of luck The tech had the nerve to say that the product is only expected to last for 5-7 yrs any way Why are we not told this when we make such a big investment Feeling cheated We bought all new Kenmore Elite kitchen appliances 2 mths ago UGH!!!!! if we had only known we would have NEVER made that purchase. STAY away from Kenmore Elite in my opinion

  • dan andcyndi g

    we also have this beeping just 11 months old kenmore elite i told my husband i hat sears and their products he went ahead and bought from them again sitting high up on my perch cackling ‘i told you so i told you so! no sears products will ever cross the threshold of my hous

  • Suzie

    I had same problems, both with washer and dryer and sears knows these are a problem, and won’t do anything. They told me 500.00 to repair both after I just paid 1500.00 to buy them. I will never buy from sears again, their customer service is terrible. They should recall these and fix them or give us money to buy new. We all need to turn them into the BBB

  • Don

    I bought the Oasis Elite washer and dryer about two years ago. I agree they are junk. I have never spent over $300 for a washer or dryer previously and they always operated error free for years. This is the first set I have paid up for and regret doing it. My washer required a mother board and a tub because the bearing was out. When the repair man was out, I purchased the 3 year extended warranty. I also had him check out my dryer for $49. He did and said it was working great. That was 3 months ago. It doesnt work at all now. It displays a “F” message and wont work. Time to call the repair man again. As for those that think the sears warranties are so great… you keep them. Next time I will buy a washer else wherefor near the same price as the warranty and have a machine that will last me several years trouble free. I dont pay mega bucks for a product that only works part of the time, warranty or no.

  • Marty

    I bought an Oasis Elete HE washer about 2 years ago. I will never buy anything from Sears again. I was having trouble getting the machine to start. I was advice by the repair man to buy the 2 year warranty I did. In Sept. 2009 I called Sears Repair Svc to advice that my machine would not start when I pushed the button. There was a recall on the product. Repairman came out and replaced the board. Machine still would not start unless I held the Start button down for 5 minutes. It was also jumping all of the floor and making a LOUD noice when it was in the spin cycle. Called repair again. Of course, the repairman had to order parts. Repairman replace the tub and bearings because the machine was jumping all over the floor and making a loud noice. Still did not fix the Start problem. Called repair again. I asked her why she was not ordering the part. She said the repairman would have to part on the truck. Repairman missed apointment because he was overbooked. Finally came 4 days later. Came today. Did not have part. Adviced would have to order. They have been out here 4 times. The machine will not come on at all now. Reported to BBB.

  • Steve

    Our HE3t lasted exactly 5 years before the rear bearing went. I spent about a week and about 1/3 of the unit cost to fix it. Sears was going to charge a little more than the original price (robbery). 2 nights ago the thing went completely dead while washing 3 shirts and 5 pair of jeans. Not sure, but think it is the interface, which will be about 1/6 the unit cost. It’s a Whirlpool, but I asked Sears when the bearing went if they thought it was acceptable for their product to fail after 5 years. They did not comment directly. They also side stepped my challenge to stand by their product. I’m with the others that expected more from a product that was so costly. I’ve toyed with the idea of buying another Kenmore, their protection plan and milking Sears into the ground, but have decided to let it go and Sears completely (appliances, tools, clothes etc). I do not expect much different from other companies, but I’m willing to take my chances with any company other than this one. What a disappointment.

  • Consumer

    Your major mistake was using Consumer Reports for your “research.” This is but one example of their flaws, and they have many. Look at all the dupes who bought Toyotas only to have engine sludge, electrical shorts, seatbelt issues, tailgates that break off, frames that corrode and fail, and now unintended acceleration.

    That magazine sells themselves as the wonder of all wonders, but their research is a joke.

  • ceb64

    I’ve owned Whirlpool top loaders for twenty years with no problems. Was looking to purchase Kenmore front loaders before I came across this web site. Thanks.

  • Tom A

    For all of you who have an undying love and loyalty to Sears: You obviously have not experienced what most of us who post on this blog have. Trust us when we say we are all smart enough to understand that when you buy anything there is an element of risk that it will do the job as intended and give minimal headache for the many years we plan to own it. The Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer is legendary in the annals of Sears appliances in that enough owners are having the same problems with the mother/control board that Sears, under duress, decided to replace it free of charge. However many of us are still left out in the cold because although our model is the same, our serial numbers fall outside of the range of numbers that qualify for this repair even though our symptoms are the same! For those of you who tout that not buying the Master Service Plan was our failure you don’t understand that the Master Plan doesn’t cover the lost wages as we stay at home waiting for the repairman, or the cost of going to a laundromat in the interim as you wait for the part to come in. Can you imagine these costs if the machine is serviced multiple times in less than a year. Like many of you Sears loyalists, we too believed in this store beforehand but if you put yourself in our shoes, with respect to the well documented issues of this washer and the games and double talk that the store plays where it was purchased, the only card you have left to play is to say, “you have lost my business and I will certainly share my story with all of my friends and family”. So please if you love Sears and don’t own a Kenmore Oasis Washer, stay off this blog, because you just don’t get it.

  • Chet

    Wrapping Christmas presents and kept hearing a new jingle to all of the songs on the radio. Yup, lights flashing, noises all over and an F2 error code. Time for a new control board after 6 months of use. We will not be purchasing a KENMORE Oasis HE AGAIN.

  • PSN

    For more than one generation, Kenmore was the brand to buy for reliability. And it offers great extended service contracts that I always buy on everything. However, I agree with the folks who believe in ‘recalling defective products’. Lemons drive customers nuts and it isn’t just the cost of the service call (which disappears with the good warranty). It’s the discovering the problem….always at an inconvenient time it seems; the taking off work to meet the technician….always twice since first they diagnose, then order part, then return to repair (and taking off work is really expensive!) and the loss of use of the product while all this takes place. The extended warranties don’t help with any of these three problems. So those of you in service and knowledgeable about warranties are not considing the above three issues in your comments to ‘buy the warranty and all your problems will be solved.’

  • Louise

    We don’t buy from Sears. We have a Whirlpool washer and dryer that are almost 11 years old, and only one time had to replace the timer on the dryer. Go Whirlpool! :>)

  • james g

    i thank all of you for your comments on these products.i will not purchase anything in sears ever again.

  • mike megginson

    my kenmore elite does not put enought water in the washer. the clothes are not cleaned. the valve has been replaced and another part has been ordered.

  • Carol

    I have the Elite Oasis washer and dryer, purchased just a month over 2 years ago. The washer has had 5 major repairs in 2 years, including the main circuit board replaced twice. It has not been working at all for 3 weeks and for months before that, would not stay in balance, even when empty!!! The washer was over $900, I have purchased 2 extended warranty programs, and this time the technician ordered over $900 worth of parts plus labor, for a $900 machine! The dryer has also had major repairs in 2 years, including a main circuit board replaced, and I am only washing clothes for my husband and myself, so it isn’t as if we work the washer to death. The technician didn’t show up today and Sears tells me it will be next Friday before they could fit me back into their busy schedule. When I tried to talk to a supervisor in customer service, I was conveniently disconnected twice. Anybody who reads these posts and still chooses to buy a Sears product deserves it. Sears products are expensive garbage and their customer service center and extended warranties are a joke, at our expense. I will never set foot in a Sears store or purchase anything from Sears again. If there is a class action lawsuit against them for the junk they are selling, I would sincerely like to be a part of it. Any brand has got to be better…….

  • Violeta

    I just sent a registered mail to SEARS main office demanding a replacement or refund on my Kenmore Elite Oasis HE topload washer because sears promised a technician to come back on Monday but cancelled it by 8:40 due to their technician called in sick, they make me laugh, my problem is my machine down for more than a month, with all this problem they only got 1 technician????
    Shame on them, they even got the nerve to call setting another appointment in another 10 days again.Hurray I am so HAPPY another days off again.F>>>> them all.

  • Violeta

    Alexandra I am on the same boat my Kenmore Elite Oasis broke not even a year and SEARS customer service sucks I had spent 5 workings days waiting for tech to come sometimes they show up sometimes not and they don’t have a gut to call you they are not coming and if they do show up they can not even fix the machine all they do is ask you to wait every two weeks until they figure out how to fix the machine and all you hear from all these Customer sevices is be patient we understand your frustration.
    Whoever said buying warranties is good in a way yes for a technician to come and tell you to wait every 2 weeks because they think all you do is wait for them but they have to compensate the days of waiting because some company they don’t pay time off so SEARS should be paying that if you have to spend 3 or 4 times or more waiting for technicians plus the money you spent doing laundry at laundrymat.My machine is payable in a year i have halfway unpaid so I am trying to get a pending on the payment until they fix their “F” machine.

  • lanana

    Thanks everyone. I am looking to buy a new washer and dryer. I now have the GE profile series and have had it for 10 years without to much problems and I wash an average of 10 loads a week. So I need one that is dependable. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and am interested in a front load machine but have had my reservations, mainly the cost but also all the extra bells and whistles and thanks to all the comments I believe I will stick to the plain Jane washer. Thanks again.

  • Tina

    DH called and said he was thinking of buying the Kenmore Elite washer & dryer set since our 6 yr old dryer just died. After reading these horror stories I told him NO WAY!! I wonder if the new 2009 models will be any better, I don’t think so!

