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Product Review: SafetyPuck 9 in 1 Warning Light

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Being in rural Vermont, I do a lot of driving to get where I need to go. One of the things I worry about is breaking down somewhere at night alone. There are big stretches of road up here with no houses or businesses and nothing but fields of cows or mountains. I’d really not want to get stranded in the middle of the night on the side of the road in the pitch-black darkness.

SafetyBright.com has an innovative new product that helps you make your vehicle more visible in the event that you do break down somewhere. The SafetyPuck 9 in 1 light is a rechargeable light that can be placed on the ground, road, or vehicle to make it easier to see you. The SafetyPuck 9 in 1 has a very strong magnet but it will not harm the finish on your vehicle.

The battery is rechargeable so it can be used over and over again. The SafetyPuck 9 in 1 comes with a magnetic connector hub, 120V AC/DC charging adapter, 12V charging adaptor for your vehicle, and USB cable. You simply attach the magnetic connector hub to the back of the SafetyPuck 9 in 1 (lining up the polarity marks) and then attach your choice of chargers to it to charge the light. It will keep its charge for up to 90 days.

The lights can be set to nine different flashing patterns: rotate, quad flash, single blink, alternating blinks, SOS rescue (Morse code), steady on high, steady on low, 2 LED flashlight, 4 LED flashlight. It can be placed flat or on its edge depending on your preference. It’s shock-resistant so it can withstand being run over by a car, according to the website. This makes it ideal for placing around your car on the ground with no worries of it being destroyed. It is also waterproof so it can be used in the rain/snow or on a boat. It will float unless you secure it but it can be used submerged up to 33 feet if you need it.

The SafetyPuck 9 in 1 is a very handy emergency light to have in your car. It’s compact and can be easily stored in its box along with all the chargers and still fit in your glove box or emergency box in the trunk. It can be held easily in the palm of your hand and the connections are very easy to set up to charge. It takes two to three hours to fully charge.

I really appreciate the eco-friendly aspects of this light. Unlike a flame-style emergency flare, there is no spark. That means there is no risk of any kind of fire hazard when using it in dry areas. It also doesn’t produce any fumes or chemicals. The light from the SafetyPuck 9 in 1 can be seen up to half a mile away and the varying light patterns makes it very visible to others. This is definitely a great addition to your emergency supplies for auto, camper, or boat.

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