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Product Review: Scent To Sleep Luscious Lavender Linen Spray

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I have suffered from insomnia for my entire life. From the time I learned to walk, until age six, I was a sleepwalker. The sleepwalking gave way to chronic insomnia. It's one of those things I have just gotten used to. On average I get about five or six hours of sleep a night, but that is often restless sleep punctuated by occasional night terrors. When I am in production, I will sometimes get only three or four hours sleep. I flat out refuse to take sleeping pills, but I am always welcome to new, external techniques to help me sleep.

Scent to Sleep promises an end to insomnia with their linen sprays. I tried out the Luscious Lavender scent (it is also available in Decadent Green Apple Vanilla). I have long been aware of the relaxing properties of lavender, but often find the scent to be overwhelming. The Luscious Lavender spray does not suffer from this. It is mild, blended with peppermint oil, and not overpowering.

It smelled nice, but I don't think it is going to cure my insomnia. I didn't fall asleep any quicker, but I slept through the night without nightmares. The second night I tried it I again passed on the nightmares, but my sleep wasn't as restful. The scent was mild enough that it was gone by the next morning, and it didn't disturb my husband. At $11.99 per 2.5 oz. bottle, it is reasonably priced enough to give it a shot.

Don't be fooled that this is a miracle cure for insomnia. It smells nice, but almost any pleasant scent will help you relax. There is something indulgent about resting your head on a pillow infused with fragrance, though.

Visit ScentToSleep to purchase.

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About Alyse

  • I found it interesting that they would use peppermint oil in a sleep-inducing product. I was under the impression that one of the effects of peppermint oil was mental alertness (they recommend it for keeping yourself alert while driving at night, for example).

  • barbara

    There are several produts out similar to this that I have tried. I find them very effective…the best one combines lavender and vanilla.