  • Connie

    I have a Kenmore Elite H3 (made by Whirlpool in Germany) that I purchased almost 6 years ago. It stopped working two weeks ago. When my husband opened up the back and vacuumed out the black dust we discovered that the belt had cut through the plastic tub. I am disgusted by the poor engineering that has gone into these machines and the response by Sears to blame it on the wrong detergent or any other excuse they can come up with. I’m currently trying to decide between a Speed Queen top-loading washer made in the USA in Ripon, Wisconsin (it comes with a 3 year warranty) or a Staber washing machine made in Ohio (more energy efficient). Sears has much to learn about retaining previously loyal customers.

  • Will

    Hello to all of the unhappy sears customers again. Just thought I would post our status since we decided to stop paying the extortion fee by sears.

    1 week after we did not renew the Magnatron in the Microwave went again. This one lasted 3 months. So we pulled it from the wall and went to the dump.

    2. Now the Range is issuing an F10 and beeping and getting hot without all of the controls. Have not decided if we are going to the dump with this. Need to research the issue first. But chances are it goes to the dump if the part is over 300 dollars. We going to convert to gas anyway and buying the keep it simple appliances. Only a matter of time before the fridge goes then the washer and dryer……

    Do not buy from sears. It will bite you in the butt when your appliance goes.

  • KEN

    OR Sears could have contracts to sell back to the manufacturer for half money back and 50% off for the replacement product!!! For ALL products … so the manufacturer could reassemble with better replacement parts and sell it back to Sears at 1/4 the price as REFURBS!!! HEY Sears, THINK !!! Think!!! THINK!!! For a change DO BUSINESS instead of just EXISTING as a MEDIOCRITY slowly slouhing off into OBLIVION !!!

  • KEN

    My Elite Washer is squeeking even when turned by hand and is off balance.

    If Sears spent just 5% of their revenue t revamp their original image … the Best Store to shop at in the Nation … everything is stood by by Sears … they could take off the sub-products off people’s hands enmass and mass feed them into the market as seconds via wholesalers … renamed as refurbs. At same time take 50% back from the manufactures what they have paid for the products in the first place … VOILA … recipe for glorious RISE of the PHOENIX!!!

  • Beth C

    I am sorry that many have listed that they have had trouble with their Kenmore elite washer and dryer. We purchased ours last month and I LOVE THEM. They are huge – they clean a lot of clothes and they are very quiet. I was nervous after I read so many negative reports about all washers and dryers – so we did splurge and purchase the 5 year additional warranty from Sears – which was very expensive. I hope I don’t have to use it but I thought it was worth buying just for the piece of mind.

    I previously had a front load Bosch which I hated. It was tiny (2.1 cu.feet) and shook and make a LOT of noise. When we purchased the Kenmore Elite HE set of washer and dryer we also spent the additional $100 per machine for the “quiet pack” since it was important to us to have the machines not make too much noise since our laundry room is on the first floor. So far, so good.

    I work full time and my kids both play travel soccer – so we have a LOT of dirty clothes every night. With my Bosch set my laundry was NEVER completed. Now, I can wash things so quickly and so many at a time that first the first time my family has clean clothes all the time.

    Thank you Kenmore!

  • rdp f u sears

    DONT BUY SEARS KENMORE CHINESE CRAP this companyrepresents everything that is wrong with our country.it is run by greedy bastards with the lowest of moral standards. im going down to the river and do a load. F U SEARS

  • Ah the good old days. What ever happened to wash boards, laundry tubs or just beating clothes against rocks in a stream? Technology has really taken its toll on our lives.

  • mad@sears

    sears is no longer the company we all knew.the one that offered customer service.i just spoke wtih a manager in the burlington store. askedhim for a company number to call and complain he said the no longer have that option. i wouldsuggest everyone go to home depot or best buy and buy an LG or samsung. do not but whirpool since they are the ones who make kenmore. people should start calling whirpool and askingthem what are they going to do.they make the machines and put the kenmore name on it.whirpool also makes amana,maytag and some others. not unitl they are boycotted will anything change. i for one will NEVER shop at sears again.you canbut everthing they have a home depot

  • mad@sears

    the kenmore washer has had a recall for a defective motherboard. mine has been replace three times.my machine is 3 years old and rusting. Sears will not take care of the problem. This machine is trash.dont know have CR got it to rate so good

  • Ron Keith

    I stopped buying from Sears years ago for the very same reason…They will not be responsible for their defective products. Sears has the the worst service policies in the trade. The extended warranty is a scam!!!

  • Will

    We decided to say good buy to all of our Kenmore Elite products we bought at sears back in late 2007. After paying over 500-700 per year on the Master Service Plan and having the technicians out for one problem or the other 8 times a year or more we have had enough. This dish washer is the worst of the bunch. The convection microwave has had the magnetron replaced twice this year alone and we gave up fixing the light. The fridge keeps breaking the plastic tray doors, light covers, and the plastic latch on the door itself.
    We stopped purchasing the plan today and will buy our next products from Home Depot or Lowes which by the way DOES HAVE A PROTECTION PLAN that covers about the same kind of thing sears does. The difference you pay $100 for 4 years of coverage per item. So we are going to buy the plain old simple analog appliances with old fashion dials. No more of this computer crap and plastic parts. If I get a single year of service out of the stuff without having something break I will consider it a blessing. As far as Sears is concerned I will not buy any single appliance again from them.

  • Lou

    Has anyone looked inside the Oasis washer when it is in the wash cycle?? The water does not cover the clothes at all. My clothes are not nearly as clean as with my old Maytag.

  • Darren

    Baught the expensive kenmore elite series washer and dryer. Washer worked good for 6 months and started having a sour oder. Called technical “NO” support, and they asked if I baught the maintenance agreement. “Why should I when I’m paying for the name brand and a large company to back it up?” They told me to flush with vinegar and it should go away. It did not.
    It has had the sour smell all the time. After reading all the bad things about the Elite series, I feel sears needs to trash the series or become a second rate appliance manufacturer. I also own the microwave, it has not been great, nor has the frig. I’ve been had once, but never again by sears.
    Dear Sears,
    Your product do NOT meet your past reputation.
    Very disappointed X-customer.
    Never again!

  • Tom

    Everyone should know that our all-knowing Federal government, through its Energy Star program website, makes no secret about its preference for new-type HE (high efficiency) front load and top load washers and has even designed its certification energy consumption standard in such a way that the older-design conventional top load machines with simple manual controls (many of which last 8-10 years or more) cannot be certified. The Dept. of Energy soon plans to mandate these standards. So you will have to keep buying these electronically-controlled junky washers – you won’t have a choice. After filing protests at first, claiming that the government’s move would cost domestic jobs and cut out the poor from affordable washers (old style machines cost as little as $300) the major appliance manufacturers saw the advantage to this scheme and now enthusiastically support it. Now they can keep selling you $1000 washers every 2-5 years!!

    By the way, to measure the savings advantage of the new HE washers, the government ASSUMES A WASHER LIFE OF ELEVEN YEARS. How many of you think that is an accurate picture of today’s washing machines?

  • Ron

    I just bought a washer from sears. First of all I can’t believe that all you people who are coming down on the people who expect their 800-1500 item to last over a few years! That is a whole lot of money to some people in the real world. You guys must work for sears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS. Sears & Kenmore used to be a great name, apparently not anymore. I’m glad the rest of you people can afford to spend enough money to replace your washers and dryers in 2-5 years. I’m totally disabled. Try living on Social Security after paying into it for 30+ years!

  • Nancy

    We bought the Kenmore Elite front loader washer and dryer 6 years ago. I cracked the handle to the dryer the other week, will have to order one for about $22 … other than that it is wonderful with no problems.

  • C-Note

    I Bought The Kenmore Elite with Calypso Wash Motion. What a joke and a P.O.S. Waste of fricken money. I should have bought an old cheapo. This thing is the biggest piece of garbage. I may as well just put it out on the curb and trash it in the landfill. I have battled this pile of junk for 2 years. It gives error codes every single time I have done a wash. I mean every single time.

  • Jean

    Let me just say that Sears Warranty’s are a God send. They truly are. We’ve had 2 DVR TV’s go bad on us in the last 4 years (mind you these are $2000 televisions), and the warranty covered the maintenance, parts (over $600 at the time), and FULLY replaced BOTH after they found that they couldn’t fix them!! Also, the replacements are for comparable models, so they don’t short you on your replacement either. It has been the best $160 we’ve ever spent. I’m not a huge warranty person, but I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Mary

    My Elite washer too just decided not to work anymore. I did some research and found out that there had been a lawsuit couple of years ago. I called Sears and asked them about it they told me that my washer had to have numerous repairs. The lawsuit was settled long time ago though. What about us? We are stuck with these lemons. Why should we pay for numerous repairs and go through hell to get rid of these junks we paid over $1000.

  • C L Price

    I totally agree! I’m having the same issues with my Kenmore Elite washer and dryer, they are less than 3 years old. To date, between them they have had 4 service calls. I previously had a Maytag washer and dryer for 26 years with only one service call. I too did alot of research before my purchases. I will NOT believe Comsumer Reports anymore AND will NOT purchase another Sears products EVER! If and when I find that Lady Kenmore…she’s dead meat!

  • JackBlackMack

    if you had bought your washers from “Joe’s Appliance Store” and it was a lemon YOU PEOPLE would not be calling for Joe’s head here in this forum. You’d be raising hell about Whirlpool (as Whirlpool is the company that makes these washers).

    And “Joe” would not have even offered to service your units up to a full year (like Sears will IF YOU choose to not buy the protection agreement).

    You people really need to get a grip. If you didn’t want the protection agreement then you only had the mfg warranty to go on. And if you don’t know what a mfg warranty is you really should read one. They are TOTALLY WORTHLESS.

    But sears trys to sell you a product they offer “a protection agreement” …not “an extended warranty”. HAVE YOU EVER READ WHAT A PROTECTION AGREEMENT OFFERS??….there are thirty-two (32) points to a protection agreement that has you covered for either 3 or 5 years.

    So stop your b1tching or quit buying from sears.

    go to home depot or lows….where the do not even offer a “protection agreement” !!

  • Sear’s Products are ‘Made in China’ CRAP

    We just received a notice from Sear’s, stating that our Washer qualify’s for a FREE upgrade of the control board. It will take 2 weeks to get the part and then we have to schedule the repair technician to come out and install it. At least we don’t have to pay…

    Now if they admit there is a problem with the Dryers, maybe I’ll start shopping at Sears again. Of course I’ll only be buying American made products…

  • Sear’s Products are ‘Made in China’ CRAP

    2 years ago, we too bought a Sears Kenmore Elite, Oasis He Washer & Dryer (‘sale’ cost was over $1300), based on the very high marks given by Consumers Report. Being that I am an Engineer and fairly mechanically inclined, we passed on the extended warranty. Just after the 1 year basic warranty ran out, the dryer died. The Owners manual indicated that it was the main Control board. I ordered a new one, installed it and it ran fine for about a week, then died again. Since it was giving the same errors again, I ordered yet another board and this one didn’t work at all. When I called customer service, they refused to believe me, stating that I must have installed it improperly (replacing the board is basically a plug and play operation that any idiot could figure out)!!! I agreed to pay to have a Sears technician come out and check the problem. Yup, the Main control board was bad!! He had to order yet another board, as the company doesn’t allow the Technicians to keep parts on hand. Each time a part was ordered, it took a week to arrive, so my Dryer was out of service for a total of about 4 weeks. Once the Tech had the 4th board installed, the machine seems to work correctly. I had to fight with Sears to get my money back for the 2 BAD boards that they sent me, but finally they did refund the money (only after I agreed to pay for the extended warranty) Ohhh and by the way, the Control Boards are manufactured in CHINA!!!

    Now less than 2 years from the date of purchase and my Washer is acting up.. continued F1 errors, forcing us to babysit the wash cycle. With all the reported problems, it seems that these products should be recalled. Maybe I’ll just pull the ‘Discount Tire’ return policy on them and shove the piece of CRAP through their store front!!! With all internal parts coming from China, Top of the line products are just as much a piece of junk as the cheap stuff. Guess I won’t waste my money at SEARS anymore. Ohhh and I cancelled my subscription to Consumers Report too. I can find better, more accurate information reading the blogs by other feed up consumers, than the stuff Consumers Reports gets paid to publish!!!

  • Mary OK

    I’ve read these comments but I still plan to go forward with a Kenmore washer and dryer – but I will buy the warranty plans because it seems all of these new appliances are electronic rather than mechanical. I wonder if we are all overdoing it with technology.

    I bought a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher and I am very happy with it after four months. Bosch makes many of the dishwashers, but I think my model is a Frigidare.

    It used to be that you could buy a washer/dryer and they would last forever, but now the most you are going to get out of them is 12 years.

    It just seems that with these new high efficiency front load models, things happen. I saw the repair figures from consumer reports. Kenmore didn’t rank with the least repairs, but pretty close.

    The HE5 washer/dryers are very highly rated. I notice that the washer I plan to purchase is a new model not yet rated. It is also three hundred dollars cheaper. I had to print out the product manuals and figure out what was different. For three hundred dollars less, you would think it would be a major change but not what I could see.

    I have had only good experiences with Sears repair service and delivery and the sales experience in the store.

    The lesson I learned here is that I should buy the protection agreements. The technology is still too new, it seems. It is disappointing that a washing machine and dryer aren’t going to last 25 years like they used to.

  • Angel

    I think and expect that the future of the washers and dryers machines in America are definetely with Microsoft.
    F…k Kenmore , Whirlpool, GE, and others. I’ll be waiting for my Apple washer & dryer some of these days.
    Meanwhile we can go to the river to wash clothes by hand on the rocks and socialize like in the times of our grandmothers.

  • Maria

    of dissatisfied customers. I bought the Elite series 2 years ago. The washer has been trouble since the beginning and is now broken. It will Power on but will not start. I hope to get it fixed quickly and dump them both before the dryer breaks. I am no longer a Sears customer. I guess I am spoiled because my old GE washer and dryer were over 20 years old and never gave me any trouble. They were still working great when I “upgraded”. 🙁

  • Elizabeth

    I wish a hundred times that I would have bought a cheaper washer and dryer. At least I wouldnt be out Of alot of money. I sure have learned my lesson but a very hard way.This washer and dryer is nothing but a bunch of junk.

  • beverley Pearce

    To all of you who have had problems with the Kenmore Elite Oasis washer and dryer,I sympathize with you.
    Can we all start a class action suit against Sears? Does anyone know how to get this started? We bought a Kenmore Elite Oasis H3 and matching dryer in August of 2006. Two months ago problems started. We have an extended warranty but the hours we have waited for repair-men has added up to 28 hours so far. First, there was a rattle during the spin cycle and that took two repair calls to fix. Next, the door came unlocked in the middle of a cycle and the machine would not spin. The repair-man ran the machine on a short cycle with no clothes and it worked but an hour after he left the machine stopped again. So far we have had seven repair visits in the past two months. On the last visit the repair man ordered a part (a new board) but the wrong part was shipped and he had to order the correct part. Finally, we are waiting for the part and another visit from the technician. This has been a stressful situation that has caused waisted hours and dirty laundry for months. We paid 2,839.00 for the top of the line washer and dryer without knowing that these products were lemons. Is there any recourse for the consumer? I appreciate any feedback you can provide. Thanks

  • Anthony

    I sympathize with the folks who have posted issues with Kenmore products. I shelled out over $1,600 for a Kenmore Elite HE4 washer and dryer set also thinking that I was buing a top of the line product from a company that stands behind their products. I was way off. I have had nothing but problems with both units and I refuse to pay for the $300 – $400 in per unit estimates to fix the issues – error codes, door locks, mildew smells, drum vibrations, etc. I have resorted to a home remedy for the washer and I am honestly using furniture packing rubber bands to suspend the control unit from the washer frame to prevent vibrations from locking up a cycle. It is really too bad. You open the covers of these and they look brand new, but perform like crap. My previuos washer and dryer set was an el cheepo GE that lasted 15 years and was still donatable when I upgraded to Kenmore Elite. I agree with other posts in that I should not have to buy a warranty for an elite product, but I should have been suspect with only a one year manufacturer warranty. I am sure my Kenmore Elite’s will be parked out on my curb very shortly awaiting retirement to landfill. I have heard great things about Bosch durability from first hand experience of friends and family. Will look hard at this brand for my next purchase.

  • In the three years we have had our front loading Kenmore washer from Sears the repair men have been out about a half dozen times. We did by the extended warrantee at $188 but we were billed $350.00 we refused the charge, Sears said “Sorry, that happens alot”

    Two months ago the guy comes out and replaces the pump, gives us the part and tells us to NOT use HE compatible soap, only REAL HE. Oh, where is THAT in the booklet? He says it’s now in the new contracts.

    I’ve been married 30 years and prior to this 1500 dollar lemon our washers lasted 12 years and 15 so why would we even think that this new and improved version would not be just as great.

    It’s not. Sears has gone down hill with service and they don’t back up the product.

    The last repair man said we need a new pump, thinking were were in luck because the part was under warrantee the repair man stated that the pump was not replaced. Unfortunately we were smart to ask for theh part but stupid to toss it out, who would have guessed it was a fake part! UURRRGGGG.

    Also our close come out with oil like stains on them and that I can not figure out. We have been using the washer in the basement, a Maytag that is 10 years old, bought it off Craigs list and works great. I’m done with Sears and their front LOADS the offer.

  • T.R.

    We too have experienced the marginal quality of appliances with the SEARS name on it. We bought several new appliances from them (washer/dryer/refirgerator) and two of the three failed within two years. The “frig” has failed several times and on one occassion could’ve started a fire. In fact, we called the fire department because we could not locate where the nearly invisible smoke was coming from. It took the fire department nearly an hour to find it themselves. I too have worked for large companies selling large appliances and the customer service is no longer part of the Sears culture. I can give you folks an even better example. One of the gifts we bought for our son one Christmas was an extra battery for a power drill (Sears model.) The clerk “guessed” at what we needed saying he could exchange it. Guess what, when he did they charged him five dollars to restock. I am suspect of people on this thread who are avidly defending Sears, I suspect they may be employees or stock holders otherwise it makes no sense. We too will no longer shop at Sears, nor will either of our sons. BTW..we are essentially cash customers. Oh yeah, as far as extended warranties…oh please! One of the companies I worked for paid us a perk to sell that crap because it’s a numbers game for them. They aren’t concerned about the consumer. It’s another way to dip into the customer’s pocket. I’ve seen those companies find loopholes in ext. warranties as well. If you build a good product that is reliable OR slap your name on one you represent as reliable then an ext. warranty should not even be mentioned. Problem is…Sears does not equal quality any longer.

  • Linda S

    DO NOT BUY THESE! Kenmore Elite Oasis Canyon washer and dryer. Big mistake. I have had all of the problems that everyone else has had. First the board on the dyer goes,they did replace the dryer. Then the washer goes off balance all the time. The repair guy told me I wasn’t putting the laundry in evenly! PLEASE! The hinges rusted out on the washer lid, clothes come out of washer with big dry spots on them and the clotes never smell clean,the water cycles kept cycling, needed a new board, the dryer is always flashing AF(low air flow). You would think that the dryer would shut off when this happens, no, it continues to run and will not shut off by itself. This is a fire hazard if you ask me. Thank goodness we purchased a warranty. The sales people at Sears just shake their heads when we tell them. We just bought a new set that does not have any fancy electronic control panel. Just the old fashioned turn the knob and push the button and the washer has an agitator. It is however another Sears product. It is the 800 series. I pray that we don’t have anymore problems. We did by another warranty though. What recourse do we have??? I would like to sell the Oasis set, but would feel very guilty in doing so. I think we will donate.

  • Mary Kay

    we purchased our Kenmore Elite Oasis HE washer & dryer in MArch of 2006. The washer quit working before the first year warranty expired. Sears replaced the “mother board”. Within three months it quit again. Same problem. This time because of the time involved with Sears repair service we had an independent service company repair it. At that time my husband was in the hospital with congestive heart failure and I could not be home at the times Sears requested. Since then the dryer has been out of commission several times “F” codes flashing. We ordered a new mother board and my husband replaced it. That has only lasted one week and now it is flashing again. Every encounter with Sears has been unsatisfactory. We are retired on a fixed income and purchased these machines so we would not have any problems. We also read the consumer reports that were positive. This has turned out to be the biggest nightmare in our 50 years of marriage. Never again.

  • Dan

    Bought a entire appliance set for our new home, paid 500 dollar install fee, first the Sears delivery team ran into a power poll backing up when they missed my drive way, then they just took the appliances out of the boxes and stuck them in the holes where they go, when they left nothing was installed or worked, had to call 3 more tech’s to come out and do what sears said was an install. Sears has seen the last of me.

  • Vincent J. Feconda

    I bought the Kenmore elite osasis washer, what a mistake! This washer is a piece of junk. It has ruined all my cloths. It rips them to shreds including 1200 thread count sheets, leaks some type of oil, (yes they have replaced the transmission twice)which stains my cloths and leaves the cloths in a twisted ball which inturn throws water all over my laundry room.

    I have had 4 differient repaire men out here 5 times and it still isn’t fixed.One told me to only put one sheet in at a time. The error light comes on all the time and you have to add water to the fabric softener port.

    THIS IS ONE PIECE OF JUNK! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SEARS PRODUCT AGAIN! I make sure to tell everybody of my problem with Sears and have steered at least 20 people who were in the market to buy a washer to go to Lowes or someplace else, anyplace but Sears.

    Instead of giving Sears’s top brass a “Performace bonus” they should be fired!



  • Rajesh Lahoti

    I am having the exact same issue – why don’t we file a class action lawsuit and see if that gets Sears’ attention?

  • StephC

    We bought the Kenmore Elite way back when they first came out. I had researched for quite some time before buying, and bought this set because it was the “Best.” Ha! I had so many problems with that washer. I can’t even remember how many times I had the techs come out to fix it. I kept buying the extended warranties every year because I knew I would have to have someone come out at least once a year. At one point, the lady I was on the phone w/ to schedule another appointment said that if I had to have someone come out one more time, they would replace it under the lemon law. Well, I had to call someone again, and was told that nope, I was told wrong, because they had to REPLACE parts 3 times, not just service it and fix it 3 times. I was LIVID! So, once again my washer wouldn’t work, tech came out the very next day and the washer worked fine so there was nothing he could do about it. The very next day after that, same thing happened and it wouldn’t work. This time, while I was on the phone to schedule them again, I recorded what it was doing to prove to the tech what was going on with it. Once the lady heard I was recording it, she put me on hold and a few minutes later another lady came on the phone and said because I had had so many problems over the years with this washer, they were going to replace it for me. FINALLY!!!! OMG, I was so thrilled to hear that. So, after all of the crap I had gone through over the years, they finally jumped when they found out I was recording it. I finally went with a Samsung washer, I’ve had it for over a year and NO problems with it at all. I LOVE it! But let me tell you, I was so nervous picking out a washer. I had supposedly bought “the best” and it was a junker from the get go. I read all of the reviews, researched over and over, and finally just had to bite the bullet and pick one. Now, the dryer (the elite from kenmore) isn’t working, and I have decided I am buying a cheapy one. Not spending another penny towards it.

  • Paula Jackson

    I purchased a Kenmore “elite” washer and dryer about three years ago and have had nothing but problems with the washer. It seems the only thing”elite”about it is the multitude of errors that seem to occur during a wash cycle. I have given up on Sears and their contracted service “repair” guys. I will NEVER buy Sears again. Their quality of service and product is laughable.

  • ashley

    Boy…I figure I’ll just add my wonderful story to the mix…I purchased a Kenmore Elite HE 5t. Last Sunday. The machince cost $1399, I thought I was getting a deal when I got the closeout floor model price of $800.00 The machine was delivered and installed (an extra 75 dollars, plus the 10 for the removal – of a machine I wish I would have kept mind you). I tried my machine for the first time last night, and after a few F20 errors, I now have a destroyed bathroom floor, a ruined hallway carpet (as the amount of water left the bathroom carpet and seeped under the wall), and a water damage antique hope chest. The water the entered the machine did not leave through the drain, nor did it stay in the drum, it leaked out from underneath the machine and into the carpet. The repair man has just left and found that the one of the hoses that sensed the water level in the machine wasn’t even connected. Connecting the hose and fixing the problem would have just been too easy though. It didn’t solve the problem. I’ve got the one year warrenty from time of purchase…after seeing all of the problems you’ve had with this product, I’m not even going to try for a new machine. I wish I had my 20 year old machine…

  • Sherry

    I bought an Elite washer and dryer back in 2001..when the touch controls first came out. I started having trouble with wash cycle not starting very early on (18 mo) but if you shut it down it would start next time. Now it works about half the time..the rest of the time, I use the diagnostics program to get it to agitate..Very disappointed as I love the features.
    Pondered replacing motherboard ourselves, but due to repairman saying usually motor would burn up shortly anyway, we have not.

    One thing I think contributed to this problem is power surges and brownouts–we are in rural area and had low power periods daily–especially when local factories would start up. We had to replace many things that had a circuitboard in them, like TV, microwave, computer, 3 phone systems–in a few year period. Got to be any time there was a thunderstorm the electric would go on and off quickly, and I would just get the keys to go buy a new phone system! An IS person at work told me I should put a surge protector–at least one!–on anything with a computer circuit, to protect it. I have done that, using the small ones for radios, etc, and it has helped. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about the washer and dryer! But it was too late for them anyway by the time I found out.
    I think with all the info coming out now about things made in China–food etc–we need to look hard at buying items that we know were manufactured properly. My daughter was engaged to a young man from mainland China for a year, his parents came here to exchange gifts, as is their custom..it was ironic that when I shopped for their gift–everything I looked at as representative of our culture–was made in CHina! Once I started looking, it was shocking..just how much industry and jobs have gone somewhere else. And we don’t care because the item is $5 or $10 cheaper than it was 20 years ago.
    As long as I am on my soapbox..as an economics major long ago, one of the foundation theories was allocation of scarce resources..we cannot continue to buy appliances of metal and plastic and hazmat materials, and toss them out after a year or two because they no longer work. Likewise, I should not have to get rid of my 6 year old Cadillac (which I also love) with only 115000 mi because the repair bills are breaking me! (plus the fact that it has depreciated to a value of only $9900 from the original $42000, my husband hates it but I like to buy American and I love a cushy car as we travel a lot).
    It is time that America returned to quality, not quantity. The natural resources are simply not going to be available for us to continue to use the majority of the worlds raw materials and then just throw them away. As we are a market economy, we vote by where we spend our money..we have had a great ride, but it is time to protect the future of the world..we cannot have it all indefinitely.

  • Ken

    Wow, after 34 years our Kenmore top loading washer died. Kenmore=Whirlpool on some models, or Frigidaire on others, then they tell me Whirlpool is owned by Maytag. Maybe I’ll get washboard and a bucket. So I’m looking at a Bosch, solid German-made for 50 years? Similar prices and a better warranty….if I can believe anyone? K

  • Diane

    I bought 5 new Kenmore products in June of 2005. Washer, dryer, fridg, microwave and dishwasher. Before the warranty was up, I had to have work done on 4 of them and now my dryer has went for the second time!!! I have always bought Kenmore products because they last forever but fixing 4 out of 5 and they are only 3yrs old is making me nuts. Yes, I was offered the extended warranty/master protection plan but it is very expensive and I have never had this much trouble before and never twice on the same item. I am wondering if Sear/Kenmore is making new items that are not as good just to get you frustrated enough to buy all the extra warranty crap. There are products bought in the 70’s that are still in working order. I expect to get a lemon now and then but really, 4 out of 5 all bought at the same time?????? Probably won’t buy anymore Kenmore products!

  • The Kenmore Elite He3 and He4 have numerous design flaws. There are even a few class action lawsuits occuring. KNOWN issues should be warranted, period. (Hence the class action lawsuits) We did not design the circuit boards with cheap non-humidity proof switches. Didn’t Sears/Whirlpool know that it gets damp near washers and dryers? Try this fix, it works for me each time I need to run a load.

  • Wendy

    Wow…should I sell my Kenmore Elite dryer before it starts freaking out on me? I just bought it used and got it for a real good deal…no wonder!

  • Wow. The comments on here are funny. I buy ALL Sears appliances. I had a refrigerator that I had for nearly 10 years and I bought the house with it, so it was way over 10 years old. I had to just give it away because it still worked after many years and no repairs.

    I bought the bottom drawer refrig to replace that, about $800, the low-end washer $200, and the HE washer $700.00 all around the same time.

    I am very happy with my choices. And why I am surprised at these comments is that Sears is a phantom in that they don’t make this stuff. My washer is made by Whirlpool or somebody else. I saw the exact same one in a store but with a different name and $100 more.

    That’s why I’m surprised. It’s who made it not where you bought it.


  • Jacki Unger

    Seems like most all the problems concentrate around early 2006 – that’s when I remodeled & wanted top of the line appliances (hopefully to last for my duration). I’d owned Kenmore appliances for 50 years & my parents before me & swore by our choice. I purchased the Kenmore Elite HE Oasis (special ordered black).
    That was April, the 1st service call was 12/28/06 & there have been about 4 since, & I’m expecting another tomorrow. One of the major problems – couldn’t shut the d… thing off, had to flip the breaker, then there were all kinds of wierd codes – demonic machine had a mind of it’s own. What a disappointed this store has become.

  • Sherry

    I bought my oasis set in may of 2006. Tech was at my house 6 times in the year or manuf. warrenty. You should not have that many problems with a new appliance in the first year. The tech that came out usually the same one said that It’s a new model and the techs did not know how to fix them. They were resorting to the books that come with the machine. Ok, that was 06 I had problems off and on in 07 and now in 08 just a few months ago my machine has a mind of it’s own. I turn it on and it has to finish calibrating before it will let me select anything. It also beeps non stop. Once load is done I have to immediatly remove my load other wise it starts spitting water back into the machine. not to mention it still beeps the whole time. I have to unplug it from the wall when not in use because it will come on by itself in the middle of the snd beep and start spurting water. It’s a horrible machine I did not purchase extended warrenty either because I did surf the net to see if there were any complaints and looked at consumer reports. It was to new of a machine for people to start realizing the magnitude of problems this machine was going to have. My dryer no flashes F45 and stops running. I too had a Ge for about 15 years and NEVER had a problem. I think I’ll just buy a new set and it will not be Kenmore and won’t be from Sears….

  • Jenn

    To all of you who have complained about the Sears Oasis line of washers and dryers – I am right there with you. But I must urge you to contact the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-382-4357 and file a complaint. If enough people file complaints about this product, then they will launch an investigation. I have both the washer and dryer. I purchased them in March of 2006. I did not purchase a extended warranty. I started having problems very early on, but then in February of ’07, the motherboard on the dryer went out. Took them 3 months to fix! Now, the power supply mother board on the washer has gone out! I refuse to wait that long to get it fixed and I called every number I could find for Sears to complain. I am getting action, but still have dirty wet clothes locked in my washer!

    Please don’t just complain on websites like this, but take action! The FTC personnel were very nice and actually urged me to get online on these type of complaint websites to encourage others who are unhappy with these poorly built, poorly tested appliances that cost us all an arm and a leg and now don’t work as promised to do something about it!



  • Rob

    Our Kenmore FE Loader worked for about 6 months, and now we are in the same boat. The ring in the front loosens over time and leaks into our basement. We have had 4 technicians “fix” this issue only to have it leak again with a week.

    We actually had a technician document that the product is faulty and the washer needs to be replaced. Sears over-ruled his recommendation and requested that we have yet another tech come out and examine the issue. He “fixed” it today and then told us about how we don’t know how to do laundry.

    We purchased all of the extended plans etc. and still Sears refuses to accept that it is broken.
    In fact their “lemon law” department told us the front door is not a functioning part of the washer and does not qualify as a defect requiring replacement of the machine. Can someone explain how to me how to run a front-end loader without a front end?

    We are now seeking legal advice. I will update this log if I get any promising news.

  • Letty Templeton

    we have now been without a washer for over 3 month!! Thank god the repair man that we are using has loaned us a washer. Although it is a basic model which runs hot water at least i can wash towels and sheets and some other necessities..but as far as some of my good clothes that cant be washed in hot not only do we have to find a washateria but we also have that expense …..we have been put off 3 times on this mother board saying that it has been back ordered and then we were told there was a strike at the plant that makes it and now we have been told that it might be recalled… we bought several appliances from sears when we remodeled our house, and three of them have already had to be repaired.. unfortunately the repairmen have to catch the flack…. why doesnt sears take responsibility for their product. they sure didnt mind taking our money!!!!!!

  • Leslie Quick

    Bought the Sears Kenmore Elite HE5 steam washer and dryer set in twilight blue… on August 14th, 2008. Worked beautifully for the first 3 weeks. THEN, the dryer started making a terrible noise on every turn of the drum. And within that same week, the washer started leaking onto the floor. After reading all of the negative reviews, I told them I just wanted my money back. The Sears One Source 800 # said I could do that by paying a restocking fee of 15% or else let the technician come out since it was still under a 90 day satisfaction guarantee and 1 year warranty. Technician was supposed to show up today between 8a.m. and 12 noon. Never showed, never called. I had to call at 12:30 and they said the technician would call me right back to give an estimated time of arrival. Never called. I called again at 1:15p.m. and told them I wanted to get rid of the set and that I did not want to pay any restocking fee. They took my credit card # and information and supposedly will be calling me within 24 hours to arrange to remove the washer and dryer. Supposedly I won’t have to pay any restocking fee. Alleluia. I’m going to look into a traditional top loader that my husband is able to fix should anything go wrong. Hopefully they still make this in a non-computerized style somewhere. If not, I will research foreign made and I will only go with word of mouth reviews from people I know who are satisfied with the product they bought. No more consumer report lies for me.

  • Laura

    I also did my research, but here’s the problem:
    You are buying a new product, and the research is based on what the tests for this new product goes through; however, those testing don’t have access to the product for years; typically only months. So if you were going to buy the HE3 now, you’d find all these issues and use that to make your buying decision. Back when these first came out, you didn’t have that as an option.

    My friendly Sears technician (# 3 in as many weeks) just fixed my problem, and kindly started a load for me without being asked. I purchased a 3 year warranty; however, I’m in my 4th year and that’s when the F11 started flashing. One tech said it was the central control board; another said it was the motor control board. #2 ordered the Motor board; #3 thought it was the central, but installed the Motor board because he didn’t have the central in his truck. He then got this washer to work. But, he suggested I order a minimum 1 year, in case F11 started flashing and it turned out to be both the motor and central. So I just signed up for a 2 year MA contract. He also told me that since I’d been using full strength detergent (though a smaller amount) that it could impact the bearings … they typically have to replace those at a large cost. Now, I’m prepared for the F11, and the bearings to break!!

    I HATE to pay for add’l warranty because it screams ‘defective warning’ to me, and I expect better products out of Sears; now I know better!

  • Alexandria (and other above): An inside tip. If you are not getting satisfaction from the service department, take your case to the store manager. If you don’t get relief there, call Sears Corporate in Schaumburg, IL. You won’t believe how fast the phone will ring back to the store manager.

    I also have the Kenmore Elite. I haven’t had problems with its operation, but we bought ours about five years ago. My problem was getting the pedestals delivered without dings. I had four delivered at various times, all dented from the box. The fourth time the delivery dispatch called to tell me the fifth one was going to be the last one, dinged or not. I called the store manager and politely told him in no uncertain terms would I accept a dented pedestal.

    Fifth time was a charm.

  • KS

    We purchased a full line of appliances from Sears just a few years ago and, much to my annoyance, after about 13 months, I attempted to clean my self-cleaning oven and received an error code. As it was past the warranty (despite the fact that I rarely cook and only actually used the self-clean feature twice) I thought I would let it go as I wasn’t going to pay to have that particular non-essential feature serviced.

    Now, starting last week, my Kenmore front loading washer has decided to breakdance across the floor whenever it’s used. Upon researching the issue, I find that the bearings tend to go on these units with some regularity, costing more than the price of the washer to repair.

    As they are both less than 5 years old, it is reasonable to expect that they would still be functional and usable. An issue such as a bearing going on a washer, a crucial part, should be covered for the better part of the advertised life of the product. Not a mere fraction of it.

    I will be purchasing a new washer as opposed to having this one repaired. My apologies to the environment as it will be a cheaper top loader that I will consider disposable if after a few years it decides to self destruct. This has been a lesson learned regarding both high end appliance purchases and Sears as well as I cannot believe that anyone feels Sears is in any way justified regardless of what they offer you in terms of extended warranties etc. Their cavalier attitude will likely result in their demise as a respected, reputable company.
    Purchasing high end appliances should not be comparable to a day at the casino.
    Will I get lucky?!?

  • Will

    Just an update on my Kenmore Elite products from the post above. Well we ended up buying the service plans on all of them and are putting them up for sale locally. I had to chuckle when Sears called and wanted me to pay 3 yrs in advance for service plans on all of the products. We said no thanks and told them we are selling these next year when the service plan is close to being up.

    We just put in another service call for the dishwasher (3 times now) and also for the 3’rd time on the refrigerator. Plastic door latches and plastic shelves the crack and break if something falls out of the refridgerator does not seem like a good idea especially if it is cheap plastic. Not to mention the buttons to open up the meat and fruit tray will not come out now.

    The service guy was out here last week to fix the microwave because it did not heat. I feel sorry for Sears because the cost of the repair guy driving 120 miles round trip has to cost not to mention his time. And this is good buisness in Sears eye……

    Again folks keep it simple and stupid, buy cheap ones that you throw out and replace forget this “high tech” crap from China.

  • mm

    The amazing thing is that nothing goes wrong until just after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. These are typical crap american products. Over-engineered and under-warrantied. Poor to non-existent documentation, indecipherable error conditions. No available customer support, but to schedule a local fix-it guy to come and kick the tires. Ridiculous. Just a scheme to sell you the “protection” policy for a product they know is sub-standard.

    I, too, had a whirlpool generic w/d combo that was 25 years old. 25 years! These POS lasted 15 months. Never Sears, never again. They are all that is wrong with American products. I’d rather pay a 2x premium (never mind what the exchange is going to rake us for) to buy something from a Bosch, or Miehle, or something that is going to either last or have a real manufacturer to stand behind.

    I cannot say this often or clearly enough: DO NOT BUY THE KENMORE ELITE ANYTHING.

  • Brett

    I to will never buy another sears product. I have the Kenmore Elite washer and dryer. The handle on the dryer has broken off twice – a terrible design!!! The washer has been called for service 3 times in 8 months. Error code, beeping, stopping in the middle of the cycle – all the same problems everybody else reports. My last not very fancy washer and dryer without a computer on it lasted 15 years with out a service call. This thing is a hunk of junk and I also refuse to buy the service plan. I’ve never boughgt a service plan on anything before and never looked back. This time, I’m not so sure. The waiting for repair person is a joke also. I was told they would be out between 8-12 3 days prior to my appointment and then the night before they called and said sorry it would be between 11-3. That is ridiculous – can’t wait around forever for somebody to come and fix my washer every month.

  • Janice Danbury, CT

    WOW! I am so sorry for you but quite happy its not only me……… I am so disgusted with Sears. We too have the Kenmore Elite Oasis, dream washer/dryer but we paid full price. They stink and are only 16 months old! The washer constantly refuses to spin, if you notice is does not have a spin only cycle either, so once restarted you need to waste water in order to spin your clothes. When It goes into a spin cycle is bounces around my basement and then goes in to a UL code and the lid unlocks itself. Three weeks ago, just past the MR expiration it flooded half our basement! The water was almost covering the base of my brand new eliptical! When we called Sears to complain they told us our warranty expired but for the LOW cost of $227.56 we can have a new warranty and they can send someone to our home for repair in TWO weeks. Lucky us, we were off to our local laundromat a place I used to frequent BEFORE I spent $2,000 on a high-end washer/dryer.

    Today was our big day… the tech was to come to our home between 8-12, my husband took a vacation day from work. At 9:12 when the repair man called our home it was the one minute my husband in the loo. No phone number was left, just a message Hi this is sears sorry you were not home. At 9:20 a representative called our home to reschedule our appointment. Needless to say I was irate and spent the day on the phone with Sears Repair. Now we are rescheduled for Saturday, after I refused to relent and let poor “Bob” off the phone. I am happy to read all of these blogs so I can be prepared to go back to the laundromat this weekend too! Please respond we are very willing to go for a class action suit. This is a very inferior product! Not only did we drop the inital money we have had to spend money at the laundromat, on a wet vac to clear out the 4 inches of water in our basement and replace our wrkout mats and equipemnt. UGH!

  • Alexandria Jackson

    Oh Marie, I’m glad you have your sense of humor. But you’ll never be bored at Sears, you’ll be bored at home waiting for the technician…..

  • Marie Hollers

    Well just a quick update….. Technician showed up yesterday to install the “upgraded” control panel to my washing machine. I should have known something was up when he looked doubtful as soon as he took one look at the machine. He put it in and it seemed to fix the problem *no more beeping and random cycling*. Then he turned to me and said that it sounds like the bearing on the drum is getting ready to go. I said “It’s sounded like that since the day I bought it”. Then he asked me if I had the service agreement and when I said I didn’t I might as well have said I had 6 weeks to live.
    Anyways 30 minutes after he left the machine started beeping again and throwing random error codes up like they were popcorn. Needless to say I caved this morning and called up and ordered the master plan at 129$ for the full year. The only consolation I have is that they are going to get sick of coming to my house because if this machine so much as smells funny Im calling. Which reminds me….I have to call monday and set up a time for them to come out since it just came on by itself again even with the lid wide open and no clothes in it…can anybody say exorcist.
    Like so many others have said DON”T BUY KENMORE PRODUCTS!!! I’ve already told all my family and friends and I’m thinking of having a t-shirt made that says it just so I can walk around sears during days I’m bored.

  • Will

    We spent well of 5K on all new appliances to include refridge, wash, dry, stove, microwave and all of them but the stove and dryer have had something gone wrong with them. This was the Kenmore Elilite series product line. Microwave light bulbs 22.50 a pop, Washer circuit board $454 and now the Microwave wont heat and the plastic latch on the fridge broke and the list goes on.

    Like so many other customers we expected to buy quality products that last more then 5 yrs before breaking but instead we get something that only last only 15 months and breaks. And all of the Manufactures and Dealers want to do is have you pay for the Extended Warranties and “Master Protection Plan” on top of the profit margin for the products themselves.

    Parts are being sold to customers 2 to 3 times what they cost and of course the fees that technician charges for the initial visit plus each appliance he looks at.

    The bottom line is that manufactures do not make products like they used to do. So it is unrealistic to think most anything you buy today will last 5 yrs. So dont buy the TOP brand models and KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

    To the guy that is a dealer here, if you tell your customers that the Kenmoore Elites series products WILL break in less then 24 months and they need to buy the Master Plan or look at something else then I can respect that.

    But,if you casually mention it during the sales deal and act like its no big deal then that rates up there with a used car salesman.

    All of us hate buying junk, but it is what it is. Our intent is to sell all of these appliances before the end of the extended warranty that I did purchase and go with something simple.

    As far as Kenmoore Elite is concerned. DONT BUY

  • Alexandria

    It’s sad when you have to feel relieved each and every time the machines function as they should. I hold my breath with every load. I am still surprised at the people who write in that it’s our tough luck. Sears has generated a lot of negativity with products they won’t stand behind. I’m sorry for everyone who has bought these machines.

  • Marie Hollers

    I don’t care what anybody says, I completely agree with alexandria. I too bought a Kenmore Elite Oasis 14 months ago and just last night during dinner it came on by itself. Now its cycling randomly through the spin speed cycle and beeping none stop. I payed 900$ for this machine because it could do alot of laundry and I have a husband and 6 children whose laundry I have to do several times a week. I also did my research and thought it to be a good product. My previous washer last 16 years and I payed 250$ for it…never had a single problem. I just thank God I didn’t buy the dryer which I was thinking of doing this year.
    Anyways I called got the run around….70$ for a tech to come out blah blah. Then after doing some research read about the recalled control board and called them again. When I brought it up they admitted to it and now they are sending someone out in two weeks to replace it. If this machine has more issues I will personally see it to the dump and head out to buy a regular old 350$ washing machine at leats it will do the job the Oasis isn’t doing right now.

  • Linda Eckley

    We bought a kenmore elite about 1 1/2 years ago. It was such a big washing tub. Then all of a sudden, the washer kept stopping and reading a F on it. Well my husband called sear’s. Well they came out a week later, and the repair man say’s he needed a part. he will have to order it, which now take’s longer. Then they will send someone out AGAIN!! Well haven’t heard anything yet! I’m ticked off!!! Then the service guy tell’s my husband, you shouldn’t wash your rug’s with rubber backing in them, WHAT!! Should I just trough them away. Then he said, when you put the big bath towel’s in to wash, don’t throw the hand towel’s in with them!! WHAT!!! I am soooo discusted I can scream. I will not buy anything at sear’s again, I have had it. Thank’s for listning.

  • You walked out of the store with the manufacturer’s warranty which was 12 months. Sears offered you a Master Protect Agreement where THEY would take on the responsibility for 5 years. You refused.

    It has now been 15+ months. Sears is not responsible for your appliance breaking past the warranty. Try taking something back to Wal-Mart 15 months later and see how far you get.

    Sears does a damn good job of telling people about those Master Protection Agreements. They are worth their weight in gold if you ask me. Sears will ALWAYS stand behind them no matter what the manufacturer says or does.

    Just like a car, appliances need maintenance. The MPA is a great way to get yearly maintenance for free.

    You said “no”, Sears said “ok” and now it’s broke. Who is to blame? Not Sears!

  • Alexandria

    Well said.
    “Top of the line” Bah.

  • Lisa

    Today, I search the internet for answers as my Kenmore Elite, which was purchased at Sears 13 months ago, was giving me a variety of error signals and not filling with water. (yes the water was on, I checked that first) Now I find these comments and I am horrified. It sounds like the variety of signals make me a winner of a new interface thingy! I agree that a protection plan was offered to me but I agree with Alexandria, include that in the price if it is needed but if I pay SOOOO MUCH for the top of the line, why is it not top of the line? When you look at this from a green perspective, why are we making items that use so much of our materials that only are built to last a year? This disgusts me.

  • Vonise

    I will NEVER, EVER buy anything from Sears again!!! I am stuck with the Oasis Elite washer and dryer and did buy the 5 year warranty. These machines have been nothing but trouble and grief since I purchased them 18 months ago. I just had the repairman out today for the 5th time in about 14 months. He has already replaced 2 parts in the washer and tells me that he can’t find anything wrong with the dryer, or with the washer which continues to do the rumba on the rinse cycle, go out of balance if you put more than a miniscule amount of laundry into it, and DOES NOT CLEAN MY CLOTHES! I’m sure many of you have been dismayed to see that the washer also tends to eat your clothes with its frentic pulling and jagged motions.Sears customer service stinks. I do not have the lifespan to wait through the damned eternal voice menus anymore and then wait to be scheduled for “service” and finally be a prisoner of my house while waiting for the repairman to show up. The lemon replacement policy is a joke: you need to have 4 parts replaced within a 12 month time period in order for Sears to replace an appliance. Fat chance that they will allow that to happen. It took them 6 weeks to mail me the replacement parts for the washer. The repairman had told me that he would bring the parts the following week and install them. As I said, that did not happen. After I waited 2 weeks, I had to call Sears and track down everything myself—the parts hadn’t arrived because they had never been ordered. I had to keep calling Sears to make those parts appear in 6 weeks. Left up to them, the parts would have never arrived. When I finally received the parts, I had to call those losers again to schedule the repairman. They call this service? I paid over $2000 for top of the line machines with a 5 year service policy. Like many of you, I researched through Consumer Reports (Bah!) and relied on the Sears/Kenmore reputation that I had known as a child. Obviously, the world has changed drastically. Sears is Sears in name only. The smartest thing I can do now is junk their worthless, useless appliances and buy anything else—a bucket and scrub board would be an improvement at this point—and then make those incompetent nincompoops refund the balance of my “service policy.”If a class action suit is going to be filed, please include me!

  • Matt Lloyd

    We have had nothing but problems with our just over 1 year old HE4 dryer that dries clothes at the speed of hanging out clothes on a clothes line, after code and panels replaced it is now out of warranty. Then, the HE3 washing machine we bought at the same time has had a panel installed under warranty, after a service call to fix the machine because it would not turn on, I was informed a switch was bad in the door. The tech said I could go ahead and buy an extended warranty for $180.00 which would cover the repair and still have a warranty left if something else goes wrong. Well…….it did, the shocks on the drum BROKE and the drum then hit the lower panel damaging the lower panel. The Tech said the repair would cost over $800.00 which he in turn offered us a $500.00 voucher toward another unit. When my wife asked him to just fix the problem he said that $500.00 was their limit, and did you not read the small print?? He also informed us that he runs in to this all the time, but that he is only the messenger. There was no small print when we bought the warranty because we bought it over the phone right then with the verbal “when anything goes wrong it will be covered”
    I am very dissapointed in the Kenmore products and even more so about the misrepresentation from Sears. I don’t want a $500.00 voucher because I don’t want any other Sears products.

  • Mark

    Kenmore is specs. Its built and contracted to companys that build it to Kenmore Specs and then its lab tested. One thing sears does that no other retailer does. They have Quality Labs where they test Diehard Craftsman and Kenmore. Its their brands it has to hold up to their standards. Other retailers take it home try it out for a week if they liek it they buy it. Not sears they put through circuit tests durability tests and all sorts of other tests. But yes some times stuff does not show at first and turns out to be a problem down the road which sucks. But at least you know that Sears had always been known for quality. They make companys build their products to give you the best bang for the buck! Too bad some of these companys are using crappy parts! But thats what happens when we live in a disposable society dont blame break downs on a company blame it on the Joneses

  • SH

    full disclosure: I sell fridges at Sears part time.

    Sad but companies only need to live up to the letter of the law or agreement. Lowes and HD would have most likely done the same thing.
    I get a kick out of Consumer Reports… This model is great. This one stinks. Turns out they are both really Whirlpools with almost identical construction. Oops. Customers come in saying Kenmores are very good. Well they are as good as whose fridge it REALLY IS.

    Shrug: You were offered the protection plan. You declined. You rolled the dice and lost. If someone buys a top freezer with no ice maker and declines the PA. I shrug. They are cheap and simple. (in a relative way) When they buy a complex fridge with a ton of toys and they decline the PA, I wince. The new fridges do alot of things unavailable even 10 years ago. They are now computers that happen to keep your food cold.

    One thing I always emphasize is who really makes whatever they are looking at. Im gonna tell you like it is when you buy from me. I steer my customers away from some of the turkeys (there are not that many but there are some) I know about. Ill bluntly tell you dont buy that. The more complex the item, the more the protection plan makes sense. period. Complex appliances are insanely complex these days and they cost insane amounts to fix.

    Please dont take this as an attack. The probability of you buying something from me is remote. Here it is straight up:
    1) The more complex it is the more the PA makes sense.
    2) The more complex they are the more they cost to fix.
    3) If the power company sends a brownout or a spike your way you can fry your PC boards and its a crap shoot whether the tech will see that and tell you that is not covered by a warranty because its the power company’s fault, not Whirlpool’s or whatever.
    4) As for the PA, The PM is nice. The 250 dollar food insurance is nice, the incidental breakage coverage is nice, but think of the PA as disaster insurance. I read you are well versed in disasters.
    5) Since you wont buy from Sears again Ill give you the 2 biggies to look for in coverage.
    a) UNLIMITED. some give you X dollars coverage for a fee and when it runs out you are SOL.
    b) Lemon guarantee. Sears is 4 strikes and its out. Yes you have to ask for it usually unless its so dead the tech cant fix it. PUSH PUSH PUSH.
    6) Get a good salesman or woman. The best way to tell is if they steer you to certain best bang for the buck items not necessarily the most costly. 75% of my business is 10 models and no, not all are Kenmore’s. Though most are and Im gonna tell ya what brand it really is. Some models are what I call orphans. There is better cheaper.
    BUY from the salesperson who gave you real info. Im not saying dont shop best deal among stores.
    If you have a problem your good salesperson will take care of it. Give them a day to fix something. In the past week I ordered a missing door bin for a customer and got panel dimensions for a panel front for another to give to their contractor.
    7) Realize many companies are OEM’ing other companies. Some GE’s are made by LG. Kitchenaid is really Whirlpool. Kenmore makes NOTHING. etc etc etc. A good salesman will know the real source of most of their models from memory or a simple glance at certain features.

  • Matthew

    We bought the Kenmore Elite Canyon Capacity washer and dryer set a year and a half ago. IT WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST MISTAKES WE HAD EVER MADE! We got the error codes which were fixed after a new mother board was installed. These DO NOT live up to the claim of being able to wash I believe 18 pairs of jeans or thick bath towels with no problems. The dryer took FOREVER to dry and the washer went off balance EVERY time I used it. I mean everytime. I called sears and they came out and the techs told me on several different times the machines WILL NOT do as sears claims. I couldnt even fill it half way without it going off balance. We had a garage sale and sold them both. We are looking at the new LG models and from consumer reports and reviews Ive seen they are great. We are moving into our condo next month and have a stacked washer dryer. We want to sell it and get the new all in one washer dryer. The only complaints Ive heard is that you should get the extended warranty which I always do and that it takes it a while to dry things but it cleans the clothes GREAT! If you are looking to buy the Kenmore Elite… DONT ! You willjoin the elite club of not having clean clothes and constantly trying to make the machine level off! They are TERRIBLE! DONT BUY THEM!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank

    Thats too bad. To think 11 Years ago sears was the Number One Company In America to Shop at and to Work For!!! Look What K~MART has done to them! I bet if there are any OLD TIMERS left there they have had it with the Place! I know I worked for them For 22 Years and in 06 I left K~mart was the worst thing in the world To happen to Sears. They dont train people anymore they dont have replenisment teams. They use the sales people who they take and take and take from so them make NO money anymore! The company then steals from the sales people with there Once Source and all sorts of programs they have in effect and now there New call Center. I wont even shop there anymore! If they let there sales people actually Sell vrs doing all sorts of tasks they might turn a profit. If they Paid people decent instead of droppign the commission on everything they may have people that actually care about there jobs and go out of the way to make customers Happy but they are just driving them selves in a deep deep deep hole and eventually they will go bye bye like Wards did! Oh Well sears you did it to your sell you can thank Lacy for Letting Lampert Buy them! Lampert does not care about Sears if he did he would care about the People that works for him and make sure they get Paid and make sure that they get Recognized for the work they do and Fix the Service Dept and Instalation Dept! Instead Its a call this number and you jump from here to there to just end up where u started and that it then your fed up and dont even want to be Bothered! Im sure if you shopped there even in 05 They would of replaced your machine and Stood Behind it totally! Your Utmost Satisfaction Would of been Very Important to us and we would want you to come back again and again and you most likely would of! But not no more they make it seem like oh so we pissed you off we dont need you as a customer anyway! WELL HELLO THERE NOT ATTRACTING ANYONE NEW!!! HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE CAN SEARS PISS OF??????? THE COMPANY IS SOOOOOO NAIVE! They probably dont even know that people are afraid to buy from them due to they dont know if there going to be aroudn in a year or 2 cause they are not attracting any new Customers! They dont know how to merchandise anymore! Someone in Hoffman Estates tells a store in upstate NY what they can Sell or in Downtown Miami! Use to be Store owned Sales you fought to sell stuff in your market You could order for demands. They hardly have stuff in stock anymore! Its a shame!

  • AJ

    Alexandria, I wish i was able to help you

  • Yes, AJ, it all really sucks. My idea of customer service, from Sears or any store, is that is sells a quality product….especially when something costs $800.

    I bought something for $40 (no warranty, nothing) from Walmart and over a year later it broke. They replaced it free of all charges because they care. In fact, Super Kmart also bends over backwards to keep customers happy.

    I’m just sayin that this Interface Relay is a very common problem with these Sears machines and a better company would fix the problem that is inherent in this product. Obviously a lot of loyal Sears fans are out there, but these are my (now) $2100 machines and I expect them to work.

    I bent over and bought the service plan for these pieces of crap. I will now get them fixed for free whenever they break. That is NOT entirely the point. It is a known defect. Just google “kenmore oasis beeping” and see what you get. A known defect should be repaired by Kenmore and/or Sears.

    I guess I will await the class action law suit results, though, because Sears won’t do the right thing on their own.

  • AJ

    Alexandria, I agree with some of your problems. Sears did fix it though while under warranty and there was no charge though right? I am just trying to figure out what you want sears to do? Its out of its warranty Period! Of course they would have to charge you to fix it! Instead the charged you for a agreement so you didn’t dish out all sorts of cash. That’s all the manufacturer guarantees a product to be free from defects for! Sucks dont it? And yes we all had that machine that was 20 plus years old and nothing went wrong with it. Heck my mothers old Kenmore top load did 4+ loads of laundry a day from 1979-2003 and she bought it used from friends in 79 that only had it for a little over 2 years and they as well used it that much they got rid of it because they always needed new things! But when’s the last time you saw a product truly last that long? Not in today’s day and age! Too many gizmo’s to go wrong circuits and what not. They didn’t have them on the older machines! Nothing is built like it use to be. You can thank America for that! My neighbor has a LG that’s 2 years old from Lowes. Things had nothing but problems since day one and guess what? They wouldn’t stand behind it, it as well was a defective machine from the beginning just like yours seems to be. Latest thing the springs broke inside as it went into the spin cycle. She is a single retired woman and works out of her home doing realestate. Her machine does not see much use! I do agree with you as well you shouldn’t have to buy a Warranty on everything you buy. What’s nice is when you do buy it though and you never have to use it. That’s why sears does offer the option to cancel and get your full purchase price back if you have no issues under the manufactures defect warranty. I just like the fact they they give you preventative maintenence at no cost. Some thing no other retailer gives! I did it on my Generator I never had a problem I canceled the Repair agreement they sold me on that. Same with my Tractor and my computer when they sold computers! Yes I shop there a lot and I have had your bad experience as well. It is frustrating I can agree. I don’t understand why a tech would tell someone that there are a lot of these problems going on it just makes you more frustrated! They told me that on my original washer that replaced our old 25 yo Kenmore. What replaced it was the 80 series top load and it was NOTHING compared to what we had so after a year I was fed up and yes Sears Roebuck and Company stood behind it and picked it up that’s when I went to the HE3 which today has hit 1526 loads of wash and just the one issue which wasnt due to a defect. But that was a different Sears. After 2005 they merged with K-mart so maybe that’s where your problem is? Also most companys will not issue a recall until the cost of the recall cost more then any lawsuits they may have coming in against them! Sucks how big businesses work!

  • wow. I don’t understand the hostility. I did have bad luck with my appliances and now 4 technicians have told me this series is problemmatic. All I’m saying is that the major defects still haven’t been reported. I went on Consumer Reports and it’s still rated high.

    I got a bad set. As did the many, many, many others on the internet. I’m disappointed. Why am I not allowed to express that freely? Other companies don’t want their customers to feel so discouraged. But Sears doesn’t care and I do feel cheated. I won’t shop Sears as their customer service re: this incident was abysmal. Being kind and considerate and understanding could have changed my opinion, but customer service is not their priority, nor is standing by a product that has significant problems.

    I did my part. I researched. I chose what was recommended. Now their part is to make sure that their brand lives up to its reputation. That is NOT my job. My job at this point is to be able to wash and dry my clothes at will. Not based on the whims of a malfunctioning, poorly constructed machine.

  • B

    You say you researched this washer for months, so my question to you would be: how come you didn’t find anything about this so called major defect in all your research? Don’t blame your bad luck on a whole company. Any brand you buy will have it’s problems.

  • Hey, guess what! The technician just left and I need a new Interface on my dryer. I won’t be able to use it for another week while we wait for the part to arrive! Yippee, I get to spend a few hours at my local (20 min away) laundromat!
    Guess I’m just unlucky when it comes to Sears appliances.

  • Kyle

    Unfortunately, the issue is that with a product, regardless of what happens, you get a 12 month limited manufacturer’s warranty, which in this case is through Whirlpool. Sears can’t do anything to change it. They can only offer their ‘protection agreement’ or what have you. This is a manufacturer problem.

    My grandparents own an Oasis series (they live with my aunt and uncle – they needed a large size) and it has never had a problem in a year. Sometimes you can get products that the manufacturer produces which is called a lemon, meaning there was an error in it’s construction at the manufacturer. Lemons are not covered by Whirlpool, or Sears – unless you buy the extended warranty.

    Understand that this could have happened anywhere. As a person who works retail I know that it really doesn’t matter where you buy from so much as who manufactures it. My grandparents went to Sears because their warranties *tend* to be top notch. There are problems sometimes, but for the most part get the job done. Their products *tend* to be just as good as well.

  • AJ, I will agree to disagree with you. I think that a brand-new top of the line product should not fail 4x within 2 years. Standing behind a product means taking care of KNOWN defects without a person having to buy an additional guarantee. We aren’t talking about my misuse or a bra gone haywire, we’re talking about a problem common to these machines.

    I did not mention that I have an elliptical machine for which I DID buy an extended warranty due to the heavy use, bands and motors and the fact that they are troublesome pieces of equipment.

    My previous washers/dryers (GE brand) worked for 20 years with ZERO problems. No, I don’t think you should have to buy a warranty for everything you purchase.

    Why not just up the price and genuinely make sure your product is worthy of your name?

  • AJ

    I have worked for many appliance Retailers. I read this story and I feel that I don’t feel it is sear’s problem that there was a problem here. Sears from the beginning offered you a Master protection agreement, NOT an extended warranty! That from the beginning there would of been no issues. Machine would of been covered under No lemon guarantee, You wouldn’t of had to wait and go after sears with the better business. You declined what they offered to Protect you and your investment. They were willing to stand behind the product for up to 5 years I believe and for a lot less money then it would cost you to get the items fixed by some one! I don’t feel sears should be held responsible. They offer a manufactures warranty and you chose to stick with that. Maybe you should of went after consumer reports instead! There the one that made your mind up not to purchase the Master Protection Agreement. Which also gives you a annual preventative maintenance check. I know I have a dishwasher from sears. I paid $139.99 for a 5 year on my dishwasher and it cost sears 120.00 a year to come out and make sure my Kenmore Dishwasher (which is built by Whirlpool for Kenmore) Is in tip top working shape. This year I got new Racks since my water kills steel and they were rusting.. That’s $250 for them.. didn’t cost me a cent except the original $139.99! I have a Kenmore HE 3 front load washer as well… My sister was doing laundry her Bra under wire ripped the Gasket on the door. Should sears of been held responsible? No but did they fix it? Yes why? I had a master protection agreement on that too.. That’s an expensive part as well I would of been out that if I didn’t! So Sears does stand behind there products. Their brands and all the other brands they carry as well. If you choose for sears not to stand behind it when the product breaks you should deal with it then instead of going after a company. They gave you the option penny’s a day and you declined it! Sears can work on getting more service Tech’s back on the road though to cut down the wait for service!

  • I would feel a lot less unhappy if the BBB or Sears customer service understood that we aren’t trying to get something for free – the product is bad and should be recalled.

    And you’re absolutely right. We should consider washers and dryers disposable, just buy the cheapos and toss ’em when they break.

  • maskay

    You are not alone–I had similar issues with a Kenmore washer and dryer (not top of the line, but about $800 total) from Sears. Problem after problem, and I always had to take 2 days off work because they don’t equip a technician with the basics in his truck. For example, my plastic tub in the washer cracked. Instead of ordering the part when I made the appointment (I was too stupid to see the crack, the techician had to see for himself.) I had to go through 2 appts. this was about 6 months after my warranty ran out.

    With the dryer it was a relay or something so it would no longer start. I could see not having a tub, but a part that’s less that 4 inches?

    Let’s just say I’ve paid over 50% of what I originally paid for the washer and dryer. I also filed a complaint with the BBB but they could do nothing.

    Sadly, I bought kenmore because my parents had a kenmore washer and dryer from before my birth until after I graduated from college. Only a few minor repairs needed that my father could handle.

    Next time I’m goig el cheapo–when it breaks I’ll just buy new, since most repairs cost a minimum of $300 anyway.